The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Version 1.2.x (GOTY, with Shivering Islands downloadable content or official 1.2 patch)

Application Details:

Version: 1.2.x
License: Retail
Votes: 60
Latest Rating: Gold
Latest Wine Version Tested: 2.9

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Everything, even alt-tabbing!

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Additional Comments

Well you absolutely need to perform some tweaks before the game can run on Debian. You need to override the quartz DLL to native and disable winegstreamer.
If you do this then the game will run as it should. Otherwise you won't even be able to get into the main menu.

The first time I booted up the game (After the tweaks) the characters' skin was black. After reinstalling my system the skin was colorful as it should be. No idea why. Bug report 20074 in the "Known bugs" section discusses this. Their fix of overriding that DX DLL renders the game unusable for me, so don't do that!

Perhaps it may be useful to say that the game ran without any tweaks on Xubuntu 16.04 with the same Wine 2.9. Debian's version of Wine seems to be compiled with different options.
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DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
CurrentDebian GNU/Linux 8.x "Jessie" x86_64Jun 06 20172.9Yes Yes GoldCentrino 
ShowDebian GNU/Linux 8.x "Jessie" x86_64Mar 16 20172.3Yes Yes PlatinumArthur Nismo 
ShowArch Linux x86_64Jan 24 20172.0-rc6Yes Yes GoldJustin Kinnaird 
ShowArch Linux x86_64Apr 19 20161.9.8Yes Yes Platinumllde 
ShowArch Linux x86_64Feb 09 20161.9.2Yes Yes Platinumllde 

Known Bugs

Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
16302 [oblivion] can not skip the intro movie by press ESC NEW View
19967 Oblivion - crashes in quartz if compiled without mpg123 UNCONFIRMED View
20074 Oblivion: black skin of main hero without native d3dx9_27.dll NEW View
37508 Some Bethesda games sometimes freeze during gameplay UNCONFIRMED View
40198 Oblivion: corrupted screenshot using the stamp key UNCONFIRMED View

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HowTo / Notes


If  you're using WINE version 1.3.x or above, you can launch the game without any native DirectX DLLs, but bug #20074 is still actual for now, therefore installing DirectX9 or just placing d3dx9_27.dll to your drive_c/windows/system32 directory would be preferable.

Since stable release 1.2.1 Oblivion Game of the year works stable on many popular distros.

Although, if you're running older WINE or have some regression issues, you can use some tips listed below.

Prior running the game,you will need to obtain d3dx9_27.dll. You can obtain it using winetricks

 ./winetricks d3dx9

Or you can get this from the DirectX supplied with Oblivion like this (guide adapted from

  1. Install cabextract via your distribution's package manager
  2. ­With the Obvlivion disc mounted (assuming that it is at /media/cdrom), run the following commands:

    ­mkdir /tmp/dx9

    cd /tmp/dx9

    cabextract /media/cdrom/DXREDIST/

    ­cp d3dx9_27.dll ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/

  3. After installing Obvlivion, run winecfg. In the Applications tab, press "Add application" and select the Oblivion exe, then go to the Libraries tab, type d3dx9_27 in the "New override" box, and hit the "Add" button.

If the game fails to start, try renaming the Video folder in the Data directory. The videos should work since Wine 0.9.45.

Alternatively you can enter the Video directory and remove some specific files that could cause a crash. my Video folder currently contains these files: 'bethesda softworks HD720p.bik', ' Map loop.bik', 'OblivionOutro.bik' ,'CreditsMenu.bik' and 'Oblivion iv logo.bik'; and works fine with an unaltered main menu screen.
Currently it's needed to enter some additional registry entries into Wine manually prior running the game. VideoMemorysize to the memory size your video card has. Optional key is OffscreenRenderingMode, where value 'fbo' is recommended and value 'pbuffer' has best results. See the example .reg file below:





pbuffer is only recommended if you are using 0.9.38. Should you choose to use pbuffer instead of fbo, you may have to switch off refraction shader in game's Oblivion.ini file to workaround bug 8184.


Users of ATI cards may have to set the following in Oblivion.ini to prevent it from producing solid colors on the screen.


If you experience game freezes on combat start or combat end, these are related to music change. Try loading native quartz.dll instead of Wine one. Or workaround by setting the following in Oblivion.ini


If you are having problems, or would like more info on running The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion more smoothly, please see the Oblivion Linux Wiki.


