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NameBattlefield 2142
License Retail
Votes 14
Wine Version1.3.11
Maintainers of this version:

Retail version of the game released by EA including booster packs and patches.

Old test results
The test results for this version are very old, and as such they may not represent the current state of Wine. Please consider submitting a new test report.
Selected Test Results (selected in 'Test Results' table below)

What works
Play with Bot's in window with 1152x864 resolution and all graphics set to high.

What does not
Playing FullScreen

What was not tested
Play Multiplayer or lan.

Additional Comments

Well, the game works fine, I copy the Battlefield CD to my wineprefix folder as i do in every game and start the installer with the WINEDEBUG="fixme-all" option, i have to set a Virtual Desktop to play the game, in fullscreen mode the game's crash after open.

My Config:
AMD Phenom II x4 2.8GHz, GeForce GTX460
Wine 1.3.11, Debian Squeeze, Nvidia Driver 260.19.29
Test Results
DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
CurrentDebian GNU/Linux 6.x "Squeeze"Jan 22 20111.3.11 Yes Yes Silver Artur h0m3 
ShowUbuntu 10.04 "Lucid" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Nov 24 20101.3.6 Yes Yes Silver Bob Wya 
ShowUbuntu 10.04 "Lucid" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Sep 11 20101.2 Yes Yes Silver an anonymous user 
ShowUbuntu 10.04 "Lucid" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)May 15 20101.1.42 Yes No Garbage Caltagirone 
ShowUbuntu 9.10 "Karmic" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Nov 17 20091.1.33 Yes Yes Silver phantom_ch 

Known bugs
Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected


Preface and Wine setup

This guide was created using Wine 0.9.59.

If you are able, you should apply this patch to your Wine setup. This will cause the mouse cursor to show up in the main menus, which is invisible by default due to a bug in Wine. To install the patch, place it within the wine setup directory (wine-0.9.59) and run the following:

patch -p1 < cursor-patches-0.9.58.patch

Then, of course, compile and install wine.

This guide refers to ${WINEPREFIX} several times, you should export it before continuing. Typically you would want it as "${HOME}"/.wine, but you may wish to create a new Wine directory just for BF2142, such as "${HOME}"/.wine.bf2142.

export WINEPREFIX="${HOME}"/.wine

Run wineprefixcreate after setting ${WINEPREFIX} if it does not already exist.

You may need to link d: to where your CD drive is mounted if it doesn't already exist. Be sure to replace /media/cdrom and /dev/hdc with the correct locations for your system.

cd "${WINEPREFIX}"/dosdevices
ln -s /media/cdrom d\:
ln -s /dev/hdc d\:\:

You should set the Windows version to “Windows 2003” in winecfg, the copy protection system seems to work best with this setting.


Autorun only works if you run Wine in the disc directory (cd "${WINEPREFIX}"/dosdevices/d\: && wine Autorun.exe).

Don't install GameSpy Comrade, you don't want it. When the EA registration window comes up, just close the window and the installation should continue. Failing that, run killall EReg.exe to get rid of it.

Ignore the dialog box saying that DirectX could not be installed, it is irrelevant.

After installation you will probably want to delete the intro movies, so you don't have to watch them every time you start the game. Delete the following files in "${WINEPREFIX}"/dosdevices/c:/Program\ Files/Electronic\ Arts/Battlefield\ 2142/mods/bf2142/Movies:

  • Intro.bik
  • Legal.bik
  • Legal_na.bik

Removing the EA logo (i.e., deleting EA.bik) is against the license, so I won't recommend doing that. Deleting Dice.bik has been known to cause problems on Windows, so it's probably best to play it safe and leave it as it is.


Not much to say here, they work exactly as they do on Windows. You can download them from the EA FTP server.

Booster Packs

Installation works fine, but it does not appear to do anything after clicking “Install” until it has finished. Bear in mind that you will have to reinstall the patch afterwards otherwise you will be kicked with an “unmodified content” error if you try to connect to a booster pack server. This is the same as on Windows.


You should set WINEDEBUG to "-all" otherwise all the terminal output will significantly slow down the game. You can use the +szx and +szy flags if you want to use a custom resolution.

cd "${WINEPREFIX}"/drive_c/Program\ Files/Electronic\ Arts/Battlefield\ 2142
WINEDEBUG=-all wine BF2142.exe +szx 1280 +szy 1024

In-game settings

Graphics settings

Most settings seem to work ok. Lighting does not work, so just leave lighting on low, and dynamic shadows and dynamic light on off. Anti-aliasing also can't be raised about zero. Setting terrain above low can cause the ground to glow in places.

Audio settings

Feel free to try the Creative X-Fi renderer if you have the card and have been able to install the drivers. I haven't been able to do so myself so I can't help with that.

