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NameTeam Fortress 2
License Retail
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Link Team Fortress 2
Wine Version1.5.20
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Maintainers of this version:
Constantly updated Steam version. All languages.

Please specify video card and video driver version when submitting test results.
Old test results
The test results you have selected are very old and may not represent the current state of Wine.
Selected Test Results (selected in 'Test Results' table below)

What works

Installed & played new tutorial.  Played local game, went online and played several different game modes and maps.  No wine related issues found.

What does not


What was not tested
I don't have a mic so no voice chat was used.  I could hear people fine though.

Additional Comments

Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT
Driver 270.41.06
Test Results
DistributionTest dateWine versionInstalls?Runs?RatingSubmitter
ShowLinux Mint 14 "Nadia" x86_64Jan 03 20131.5.20 Yes Yes Gold an anonymous user 
ShowArch Linux x86_64Nov 25 20121.5.18 Yes Yes Bronze an anonymous user 
ShowopenSUSE 12.2 x86_64Nov 03 20121.5.14 Yes Yes Gold Tarik 
ShowLinux Mint 12 "Lisa" x86_64Nov 14 20121.5.12 Yes Yes Platinum an anonymous user 
ShowUbuntu 12.04 "Precise" amd64 (+ variants like Kubuntu)Jul 03 20121.5.7 Yes Yes Silver Nell Hardcastle 

Known bugs
Bug # Description Status Resolution Other apps affected
5159 Microphone xmit in Half Life and HL:S games very harsh and goes in and out of "focus" REOPENED View
24166 Team Fortress 2 freezes while playing (with ATI driver) UNCONFIRMED View
24684 Multiple Source engine based games (Steam): out-of-order rendering, bloom effect and lights are visible through walls when multicore rendering is enabled NEW View
27453 Lag when loading new sound in source games NEW View


Installing Team Fortress 2

  • Use Wine-1.1.35 or newer (Steam doesn't work with older versions).
  • Install TF2 via Steam or copy the data files to steamapps.
  • The latest Wine version is strongly recommended.  

Detailed Configuration for Team Fortress 2

This section is Optional how ever it may greatly improve the stability and frame rate you achieve with TF2.

  • Make sure sound is configured and working (test in winecfg).
  • Add "-nointro" option to skip valve video. Some users report this helps to avoid initial crash.
  • Run TF2 within a Virtual Desktop if you want consistent alt-tabbing.  This is done via winecfg -> Graphics -> "Emulate a Virtual Desktop".  This size should be the same as your screen resolution.
  • If you are using a multi-screen setup and a Virtual Desktop you may need to enable the "Automatically capture the mouse in full-screen windows" if the mouse is escaping in your Wine version.
  • Virtual Desktops can be defined on a per-application basis.

Running Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 can be run from Steam or from the command line.

To start TF2 using the command line:

WINEDEBUG=-all wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam/steam.exe -applaunch 440 -nointro


See Steam Official Troubleshooting and Steam Classic Troubleshooting for any issues related to Steam itself.

Team Fortress 2 crashes on scoreboard display.

This bug was introduced in a TF2 update at the start of 2010. Another update ~May 2010 is believed to have fixed it. If you are still experiencing this bug, please comment on bug #21534. There are two potential solutions.

1) The bug can be worked around by playing TF2 at a resolution with less than 1024 pixels of height.

2) A minor edit to the theme of TF2 fixes the crash consistently.

  • Download and install GCFExplorer from this forum post. (Works with Wine 1.1.43, use at your own risk.)
  • Extract ClientScheme.res from team fortress 2 content.gcf located in the steamapps folder (~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/steamapps).  ClientScheme is located in /tf/resource/ within the gcf package.
  • Place this file in ./steamapps/~youruser~/team fortress 2/tf/resource
  • Using a text editor open ClientScheme.res and find the subsections "ScoreboardTeamScore" and "HudFontGiant" and change the font type from 'TF2' to 'Verdana' in sub-definitions '4' and '5' for both sections.

Thanks to rasmus.ry for posting this.  More information is available in bug #21534.

Team Fortress 2 doesn't start at all or crashes on start

In the most cases, this bug is caused by the Steam In-Game Overlay, to solve Open your winecfg, go to Libraries, add a new Library called gameoverlayrender and set to disabled, the Steam In-Game Overlay and screenshot will not work.

Note: Also solved by properly compiled Wine with supported gcc versions.

Team Fortress 2 crashes after connecting to some servers

If you can connect to some servers and not others consistently it is most likely caused by the MOTD displayed at the start of any match.  This can disabled for all servers via the in-game options.

Options -> Multiplayer -> Advanced -> Disable MOTD (checkbox).