Commenting on issues of current version


When you paste the comment about game graphic lag or other issue, please write your system information within the comment text!

For example, under GNU/Linux you can use following commands:

$ uname -a

$ wine --version

$ lspci | grep -i vga

And paste the output with system hardware info to the comment text. Nobody can help you without this essential information!

WARNING: Haunted bug #20074

If you have tested newer version of WINE, you can process some next lines to test bug #20074 presence:

$ mkdir /tmp/mywinejail

$ export WINEPREFIX="/tmp/mywinejail"

$ winecfg

$ wine "C:\MyProgram.exe"

This lines creates EMPTY directory in /tmp and your program starts without any overrides, in a FULLY CLEAR WINE PREFIX.

For our OBLIVION you can process something like that:

[assume that Oblivion prefix is "~/.wine"]

$ cp -PR ~/.wine /tmp/mywinejail

$ rm -rf /tmp/mywinejail/drive_c/windows*

$ export WINEPREFIX="/tmp/mywinejail"

$ winecfg

$ wine "C:\Program Files\Oblivion\OblivionLauncher.exe"


The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

by James Gangur on Wednesday December 7th 2016, 3:07
Can confirm this is still happening as of 1.9.24.
  • RE: by James Gangur on Wednesday December 7th 2016, 3:10
mfc42 is required by the installer.
by postadelmaga on Thursday November 24th 2016, 9:47
mfc42 is required by the installer.

First install these libs
winetricks mfc42 vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun2008 D3Dx9

I installed the game in a 32bit prefix (export WINEARCH=win32)
wine 1.9.21 (staging)
by Eryk Zaplata on Tuesday November 8th 2016, 10:53
i installed oblivion in 32 bit fresh wineprefix. The game start fine until its finish with character creation. After that the character always moves forward and the hotkey bar is open. I tried to disconnect keyboard and mouse but it was still happening as well as changing control settings.
1.9.21 Problem at Start Screen / Silent Impact Sounds
by Carl on Friday October 28th 2016, 8:26
I've noticed when using versions 1.9.18-21, as soon as the Oblivion theme starts and the Title showing up, the music starts to get kinda choppy. Like it will play half a second, then silence half a second, and repeat. It would then crash when selecting New Game, Load, etc.

I found that simply using 1.9.17 avoids this problem, but no idea why.


My big problem right now is that all my impact sounds (chains rattling, items dropping in CharGen dungeon, etc.) do not make noise. The closest solution I've found was installing MS DirectSound via Winetricks, which produces those impact sounds, but at the cost of strong distortions in most other sound effects.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions. Thank you.
by Pavel Řezníček on Friday June 10th 2016, 16:05
Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa 64-bit
Lenovo Flex 10

I'd like to enter the cheat mode in Oblivion but I'm not able to.
Cheats get enabled by hitting the key under Escape, which is I think a grave accent on the US keyboard. It's a semicolon on the Czech keyboard.
The keyboard is mapped a bit weirdly. I use the Czech keyboard layout but even switching to the US layout doesn't help. Any clues?
  • RE: Cheats by Vit Hrachovy on Saturday June 11th 2016, 4:00
    • RE: Cheats by Pavel Řezníček on Saturday June 11th 2016, 18:09
wine 1.9.11
by llde on Wednesday June 1st 2016, 15:37
It seems that at least from wine 1.9.1 the black player skin is no more. The native directx library are not more needed.
Oblivion Wine 1.9.3 and bug 20074
by llde on Sunday February 21st 2016, 8:58
Seems that with wine 1.9.2 and wine 1.9.3 this bug is no more. My PC has correct skin shader applied.
3D Audio issues with Wine 1.7.34+
by James Gangur on Tuesday February 3rd 2015, 5:36
As title. With any wine version above 1.7.33, 3D audio does not work correctly. I'm using stereo speakers, but the game seems to be acting as though I have some kind of surround sound, that is I can't hear any sound from behind me.

Wanted to post my first bug report, but I'm using playonlinux, so perhaps one of the Maintainers can check this out.
sound problems
by Assassinofyouth420 on Monday January 7th 2013, 17:34
Everything is working great except for when any collision sound occurs.
when i attack
when i drop items
when i kick or move objects
after a horrific distorted white noise sound is emitted.
please help!!
Random crashes
by Gustavo on Wednesday October 24th 2012, 14:46
So, here I am again...