Using a microphone for VOIP doesn't seem to work at the moment.


Starting a single player game may cause the game to crash while the map is loading. Entering an Internet server seems to work ok. I encountered the occasional freeze up, but it seems to work ok other than that. YMMV.

PunkBuster used to work ok in Wine 0.9.47, but in Wine 0.9.59 I keep getting kicked within seconds on connecting. This may have just been a fluke, but I will do some more testing to see if I can find a cause.

The game seems to lose the mouse quite a lot in fullscreen mode, moving the just won't do anything. As a work around you can run the game in windowed mode using +fullscreen 0 on the command line.

Recommended Video Settings

These are the currently supported, maximum, in-game Video settings (tested on a Geforce 8800 GTX with Nvidia driver 340.58).

Note: for AMD and Intel GPU's it is recommended to set:


Note: for all GPU's it is recommended to set:


Turning on AA may cause the game to crash or may result in it running with a completely black/blank screen
(all in-game elements will therefore be invisible!)





























Last updated 19.11.2014 Wine 1.7.31, Nvidia 8800 GTX, Nvidia Driver 340.58 (Gentoo GNU/Linux)

Punkbuster Guide (required for online play)

Install your game fully - as per the guide above. Note: Punkbuster will not run in a 64-bit Wineprefix.

Update Game Profile(s)

Refer first to Installing/Updating PunkBuster with PBSetup Support Guide

  1. Download up-to-date Windows PunkBuster Game Profile updater tool from Even Balance
  2. Extract zip archive & run pbsetup.exe utility
    cd ~/Downloads
    wine pbsetup.exe
  3. Update Punkbuster using Update PunkBuster button in utility
  4. Add Game Profile:
    Press Add a Game button
    Select Battlefield 2142 from the drop-down Game list
    The Game Path field should be automagically detected and populated from the Wine registry
    Press Add Game to add BF2142 support
  5. Exit pbsetup.exe utility

Punkbuster game profiles are stored in a /pb folder in the main installation folder for each supported game. E.g.

"${WINEPREFIX}/drive_c/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Battlefield 2142/pb"

Reinstall Service

Should the Punkbuster service not start correctly then you can try a clean install of the Punkbuster service.

  1. Download Punkbuster Service Installer from Even Balance
  2. Uninstall Punkbuster service:
    wine ~/Downloads/pbsvc.exe
    Click the Uninstall button.
    Exit pbsvc.exe installer
  3. Delete game profile & main Punkbuster service files:
    rm -rf "${WINEPREFIX}/drive_c/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Battlefield 2142/pb"
    rm -f "${WINEPREFIX}/drive_c/windows/system32/PnkBstr"*
    rm -f "${WINEPREFIX}/drive_c/windows/system32/drivers/PnkBstrK.sys"
  4. Enter Wine registry editor:
    wine regedit
  5. Backup existing Wine registry:
    Click on Registry (menu)
    Select Export Registry File...
    Select All checkbox
    Save backup registry file
  6. Now delete all references to Punkbuster service files in Registry:
    Press CTRL+F (or Edit / Find)
    Enter PnkBstr in search field
    Delete all registry keys which match this name
    Exit regedit
  7. Shutdown wineserver (equivalent of a Windows reboot):
    wineserver -k
  8. (Re)install Punkbuster service:
    wine ~/Downloads/pbsvc.exe
    Click the Install button.
    Press Test Services to check that everything works
    Exit pbsvc.exe installer

(??BSD/MacOS support??)


The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

Battlefield 2142 is BACK!
by Luna Crane on Sunday December 21st 2014, 23:17
As a winter solstice present, you get to play Battlefield 2142 Online again! Thanks to the Dethklok Clan, who are also responsible for Battlelog alternate master server on Battlefield 2.

Here are the instructions for entering the Public Alpha Testing, which actually works perfectly, and, unlike Gameranger, includes Stats and ALL UNLOCKS! (Note: Beta came before Alpha for them ... weird.):

Check above this post in case this link changes.

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Punkbuster, fullscreen
by Jim on Sunday March 24th 2013, 15:08
The demand for BF2142 is probably no longer what it once was, but I'd like to share a couple of tips.


To get fullscreen working:

First enable the "Emulate a virtual desktop" option in the "Graphics" tab of wineconfig and set the desktop size to your resolution (ex. 1920x1080)

Now add the "+fullscreen" flag to your resolution flags when launching BF2142, like so:

cd "${WINEPREFIX}"/drive_c/Program\ Files/Electronic\ Arts/Battlefield\ 2142
WINEDEBUG=-all wine BF2142.exe +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +szx 1920 +szy 1080


To fix punkbuster, download pbsetup.exe from the punkbuster site:

Run pbsetup.exe from your BF2142 wineprefix, click "Add a Game" and select "Battlefield 2142" from the list of games, then click "Check for Updates" and BF2142's version of punkbuster will be updated.

