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This is the latest version of SeaClear, intended more for recent systems running Win 2K/XP, I believe.

There are 2 earlier versions of SeaClear, as well:

"SeaClear for Windows 95 up", which I have also tested and run.

"SeaClear for Windows 3.x", which I have not tested or run.


The SeaClear applications which I have tested and run also come with a small application named "Map_Cal" which is used to create calibrated map/chart images, and for setting which directories the SeaClear application will check/use for charts when displaying real-time position using a GPS.

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Version: SeaClear II
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Latest Wine Version Tested: 1.1.21

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As far as I can see everything works. I am running Wine 0.9.48 and SeaClear II MMV V.1

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ShowFedora 8Nov 25 20081.1.5Yes Yes Platinuman anonymous user 
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CurrentFedora OLPCJan 30 20080.9.49.Yes Yes Platinuman anonymous user 

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Aug 3, 06 - Update

Thanks to Olle, the SeaClear developer, we've resolved all issues with this application.

The fix was to have MS True Type fonts installed. Once this is done, SeaClear works perfectly under WINE. :)


Thank you, Olle!!! :D



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Using UK/Ireland Charts 2012 with SeaClearII
by Donald Paton on Wednesday March 7th 2012, 4:35
SeaClearII was downloaded and worked perfectly.

I purchased UK/Ireland Charts on DVD. I have dragged VMH_SC_Inst_?.2012 into .wine/drive_c as directed. I copied the shortcuts as directed. With the DVD still in the drive, I clicked on the Charts for SeaClear 2012 shortcut and I got the following popup:

[No Auto Launch file was selected or we could not locate it.

Please select the Auto Launch file within the configuration editor and save your changes.]

I can get no further. Can anyone help?
RE: Using UK/Ireland Charts 2012 with SeaClearII
by patrick on Sunday April 29th 2012, 9:28
I have tried to do the same thing with the same message. When I looked in the relevant folder ~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/VMH_SC_Inst_1.2012/1 I couldn't see the critical file with all the maps embedded in it: wciclld.exe. I then found that I couldn't see this on the DVD whereas I could see them from the XP computer. So I tried copying them using a usb stick but I found I couldn't see them on that either!

I then resorted to terminal and found that I could see the files using ls and I could copy them using cp

Now when I right click on ~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/VMH_SC_Inst_1.2012/Charts for SeaClear 2011.exe and 'Open with' wine I get the same EULA and maps as when running on XP.

Not tried the GPS yet but there seems to be plenty of advice on that.
RE: Using UK/Ireland Charts 2012 with SeaClearII
by patrick on Tuesday May 1st 2012, 13:19
spoke too soon about the gps! I have a 'standard' microsoft gps in the USB0 and I have tried creating symbolic links to everything, /dev/ttyS0 to /dev/ttyS5 and ~/.wine/dosdevices/com0 Com0 COM0 1 2 3 etc

If I open a terminal and set the serial port to any of the above symbolic links I get NMEA data streaming up the page.

In seaclear I have tried altering the com number to various alternatives to try and match these setting but either noting happens, I get an error prompt window saying that the specified com port is not available or the application crashes (closes with no error message). If I try and restart seaclear with wine everything behaves as normal until the main map window opens then after a fraction of a second it closes. I will see if I can find an error log somewhere.
SeaClear II / Wine use 100% of the CPU.
by Henrik on Friday May 22nd 2009, 4:25

I'm having problems with SeaClear II v1.0.0.196.
After setting up the symlinks in ~/.wine/dosdevices pointing to my gps-device (GlobalSat BU-353 USB) everything works as expected, but for some reason WINE/SeaClear steals all available CPU-time. 100% all the time. This problem does not exist if I start SeaClear with the GPS disconnected, making me belive there is a problem with WINE's handling of the "serial" port. What confuses me is that nobody else seems to have run into this problem (according to google atleast).
Is there some setting or tweak needed?

This behaviour is verified in WINE 1.1.21 on both Kubuntu 9.04 and Vector 6.0.

I'm more than happy to supply more data/logs but maybe there is an easy fix that I just overlooked..