Oblivion is crashing when I am traveling on foot. It won't take more than 30 seconds for it to freeze. The music would still play, but nothing else happens..
Launcher will not work
by Gustavo on Wednesday October 24th 2012, 10:13
So, I installed the latest version of wine and did winetricks vcrun2008 dx3d9 ( I think that's right ). Then, I installed both expansions and the patch. I cannot use the Launcher whatsoever. It will just freeze. What should I do? I want to mod some stuff and how am I supposed to if the launcher is not working? =|
can't go to ingame console
by Jaroslav Smutek on Monday May 21st 2012, 2:33
I installed Oblivion with Shivering Isles.
Everything works fine except i can't go to console. (other keys work ok)

OS: Ubuntu 11.10
wine 1.4 native dx9

i tried switch on/off allow the window manager control windows but nothing change.

help me pls.
by Marc Even on Tuesday May 15th 2012, 15:20
I managed to run OBSE + OBGE hehe :)

I installed with wintetricks this:

"winetricks vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun2008 D3Dx9"


AMD Athlon X3 460
Nvidia GTX 460 with proprietary driver

On Kubuntu 12.04

It's amazing, everything works perfectly.

Proof with a screenshot of Oblivion modded with "Liquid Water" and "Godray"

Screen ==>

Wonderful, Good job wine team ;)
Oblivion in Wine graphic problems.
by Tom Slick on Tuesday April 24th 2012, 14:40
My current configuration, although I've tried other versions of Wine and other kernels:

Linux 3.3.0-trunk-amd64 #1 SMP Mon Apr 16 01:06:59 UTC 2012 x86_64 GNU/Linux
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Sandy Bridge Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)

I have installed the xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.18.0-2, libdrm 2.4.33-1, libdrm2, libva-intel-vaapi-driver 1.0.16-4, libva1 1.0.15-4, Mesa 8.0 packages from Debian.

I'm able to play SecondLife using the native Linux viewer without any problems, but fully patched Oblivion in Wine is unplayable. Menus and health indicators look fine, but half of the game world seems rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. The other half is entirely incomprehensible. The screen is divided diagonally from top left to bottom right. I actually had this same problem two months ago and I fixed it after days of searching. Unfortunately, I had to reinstall my OS and I've forgotten the fix. Any ideas?

OBSE and the steam version
by Dan on Friday March 30th 2012, 21:10
I spent a while struggling with this so thought I'd post some pointers for anyone else that runs into it.
The OBSE (script extensions needed for many mods) requires that the steam in-game community be enabled. However, the gameoverlayrenderer that comes with that causes issues for many people (in my case looking around with the mouse was very jerky). The solution is to keep the in-game community enabled but prevent the GameOverlayUI.exe binary from running (this is what causes problems in my case).
Removing/renaming the executable after steam is already running does the trick, but every time you re-launch steam it will just re-download the file. I found a more permanent method is to open up winecfg, use Add Application to add a specific config for GameOverlayUI.exe, and set the windows version for it to Windows 2.0 (probably most anything before 98/xp would work, but I just set it to the earlier version possible). This seems to cause the executable to fail silently, leaving you with OBSE still running.
Trouble with mouse movement
by Marcus Møller on Sunday March 18th 2012, 10:46
Oblivion and expansion pack installed perfectly and runs almost perfectly, except for the fact that it's unplayable because of some weird mouse movement.

When moving my mouse up and left, it seems to move at regular speed, but when moving it downwards and to the right, it flickers _directly_ over to the bottom or the right side of the screen, making the game unplayable.

At first I thought this was caused by my dualmonitor setup, but it doesn't seem to be the problem.
Can't run Oblivion on Mac
by Tarulia on Thursday March 15th 2012, 20:21
Hi there, first post here so sorry if infof are missing.

I'm trying to install Oblivion on my Mac using WineBottler for a few days now trying some things etc but I can't get it to run.

I installed from disc using WineBottler, chose the d3dx9 winetrick when installing and installed without any problems, but somehow I can't start Oblivion.

When I choose Oblivion.exe to be run when running the app it instantly crashes saying it encountered a serious error and needs to close, so I can't do anything there.
When I use the OblivionLauncher.exe for starting the Launcher opens but the only clickable buttons are and close, so I can't start Oblvion and it seems the Launcher can't find the actual game. But then again when I use the Oblivion.exe, I mentioned above what happens.

