Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942 with the 1.6 patch from This patch includes new multiplayer levels, new weapons, and an updated physics engine.

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Version: 1.6x
License: Retail
Votes: 8
Latest Rating: Garbage
Latest Wine Version Tested: 9.13-staging

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sound was the only issue

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Operating systemTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?Used
ShowLinux Mint 21.3Jul 21 20249.13-stagingYes Yes YesGarbageHerrmann 
ShowPop!_OS 20.10Apr 09 20216.0Yes Yes NoPlatinumHenrique Terto 
ShowDebian GNU/Linux Unstable "Sid" x86_64Apr 02 20194.5-stagingYes Yes NoPlatinumHonki Tonk 
ShowDebian GNU/Linux 10.x "Buster"Jan 28 20183.0-stagingYes Yes NoPlatinumEETagent 
ShowLinux Mint 17.1 "Rebecca" x86-64Aug 25 20172.12-stagingYes Yes NoPlatinumMark Arb 

Known Bugs

Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
1631 Sound underruns occur in directsound CLOSED FIXED View
9685 Punkbuster removes me from game for UNKNOWN WINDOWS API FUNCTION [131124] (Not a Wine bug) CLOSED WONTFIX View
11174 Install of Starwars Battlegrounds 1.0 freezes at a certian point CLOSED FIXED View
11351 battlefield 1942 - strange text rendering CLOSED DUPLICATE View
11499 sound effects not played correctly Battlefield 1942 CLOSED FIXED View
12555 Battlefield 1942 crashes when having joysticks attached CLOSED FIXED View
12943 Fonts in some games are displayed incorrectly CLOSED FIXED View
14712 offcolour ingame text in Battlefield 1942 CLOSED FIXED View
14714 intermittant crashes while playing bf1942 CLOSED FIXED View
14716 distant objects not obscured by fog in bf1942 CLOSED FIXED View
15033 intermittant crashes while playing bf1942 CLOSED FIXED View
15551 SafeDisc regression CLOSED FIXED View
16456 Games crash with GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY error CLOSED DUPLICATE View
22782 Battlefield 1942: missing some textures inside vehicles CLOSED FIXED View
27522 Mouse motion blocked or laggy while clicking CLOSED FIXED View
36043 Battlefield 1942: Crashes after map loading CLOSED FIXED View

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HowTo / Notes

To make it launch the game, not just exit silently, make sure your cd drive is configured in winecfg properly - the content of the CD has to be accessible through some drive letter and the drive type has to be CD-ROM.

To start the game from a terminal: $ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/EA\ Games/Battlefield\ 1942 $ wine BF1942.EXE

The main menu resolution being different from the in-game resolution is normal: the game programmers hard coded the menu screen to a fixed resolution.

If you want a faster startup time, you can delete the .bik files in the Movie folder and it will load directly to the menu.


Patching to 1.6 is done by installing two patches:

  1. battlefield_1942_patch_v1.6.19.exe
  2. bf1942_patch_v1.6_to_v1.61b.exe
Online play - Punkbuster

There is some confusion over whether or not online play works with Punkbuster.

Punkbuster works for up to 30 minutes, thereafter it attempts to update itself, when the update occurs it fails to run correctly causing you to be kicked from a punkbuster enabled server.

Servers that do not require punkbuster work 100% - there are several out there.

This note is true of wine version 0.9.58.

Punkbuster enabled servers appear to work ok with Wine 1.1.10 or greater.

Atleast with 1.1.13 and 1.1.14, online play has stopped working

Unfortunately due to the design of Punkbuster it will never work in Wine without the cooperation of Evenbalance, it is designed to compare the internals of Windows while the game runs to make sure nothing is modified. As Wine is not Windows, it will always detect a problem.


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GameSpy master server replacement
by al13326 on Thursday December 31st 2015, 2:10
It's almost a year and a half (July 2014) when GameSpy master server was shut down and most of those games using GameSpy for online gameplay are affected by this event, including Battlefield 1942. When you click the "Update" button on Multiplay, the in-game server browser freezes in a minute or so until it doesn't display a list of servers anymore.