Thanks in advance..
RE: SeaClear II / Wine use 100% of the CPU.
by Kurt on Friday May 22nd 2009, 18:30
Hello Henrik -

I have not heard of this either. Re: the 100% CPU usage - sounds like some kind of loop that cannot resolve?

This might be something you would want to take to the #winehq IRC channel ( ), perhaps someone there will have some advice/insight that will help you to find the fix.

When you've gotten this issue figured out, would you post the results here? I'm interested to see what it is, and also the search engines will have the answer for someone else if they should have the same/similar issue.

Thank you for the input, I hope it is something easily fixed. :)

RE: SeaClear II / Wine use 100% of the CPU.
by Henrik on Thursday May 28th 2009, 7:56
Ok... I think I have figured this one out..

I found a patch in the mailinglists:

However, I only managed to apply it to Wine-1.1.17, and even that required manual intervention with two of the hunks. I guess I have to take this to the wine-dev-mailinglist to find out why the patch wasn't included in trunk. I made a patch that applies cleanly to 1.1.17 if anyone is interested. (remember, I'm not a programmer, not able to make it apply to wine-current).

Weird that this didn't affect anyone else though, or maybe nobody noticed the 100% CPU-use??

Fun, fun, fun... Learning all the time...
RE: SeaClear II / Wine use 100% of the CPU.
by Alec Leamas on Wednesday July 21st 2010, 7:36
Still using 100% CPU when using Fedora 13/ i386/wine 1.1.38-1.

This can be reproduced without using any physical IO, using /dev/pts devices. There is a small hack in . To reproduce the error:

- Get and unpack
- Install Seaclear 2 from using
default paths

$ cd portd
$ make # Don't care if chgrp/chmod fails.
$ ./portd -f fake-data.nmea
$ ln -sf /tmp/nmea ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1
$ wine "C:\Program Files\SeaClear\SeaClear_2.exe"

In SeaClear, use Tools | Properties | Comm to set the communication port to COM1. Then use Tools | System | NMEA Input Monitor to confirm that data is received.

Using this setup, the combined CPU load of wine and wineserver is more or less 100% on all machines I have tested. SeaClear is still responsive, but the high CPU load is likely to drain batteries on any laptop typically used on a boat (much?) more than necessary.
can't run SeaClear
by konstantin on Wednesday May 13th 2009, 16:10
with wine-1.1.21
MapCal_2.exe runs great
when try to run SeaClear_2.exe get the following error message:
fixme:tab:TAB_SetCurFocus Should be set input focus

any ideas?
RE: can't run SeaClear
by konstantin on Wednesday May 13th 2009, 16:40
I guess I found an answer to my problem
just rename your SEACLEAR_2.INI file
Seaclear II + Wine > GPS not working
by Microyacht on Wednesday December 31st 2008, 12:33
I have installed Eeebuntu on my Asus Eee PC 900 together with the latest version of WINE. I have installed Seaclear II and everything on the screen is working apart from my GPS. It's an EverMore SA-320 USB Marine GPS which comes with a driver on CD. Installed on my PC, works perfectly with Seaclear and a few other Marine Navigation programs.

I tried installed the USB-Serial driver using the Wine setup utility. Not sure if I do need it but nothing seems to happen anyway.

I wonder if anyone can help me.

Many thanks

Happy New Year

RE: Seaclear II + Wine > GPS not working
by Kurt on Thursday January 15th 2009, 20:20
Hi Steve -

Are you saying that the USB GPS *does* work on another, entirely different system which is running Ubuntu + WINE, but that it is not working on the EEE PC (which is running EEEbuntu + WINE)?

Or do you mean that it works under Windows on the EEE (or another PC), but not under Linux?

I may be a bit thick at the moment from staring at and poking into databases all day :), but your circumstance as described is not clear to me, which is why I ask. If we can clear that up, than maybe I or someone else might be able to point you in the right direction for a resolution.

If it does work using Linux and WINE on another PC (not the EE), then that would narrow it to an issue with that particular system, which would help.

