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NameDragon Naturally Speaking
Version9.0 Preferred
License Retail
Votes 6
Wine Version1.1.32
Maintainers of this version:
Superseded by 9.5. New copies of DNS9 are most likely to be 9.5.
Old test results
The test results you have selected are very old and may not represent the current state of Wine.
Selected Test Results (selected in 'Test Results' table below)

What works

Installation works if:

(1) You use a complete copy of the disks, not upgrades. There may also be a problem with some of the first disks issued by Nuance.
(2) You install DNS Preferred. At this writing Standard does not work.

(3) You follow the directions exactly. A copy has been posted on

Training works.

Dictation works within the supplied DragonPad application only. Cut and paste to non-WINE applications does not work.

Saving speech files works.

Saving text to RTF or TXT format works.


What does not

Updating the program from the Nuance web site does not work.

The program may not completely close when you have finished using it. If this happens, you have to reboot before re-opening the program.

The Dragonpad application has a flaw. The two left-hand characters do not show up. Try


What was not tested
Other versions, such as Professional, Legal, Medical.

Additional Comments

If you need to input a lot of text and have trouble typing, now is the time to give this a try.
Test Results
DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
ShowMandriva 2008.1 SpringJun 04 20081.0-rc3 Yes No Garbage maria lizarazo 
ShowUbuntu 8.04 "Hardy" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)May 21 20081.0-rc1 Yes Yes Silver Susan Cragin 
CurrentUbuntu 7.04 "Feisty" i386 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Oct 09 20070.9.46. Yes Yes Silver Susan Cragin 

Known bugs
Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected

Mike setup

There are more complete installation and setup notes on the version 7 entry, many of which will also apply to v10 though expect some differences due to changes in WINE as well as DNS. 

 This should however be a useful reference.

HOWTO install verion 9 Pro with WINE 1.3.8

The following text was dictated using Dragon 9 Pro. There are only 2 or 3 very minor faults.

This is my shiny new installation of Dragon naturally speaking on Linux.  It required running the install process three times.  The first installation was done with default settings. It finally fails just before the end leaving all the programme and tutorial files in temporary directories.

The second installation allowed customisation of the install destination and language options. This installation gets almost to the end and then reports unexpected termination.

Finally a third installation process with the same customise options is the last step allows it to get right to the end.  Dialog boxes shown confirming completion of installation process.  At this stage the programme can be run under wine and enters into the setup for the voice training.  Once a voice training is completed there is a small delay while its doors [it stores] profile information, then the programme is ready for dictation.

rm -rf ~/.wine
cd ~/dl


sh winetricks win2k gdiplus sound=alsa vd=800x600
cd ~/.wine/dosdevices
ln -s /mnt/tmp h:

# disable internet access or else it faults on some dlls: winsta.dll regapi.dll

wine h:setup
# keep std options, install
# copying slow, be patient.
# dns "error: auth data (44952) not properly read or written."
# dns "couldn't find reg file ... "
# deselect option : "check internet for updates"
# terminates correctly to command prompt but desktop window remains.
# all dirs in  ~/.wine/dri*/Prog*/Nu*/* are named like *temporary9

wine h:setup
# install shield: modify / repair ?
# choose modify:  take out text-to-speech, tutorial and "foreign dialects"
#                 keep UK (or other required)
# reports exits unexpectedly but controlled, not crash.
# terminates correctly to command prompt

wine h:setup
# install shield: modify / repair ?
# choose modify:  take out text-to-speech, etc, as before.
# exits cleanly with final confirmation dialog.

cd ~/.wine/dri*/Prog*/Nu*/*/Prog*
wine natspeak


 It will now start to configure initial user profile and enter voice training.

Once done it will save the profile. Skip document analysis , start with dictation. Let it save the profile then close the user. 

Now to turn off yet another phone home feature that may bring up dll problems. Second menu on the main menu  has "administrative settings", go to Miscellaneous , deselect "check for product updates". Close the program to ensure all is saved and stable.