This patch made by s[sk] and tuia replaces with so that you can play Battlefield 1942 online! Here's the link:

Other fixes includes:
-> Freezing in-game server browser fixed
-> No-CD patch
-> Widescreen support (though in-game menu still at fixed 4:3 aspect ratio)
RE: GameSpy master server replacement
by al13326 on Thursday December 31st 2015, 2:21
Aside from those mention above, here's my modified .exe and some necessary file/s in order to play against 256 bots in Coop mode.
by Edward R. on Wednesday June 20th 2012, 6:18
Guys, lightmaps work! You just have them enabled BEFORE you play the game. You need to enable them in menu first. If you do this in-game, they WON'T WORK!
Lightmaps, PB
by Edward R. on Wednesday June 20th 2012, 3:57
Lightmaps maked the building rainbowish. Why? Also punkbuster BANS ME. It is maybe because of pirated version, though? Not sure why.
White skin on intel graphic
by Thomas on Thursday March 8th 2012, 20:26
i managed to fix a "white hands and faces" issue on intel sandybridge using the linux 3.3 i915 drm module by adding "renderer.forceSWSkinning 1" to Battlefields "Video.con" config file.
RE: White skin on intel graphic
by al13326 on Thursday December 31st 2015, 2:09
Correction, it's in "VideoDefault.con" file.
Text: Invalid videomode specified
by Roger on Monday February 13th 2012, 22:57
On initial start, you see an "Text: Invalid videomode specified" error before or after the initial splash screen.

You're probably running at 16 bit color.

Battlefield 1942 starts at a default 800x600@32, or 32 bit color and requires this for the first run under Wine. After you get into the GUI menus, you can edit the video resolution to your liking such as using 16 bit color. Make sure your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file matches the bit depth.

(On a side not, I'm not sure if it's required to have the 800x600 resolution or other resolutions also listed within the xorg.conf)

by nadro on Wednesday June 2nd 2010, 15:00
I have very poor performance in BF1942 with Wine 1.2RC2. On Windows Vista I have 100 FPS (this is upper fps limit in BF1942), but in Wine I have only 20 FPS. I think that bootlenecks are draw calls. My platform is:
AMD Phenom X3 8650
2x Radeon HD4850 (with Catalyst 10.5)
Other apps in Wine works very nice, only in BF1942 (this is DX8 game) I see poor performance.
by JeffZ on Tuesday June 15th 2010, 2:16
You could try using backbuffer OffscreenRenderingMode

to do this run:

# this downloads the winetricks script

# this changes a registry setting
sh winetricks orm=backbuffer

# To set things back to the default
sh winetricks orm=fbo
by nadro on Monday June 21st 2010, 2:36
Thanks for info, I checked it and it does improve performance (now I have unstable 20-50 fps instead of stable 100 in Windows; I have stable 100 fps only when I look at the floor and don't see any peoples and vehicles), but this is still too low result.
by JeffZ on Monday June 21st 2010, 2:42
must be suboptimal video driver, I see 100fps everywhere with my nvidia geforce 8800 for the past few years with Wine

maybe you can try the new catalyst 10.6
by nadro on Monday June 21st 2010, 4:52
I will check it with new Catalyst when I will be back to home. Maybe do You use some differences Wine settings than me for this game? I use Windows XP + Hardware Vertex Shader and Enabled Pixel Shader + BackBuffer instead of FBO. I only use d3d dlls built-in Wine.
Gameplay video
by Jake ward on Wednesday March 24th 2010, 1:52
Main Menu scaled wrong
by Daniel on Saturday October 17th 2009, 17:07
I'm using the latest Wine, Ubuntu 9.04, latest (177?) NVidia hardware drivers, BF1942 patched to 1.61b with and without the DC_Final mod. I installed this configuration on one good widescreen laptop and one average PC with 4:3 monitor, the laptop using x64, the PC using x86. If it weren't for lack in disk space, I'd install the same setup on my third engine as well for testing purposes.

Installing and starting the game works well.