So basically I have no idea what I did wrong, is a registry key missing or whatever it is.
I looked up and searched the Registry, there are two entrys for the InstallPath in HKLM/Software/Bethesda Software/Oblivion and InstallLocation in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{somecrazykey} so I guess one of these 2 locations should tell the Launcher where to find the Game, but it doesn't seem to work.

I'm using WineBottler 1.2.3 on a Mac OS X.5.8 (pretty old but shouldn't matter).

Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong and can help me?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Yes I do know WineBottler isn't offically supported by Wine but there are several Test Results sayin it runs fine on Mac...
Morroblivion mod tips
by Anemona on Friday February 3rd 2012, 12:28
I was testing the Morroblivion mod (wow!) and I had some performance issues and occasional crashes when moving between cells. Those are now sorted, so here are a couple of things you can try if you have similar problems.

If you have >=4GB of RAM, apply the 4GB patch to Oblivion.exe to remove the game's forced 2GB limit:

Additionally, you can run your game like this to force single-core mode and work around some thread-related issues:
taskset -c 0 wine obse_loader.exe

These are worth trying with normal Oblivion as well.
Oblivion.exe crashes
by Patricia on Wednesday January 18th 2012, 22:19
I am not sure where to post this or if it has been solved yet... so please bare with me.... I installed oblivion on Ubuntu 11.10, but I cannot seem to get the oblivion.exe to run properly... it tells me it has run into a serious problem and needs to shutdown.... I have no clue what this means or how to fix it. Please help me...
Sound Problems?
by Christopher Cope on Saturday November 19th 2011, 0:21
I installed Oblivion through Steam & have worked through the mouse and launch bugs. Now however, the sound seems to be crashing the game. It will crash within a few seconds of loading the save file unless I have sounds disabled in the Oblivion.ini I can however have the music enabled and it doesn't affect anything. I only have ALSA on my system and I'm wondering if that might be what is wrong. I'd prefer to have sounds on when I play a game, so I don't find this a feasible work a round.

System Specifications:
OS: Fat Dog 64 v5.1.1
Wine Version: 1.3.29
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT (1024MB) w/ 285.05.09 Drivers
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz
Motherboard: ASUS PT6D Deluxe
by John on Friday October 28th 2011, 5:14
I was wondering, since OBSE is working perfectly for most everyone by now, has anyone around here ever managed to get OBGE working? I've tried working it a bit, and although the OBGE hooks correctly after putting a copy of d3dx9_43.dll in the Oblivion directory, none of the shaders display.
Poor performance on Mac
by Chris Wigman on Wednesday October 26th 2011, 14:45
I'm using macports wine-devel revision 1.3.30 and, like Fallout 3, Oblivion also performs very poorly. Fighting an enemy inside a cave, I should have - with a Geforce 8600M GT - good, reliable FPS. Not at all, in fact they're through the floor. MacBook Pro from 2007, 4GB RAM, OS X 10.6.8.
libc crash
by Daniel on Saturday August 13th 2011, 19:42
Oblivion is crashing sporadically when moving between regions or opening the [tab] menu ingame. I always crashes with the same backtrace.

=>0 0x682a7610 __memcpy_ssse3_rep+0x90() in (0x00000000)

Other than crashing every few minutes and a few graphical glitches, the game seems to be working correctly.

Is anyone else having this issue or have any ideas on how to fix it? I've already checked that I have both 32 and 64 bit glibc libraries, and that my graphics drivers are installed correctly. This error has been seen on both Wine 1.3.24 and 1.3.15.

Wine 1.3.24 32bit from Fedora 15's default repo
Fedora 15 x86-64
Sandy Bridge mobile graphics

by Wiebe Schuurbiers on Friday March 18th 2011, 12:36
The latest update for wine (1.3.15-0ubuntu1~maverickppa3) gives me headaches.

Oblivion worked great, untill the latest update mentioned above.

Now, everything workes, except that what should be rendered in 3D. So we got sound, flawless menu's, but loading any save game unfortunatelly gives nothing but one blend color (blue in my case). The environment and my character model is just one solid blue color.
The entire world just looks dark blue (or white, if I'm in the menus) Everything else is fine: the menus, audio, everything. I can hear myself walking around and I can hear the citizens talking to me. I can even open doors if I stumble into one.