Checking for general compatibility with Linux of that GPS, I found the page linked below, which has a link to a Linux driver for the GPS. I cannot verify that it works, however, but wish you luck!

...and a Happy New Year, too. :)

RE: Seaclear II + Wine > GPS not working
by Microyacht on Thursday January 22nd 2009, 12:51
Hi Kurt,

Sorry, probably me. I wrote the message on New Years eve! I've read it a few times and it does not make much sense to me, . . . and I wrote it!

NO, I've had Seaclear II on another PC + the SA-230 Marine GPS connected, installed the drivers for the GPS and it works fine with Seaclear and a few other programs.

I have Seaclear operating on my Eee PC 900 with Utbuntu + wine. The charts load, can move around them, zoom etc, so everything seems to work OK. I loaded the GPS drivers into the pseudo C: drive but not sure if I needed to. In the port setup in Seaclear, the program fails to find the GPS or any comms ports. As a matter of interest, my Eee PC was a WinXP version and just like with my PC, the setup worked OK in Windas on it just as it does on my PC.

Mmmmm . . . hope that makes a bit more sense. I would prefer to run Eeebuntu as I also want to use PSKmail which is a Linux only program for sending email via ham radio out on the ocean or any remote place on earth!

Any suggestions will be most welcome. Sorry, not the best with Linux. . . you may have to spell it out to me!

Bye for now

com port
by Kurt Walker on Monday March 31st 2008, 17:19
I get a failure "kann com port nicht öffnen" every time and am not able to connect my Garmin GPS18 USB under ubuntu 7.10. What's wrong with me?
kind regards Kurt
RE: com port
by Kurt on Friday April 11th 2008, 9:14
Hi Kurt -

See if the gpsbabel package can help you, according to their site the Garmen GPS18 is supported:
Problem getting manual
by Donald E. Rock, MD on Thursday January 31st 2008, 11:35
I have downloaded SeaClear several time and although the icons appear on the desktop, I can get only the large world map to appear. I cannot get the manual or any menus to appear. I am using Ubuntu 7.10 and have upgraded Wine to its latest version.

How do I get the manual?

Thanks for any forthcoming information.

Donald E. Rock, MD
RE: Problem getting manual
by Kurt on Sunday March 9th 2008, 11:15
Hi Donald -

The Manual and other downloads are available at:
by Dan Sherburn on Saturday January 12th 2008, 9:39
Seems to run great on PCLOS, as well. I have it loaded on a 12VDC mini-itx I'll put on the boat.
RE: SeaClear
by Kurt on Sunday March 9th 2008, 11:17
That's the same thing I think I'll eventually do, WRT the boat system. Makes a lot of sense. Perhaps a Eee or OXO for backup/mobility.
Seaclear and GPS
by Micke on Wednesday June 13th 2007, 9:43
Hi! Downloaded and installed Seaclear Thank you for a free useful program. It works but I have one problem with it. My GPS puck isn't recognized by the program? It's a Navibe. Any one that got an idea of how to get it connected?
But besides from that I can't use the program as it is now I like the way it looks and feels. ( Haven't tried it in Native Windows since I don't have that )

RE: Seaclear and GPS
by gees on Thursday October 4th 2007, 11:10
Hi, seems as if I had the same question concerning the gps. I am trying to connect a NAVIBE bluetooth gps receiver (GB732) to SeaClear, but without any success. Did you solve this probelem? Does anyone else have an idea. Thanks. Gees
RE: Seaclear and GPS
by Micke on Thursday October 4th 2007, 13:18
Yes I manage to solve it and it was simpler than I thought. It's a bit silly how simple it was.
In ~/.wine/dosdevices create a symlink named comx: from /dev/USBy where y is the number on the device you got your GPS receiver connected.

I had mine connected to USB0 so I only made a ln -s /dev/USB0 com4: since I wanted it to be on com4: in windos. Then it worked as a charm. My friend borrowed my computer during his vacation and used it when he was out sailing never had any problem with it.

I hope this was clear enough?

RE: Seaclear and GPS
by Kurt on Sunday March 9th 2008, 11:14
Micke - Thanks much for posting your fix! :)