Problem: The main menu has a downward offset in both cases, displaying or not displaying the upper panel on either of them. Moving the panel to the bottom or fading it away did not change anything. The bottom part (start/join game, see version) is accessible, but not visible from full screen. It miraculously works now (most times) on the laptop, but the PC really fucks it up.
- When the main menu is loaded, the desktop size is scaled to an almost 1:1 ratio. The menu itself is stretched downwards and the panels are attached as well. I actually zoomed out (Super+E) to view both desktops (entire menu gets visible when zoomed out) and took measures and they're close to being squares, I have no idea why.
- Changing the ingame resolution or emulating a virtual desktop with any resolution does not help. Disabling the game's control over the window results in a twice as harsh stretch, so only the upper part is visible.
- Forcing a centered gpu scaling causes in the screen to blacken out entirely, no zooming out or switching desktops. Alt+F4 still quits the application and restores the desktop's default resolution.

I have no clue as to why the desktop is scaled at all, I haven't found any reference to this square-shaped resolution, the NVidia graphic driver's menu shows a default 4:3 resolution where it is definitely not and I've been literally spending days to find any solution or other users' experience with this, but trying to find anything valuable to me related to this topic is a pain in the arse. Linux 0:1 Windows.

The game itself works fine, as soon as the loading screen is displayed, the preset resolution is applied and stretched to full screen. The game runs with a good speed depending on the system. Sounds don't play correctly and to their full extent, but that has been mentioned before. Multiplayer games on LAN work fine. The application is not being terminated due to timeout like in Vista. Linux 1:1 Windows.

Please adress me if you have any questions concerning installed applications or my system settings to find a solution to this. Since the main menu doesn't constantly display properly, leaving me guessing and hoping I hit the right button down there, I also recommend rating the application compatibility to silver. Even if this issue gets solved, I'd not vote for gold as long as the solution is not implemented in Wine itself and easy to apply. I'm new to Linux and although I really think it's cool, I don't know how to use anything that's not a graphical interface and with problems and dissatisfying issues appearing every day, it's just hard to "spread the word" and convince people to try it. It needs to become much much simpler indeed. Sorry, gurus and hackers. I'm a n00b.
Auto mount and unmount the ISO
by Nathan Shearer on Saturday December 6th 2008, 22:49
I created a script that converts my bin+cue image of the game to an iso, mounts it, and launches the game. When I exit the game the iso is unmounted and deleted:

Note: You might wish to modify this script to keep the iso if you are not converting a bin+cue image.

cd "/home/user/Storage/Software/Battlefield 1942 - World War 2 Anthology"
bin2iso "Battlefield 1942 - World War 2 Anthology - Disc 1.cue"
kdesu "mount -o loop 'Battlefield 1942 - World War 2 Anthology - Disc 1-01.iso' /mnt/cdrom -o uid=1000,gid=1000"
rm -f "Battlefield 1942 - World War 2 Anthology - Disc 1-01.iso"
cd "/home/user/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Battlefield 1942 - World War 2 Anthology"
wine BF1942.exe
kdesu "umount /mnt/cdrom"
This shouldn't be platinum
by Johnathan on Monday March 10th 2008, 3:07
This application shouldn't be platinum if you can't play online properly. Read the Maintainer Rating Definitions:

This application should be sliver.

* Silver
Application works excellently for ´┐Żnormal´┐Ż use; a game works fine in single-player but not in multi-player, Windows Media Player works fine as a plug-in and stand-alone player, but cannot handle DRM etc.
RE: This shouldn't be platinum
by RaduB. on Monday March 10th 2008, 8:02
i seen that but there's no more option to change the rating even if ur the monitor... (or i'm blind and don't see it anymore)... i see the highest rating remains active even if it doesn't reflect the true situation...
RE: This shouldn't be platinum
by Frank on Tuesday April 1st 2008, 7:33
I think silver rating would be too low to reflect the real situation, because Multiplayer works, even with Punkbuster (older Version).
Only with newer version of Punkbuster it stops working, so i think platinum would be too high, because there is an issue with that.
Maybe gold should be the right rating (even it does not match the description of ratings in the wiki)?