Switching from the HDR to Bloom or none doesn't help the least...

Mouse support.
by Alec Tutin on Friday March 11th 2011, 2:51
The mouse stops working properly in Wine version 1.3.15. I suggest continuing to use version 1.3.14.
Sound Problems.
by Alec Tutin on Wednesday March 9th 2011, 2:08
For those experiencing sound problems in-game try switching the direct sound hardware acceleration in the audio tab of winecfg to emulation.
OBSE, enabling keys
by JT on Sunday November 14th 2010, 4:15
OBlivion Script Extender needs to have following set on Oblivion.ini or OBSE related keypresses won't be registered by game at all (WINE version 1.3.6):
bBackground Keyboard=1

Note: this does not change default player controls, but might help to enable extra dead keys. Have fun.
Running OBSE
by Doug Dahl on Monday September 27th 2010, 14:59
(Not sure if I should post this here, but I didn't see anything about it anywhere else, and certainly it would have helped me.)
I was having some trouble getting obse to run, and I found that if instead of starting it with 'wine' that if I ran obse_loader with 'wineconsole', it seems to work for me. (Might just be a quirk of my system though.)
Character keeps on running.
by Uli on Sunday September 5th 2010, 12:35
Hello dear Wine Community.

I installed and Upgraded Oblivion to 1.2. and the game itself seems to run fine. Problem is, that my character does too and he can't stop. Is there a way to put an end to this Marathon?
by Julian Ospald on Sunday August 15th 2010, 14:30
so any1 got AA working? had no luck with nvidia-driver 256.44 on my gtx 260 and wine 1.3.0

when i force it via nvidia x server settings, screen goes black ingame except the hud, no matter whether i choose pbuffer or fbo (hdr/bloom disabled)
Gameplay video
by Jake ward on Monday March 15th 2010, 17:20
Installing Mods
by Pierre Réveillon on Friday February 6th 2009, 11:48
First, for information I created a WineHQ page for Wrye Bash and OBMM, both runs quite great on Wine.

Secondly, I had a problem : A lot of mods needs copying files into Data directory, and some mods or updates overwrites files from other mods. My problem was that Linux is case-sensitive, and some mods have directories ands files in CamelCase, and some not.
So I decide to put everything in lowercase, in my Data dir and in my unzipped mod directories before copying them, with this little script:

IFS=$'\n';for i in `find $1 | sort -r`; do mv "$i" "`dirname \"$i\"`/`basename \"$i\" | tr [A-Z] [a-z]`" ; done

Hope that will help some people...
If you are having problems READ
by Ben Anderson on Friday December 14th 2007, 11:09
If you installed Oblivion inside Wine, you MUST run OblivionLauncher.exe in the install directory prior to the first time you run Oblivion, or the game will crash out. I just spent an hour pulling my hair out over this, then ran the Launcher, and the game magically started working.
Workaround to securom bug
by Jordan M. on Thursday December 13th 2007, 16:26
Having been unable to use the other poster's workaround for the securom bug, I found out how to do it on my own.

1. Copy, data1.hdr,,, and from the Shivering Isles CD into a folder under your home directory

EX: mkdir ~/si-temp && cp /media/cdrom/ /home/jordanm/si-temp/

2. Download i6comp to unpack the InstallShield cabinet files. Google is your friend here.

3. Unpack i6comp

4. Make sure your cab files have the correct permissions. chmod 0744 them all in the terminal to be sure

5. run i6comp under wine

EX: wine i6comp.exe x /home/tumbleweed/winpack/

6. In any case, you goal is to extract the "plugin" group, it has the esp files, there is nothing of much importance in the other groups.

cd ~/temp/Plugin
cd Data
mv DLC* /path/to/Oblivion/Data/
mv Oblivion.esm /path/to/Oblivion/Data/

IMPORTANT NOTE: If oblivion is not yet patched to the latest version, you must also type: mv Oblivion.exe /path/to/Oblivion/

8. Run the oblivion launcher and click "data files"

9. Double-click on DLCShiveringIsles.esp

10. Play Shivering Isles!

NOTE: don't be discouraged. if this doesn't work, try other methods of extracting files from installshield cabs, though I know of none