On restarting, It will take some time to load the profile when restarting Dragon so don't presume it has crashed. Hover mouse over the mike icon in the task bar will show a hint message that it is "initializing dictation..." .


This method was used with WINE 1.3.8 on Gentoo Linux which provides Wine with gecko , many distros do not. You may need to use the distro to add gecko or add it to the winetricks options. This was not tested here.

Despite the triple install loop it does work well, I was able to install the options I required in non std install directory. Just don't try it first time in. :?


Please file bug in Wine for Mandriva problem.

To the Mandriva user who could not get Linux running in Spanish. 

I have a pre-beta of Ubuntu's Intrepid Ibex and the most recent Wine git. I have installed and and am running DNS 9.0 preferred. It runs well.

However, having said that, I did get the problem you described, once or twice, both with the latest Wine. I tried to reproduce it so I could file a bug report, but could not. Please file a bug report in Wine with all the information you can.

Susan Cragin

HOWTO install using WINE 1.0-rc1

Also see note below on how to install v 9 Pro on more recent Wine versions. This howto is somewhat old and may not apply to recent Wine releases though tips could be useful.

These are the current installation instructions for WINE rc1, plus some tips on training the software and running the program. 

Installation instructions:


sh winetricks fakeie6 gdiplus

(hit the enter key)

(copy the contents of both DNS 9.0 preferred disks to a "DNS" file, and navigate to it.)

wine setup

(follow installation instructions.)

When you have finished installing the program, click on the Main Menu icon to start the program. 

Hit "Activate Now."

Obtain a product activation key by clicking the link. Save the number in a secure location and then enter it manually.

TRAINING (Most of this is good advice for Windows users too.)

Follow the training instructions as given. During the volume check and accuracy check, pause for about a second before speaking, so the machine knows what "silence" sounds like. If your accuracy number is below about 19, you may have a poor-quality sound card or your Linux distribution may not be recognizing your card correctly. See the help desk for your distribution if this occurs.

For training, select either Kennedy's speech or Alice in Wonderland. The other choices do not produce as good voice models.

Sometimes the windows do not seem to work properly. Just hit "back" or"pause" or "next," and everything will be fine. There is a date in the Kennedy speech that often halts recognition. Just hit "next" if the halt occurs.


Dictate into the included DragonPad if you want to activate the maximum amount of commands. Dictate into Notepad if you want speed and accuracy. Both operate only within their own windows. 

When you are finished dictating, the program will ask if you want to save voice training data. Do not do this. WINE saves the training data accurately, but this is not a good idea because the saved data, over time, degrades the voice model. 

Other options to enter text are Notepad2 and NoteTab. Notepad2 has a nifty keystroke combo to move paragraphs of text around. (These programs offer free versions for download.)

But remember, the more complex the program you use, the slower and less accurate will be the text entry.



The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

Cannot open cab files
by Chris on Sunday November 16th 2008, 8:18

Have just tried installing DNS 9 preferred on a UBUNTU 8.04 system with latest wine (1.1.8)
Followed your instructions however got error

user@computer:~/Desktop/DNS$ wine setup
fixme:advapi:LookupAccountNameW (null) L"user" (nil) 0x32b944 (nil) 0x32b948 0x32b93c - stub
fixme:advapi:LookupAccountNameW (null) L"user" 0x1386b0 0x32b944 0x138d08 0x32b948 0x32b93c - stub
err:msi:msi_cabextract FDICopy failed
err:msi:ACTION_InstallFiles Failed to extract cabinet: L""
err:msi:ITERATE_Actions Execution halted, action L"InstallFinalize" returned 1627

I noticed that the file is in a subfolder of DNS folder, do all files need o be in DNS folder or as they are on CD's?
Any ideas why I get this?
Thanks for any help