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Getting 2142 to work
by Aaron Godin on Tuesday February 2nd 2010, 10:53
I found a wikihow on how to install this game, and I wanted to mention something that hasn't been said yet.


This step made the game work correctly for me:

Run regedit and add the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Direct3D\VideoMemorySize and set it to the size in megabytes of your video memory. Export the key to ~/.wine/user.reg .

I had to manually create the Direct3D key and subsequently the VideoMemorySize key. This made the game playable, however the single player does just quit on you, as mentioned in the notes.


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MultiPlayer Mode, Punkbuster
by phantom_ch on Thursday November 26th 2009, 18:34
MultiPlayer Mode is a Problem, cause Punkbuster kicks your from server, because the fingerprint of the wine appi's/dll's are not from Microsoft... Have contacted EvenBalance, the Maintainer of Punkbuster.. but seams that there is no chance to get Punkbuster work in wine... ;(..

Here are more informtions about PB Problem...


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Punkbuster petition
by Claudio on Thursday October 22nd 2009, 5:30
Please sign the petition if you want to get this game working under wine:

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1.50 patch
by Adam Bolte on Saturday August 8th 2009, 8:40
I installed BF2142_Update_1.50.exe and the game refused to work. Can anyone else confirm that 1.50 is a problem? Thanks.

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Cannot patch game in wine 1.19
by John on Tuesday April 21st 2009, 0:53
I don't know if its just me or what, but I cannot find a way to patch this game in Wine 1.19. The game after install appears to run just fine, but no matter what patch I run I get the same error back:

"Cannot find install folder for Battlefield 2142"

I've tried patches 1.20, 1.25, 1.50. When I run patch 1.01 it looks like the game is about to launch, but then my desktop gets resized to 800x640 and everything crashes.

I love this game, and would love be be able to get back to playing it; does anyone have a solution?

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Not working with wine-1.0-rc4?
by Alex R. on Sunday June 8th 2008, 8:22
With wine-1.0-rc4 and Kubuntu 8.04 KDE 4 Remix the game doesn't work for me anymore, even with virtual desktop. Before, it has always been possible to play. Having NVidia btw.

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In Wine 0.9.59 works, but Punkbuster doesn't
by Jareel on Sunday April 13th 2008, 11:45
So, the game works in Wine 0.9.59, even full screen, and the cursors patch/hack for Wine 0.9.58 also works for Wine 0.9.59.

BUT, whenever I join a multiplayer game, Punkbuster kicks me listing no reason. This may have something to do with problems patching correctly, but there seem to be no manual installations of the patch available (if someone could make one somehow, assuming it's legal to, I would be eternally grateful).

Can this be fixed by installing the game on windows (partition or virtual machine, and including all patches) and just copying the installed directory from there? If anybody could try this out whoever has windows already co-installed and report any progress?

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Missing cursor fix/hack
by Chris Spencer on Tuesday April 8th 2008, 12:58
I'm not sure if this is a hack, or if it just hasn't been comitted yet, but this patch [1] fixes the missing cursor in the main screens.


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Explications on
by Jérémie on Monday November 5th 2007, 17:08
I've noticed there is nothing about how to install a patch so I will talk about it because it wasn't as simple as seems to be.
The patch installed is the 1.4 beta 3 patch.

1) Download the patch and put it in a special directory (~/patch-bf2142/)

2) Configure wine to create a new virtual drive, pointing to this directory.
- First, launch "winecfg" (tape this command in a terminal).
- then go to "Drives"
- click on "add" and modify the path : "~/patch-bf2142/" (the path where the patch has been download)
- remember the drive letter, for me it's "e:"

3) Lunch the patch.
- lunch a terminal and type :
$ WINEPREFIX="${HOME}"/.wine
$ cd "${WINEPREFIX}"/dosdevices/
$ cd "e\:" // modify "e\:" by the letter of your drive (ie: "f\:")
$ wine BF2142_Update_1.40-BETA3.exe // modify the name of the file if your patch is not named as mine

4) The patch is installing. It will take some time, just be patient (the same time as in Windows(R), maybe less).

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by Chris Spencer on Friday August 3rd 2007, 6:28
Ok I need someone else to test this to be sure, but I think PunkBuster is working.

I just played about 10 minutes on a public PunkBuster enabled server and wasn't kicked. Can someone please test this?

This was using the current git. Due to this bug: , you will have to revert the changes made in this commit:;h=dcdf7c55d642bf584678ca44054f410f0634ec05 then recompile Wine.

On another note, I have updated the howto.


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