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.0 Preferred
by Dirk Stemper on Sunday November 16th 2008, 6:20
hey Suzan, i am having trouble installing the DNS on ubuntu 8.04, although I tried your howto for hours (wine 1.1.8). first, the content of both CD cannot simply be copied into the same folder, as they have common folder names and while merging, the data transfer is stopped. using a subfolder for CD2 renders a DNS folder. nonetheless the installer stops with error messages missing some wav drivers. is there any trick around this? thank you

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notes for v8
by winebug on Tuesday July 8th 2008, 12:50
Hi Susan,

maybe you could post your method for v8 under v8 DNS entry. It seems you have posted results but no installation notes or method. It still shows as "garbage" in the header from my ancient tests dating back to 2005.

Seems like Chris gave up on v8 as a non starter due to out of data info there.

If you can provide some notes I'll upgrade it to silver.

thx, Peter.

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when correct a word -> ERROR
by Domenico on Saturday June 28th 2008, 6:36
When I try to correct a word evil dictated by clicking on "Fix text" -> "write letter" I have this error:
and application freezes.
I have also prepared a video

P.S. Sorry, I'm Italian

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other distros? registration?
by R. Sheng-Chieh Cheng on Friday February 29th 2008, 12:22
I'm interested in buying DNS 9, but first has a few
questions. I appreciate any answer(s) you can give.

I noticed only Susan (and thank for her documentations!)
posted in the "Test Result" table. Has anybody else have
success with DNS 9 via WINE? In particular, has anybody
succeed with other distros? ubuntu-based distros like
Linux Mint, gOS, etc? debian-based (but not ubuntu-based)
distros like Dreamlinux, SimplyMEPIS, etc? rpm-based
distros like Fedora, Mandriva, etc. slackware-based
distros like Zenwalk? If you didn't post in the "Test
Result" table, can you please add your result in -
especially if you are using a different distro?

Is there a way to register DNS 9 via linux OS or bypass the
registration. I do not have a window PC (although I
probably could get my brother-in-law to register for me,
but I strongly prefer not to bug him) and don't want to be
stuck at the registration point.

Fyi, I'm interested in DNS 9 (not th earlier versions)
because you can "train as you go" - no script reading. I'm
interested in using DNS for caption, not writing documents
or letters (I wear hearing aids). Are there other
linux-based voice recognization software(s) that can be
"trained as you go"? I already know about Wizzard which
costs an arm and a leg (over $3000). Sphinx and HTK do not
have "train as you go", plus they are research codes, not
"customer-friendly" codes.


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RE: Direction to install
by Susan Cragin on Wednesday November 7th 2007, 21:25
Please put an additional step between steps 1 & 2.

1.5 wget
sh winetricks vcrun6

That should make things run smoother.

You won't need to wget winetricks again in Step 7, just run the sh(ell) script.

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2GB ?
by winebug on Tuesday October 23rd 2007, 15:10
Hi Susan,

are you sure about the 2GB? What's taking that much space. My last installation of DNS7 on wine 0.9.25 takes up about 200MB.

Are they installing video help files now or what?

Thanks, Peter.

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installation instructions go here.
by winebug on Tuesday October 9th 2007, 19:22
Please post full instructions HERE not on broken external links. Providing a centralised reliable database of instructions is the primary function of AppDB, please use it.

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cut paste and reboot
by winebug on Tuesday October 9th 2007, 18:52
Some ways around problems indicated by Susan Cragin for this version.

You should never need to reboot linux to clean up a failed wine session. First try wineserver -k, if this fails to clean up use ps ax and kill any lingering processes.

For cut and paste, clearly the "windows" cut and paste buffer will not be accessible from X but you can cut and paste from a WINE session using standard X server cut and paste. This means simply select the text with the mouse (it is automatically copied) then use third mouse button click (middle btn) to paste into any other X window. One drag, one click.

If you've just discovered Linux cut and paste and how fast it is you will be cursing all the right-click business next time you run a different OS.


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