This also happens with some languages has some symbols that Wine can't handle and Team Fortress 2 is a game that is full translated, so, when you connect some servers the engine load this fonts and crash TF2, to solve-it just set language of Steam to english, all the games will be english. This bug happens with portuguese, but, can happen with other languages as well.

Team Fortress 2 randomly crashes during game

Unfortunately there are many reasons for these crashes.  Try reducing screen resolution, lover video settings (shadow, textures quality, etc).  If the bug is consistent please consider reporting it or filing a bug report if one doesn't already exist.

TF2 slows down immensely after playing for a short while

See bug #23578. Valve updated their anti-cheat code with the Engineer update and WINE did not handle this well. This bug also affected at least some other games launched from Steam. There is a fix for this in git after 21 July 2010. All 1.3.x versions should contain this fix. 1.2 does NOT contain this fix, but the patch applies cleanly to the 1.2 source. 1.2.1 does contain this fix, so the most recent stable or the most recent development versions should just both work fine now.

Mouse randomly jumps around menu or in game.

This is caused by the new implementation of mouse input in wine, to solve-it, you need to run the game in Windowed mode or into a Virtual Desktop.

Thanks to Frozen Fox and others, this bug has another solution that is download and install a Wine version to before than 1.3.20 (because this is the version that was set the new mouse implementation).

Download here the Source for Wine 1.3.19.

Note: This bug was solved in the newset versions of wine.

Team Fortress 2 is Dark and doesn't show the menu correctly.

This bug is related with the last Team Fortress update and some nvidia video cards, you can solve it by adding -nod3d9ex at the launch option into the game, to do that, right click at the game on steam, go to Proprieties and click into Set Launch Options.

General Bug Fixes.

If Team Fortress 2 crash and you can't solve, you can try these steps:

  • Add "-dxlevel 81" to the TF2's launch options. This option is need for the first run in some machines.
  • Verify video drivers installed properly.  Wine is 32-bit application and requires 32-bit display driver libraries.
  • Install Steam into separate WINEPREFIX to avoid conflicts.
  • Set TF2's main executable "hl2.exe" to "Windows 98" version.  This is done via winecfg -> "Add application..." -> type hl2.exe in the filename box -> click open -> select hl2.exe in the "Application Settings" list and change "Windows Version" to "Windows 98".
  • Close Steam, verify that Wine is not running. To force Wine to exit use 'wineserver -k' command. If this doesn't work manually kill all Wine processes except wineserver.
  • Make sure sound is working properly in Wine.
  • Run TF2 in full-screen mode, window mode might cause crashes.  Use a virtual desktop if required.
  • Check integrity of Steam data files.  To really be sure no files are corrupt remove "Program Files/Steam/steamapps/team fortress 2" directory (save configs first) and let Steam rebuild it.

Native Linux version available!

Right on-time for holidays Valve delivers!

As of December 19 Team Fortress 2 available as native Linux application to anyone!

Valve's post on Steam for Linux forum.

The Steam for Linux beta program is now open to the public! In order to participate in the beta, you must download the latest Steam Linux client (found here) or upgrade your existing Steam for Linux client to the latest version.
In addition, we will now track Steam for Linux client bugs using GitHub. This provides a better interface for tracking bugs than the forums used in the closed beta. The Steam for Linux repository (currently empty) is public, allowing anyone with a free GitHub account to create a new issue and edit or track it and search the existing bug database. The repository contains a readme file ( detailing how to create a new issue (it describes the same format used in the closed beta).
The team will continue working through existing issues in the forum but it is strongly recommended that any new issues be entered using GitHub's issue tracking interface. The sub forums will remain open so that people can join/continue existing discussions about the Steam for Linux client.
And last but not least, we now have a steam installer package repository. There is a mailing list for announcing updates to the steam installer package. To subscribe, use the public mailman page located here:

Installing on non-Ubuntu distros

Steps to install Steam on non-Ubuntu distribution as a regular user.
  • Download steam_latest.deb file.
  • Extract steam_latest.deb's content (you need to have dpkg-deb program)
    dpkg-deb -xv steam_latest.deb /tmp/steam
  • Extract install launcher into directory where you want Steam to be installed. This is where Steam and all of it's data files will be. Make sure you have enough space for all future games. Here I'm using "Steam" in HOME directory:
    tar xJf /tmp/steam/usr/lib/steam/bootstraplinux_ubuntu12_32.tar.xz -C ~/Steam
  • Launch Steam let it update then sign up and download TF2!
  • Enjoy!


The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. WineHQ is not responsible for what they say.

Now ported to Linux
by Charlie Byce on Thursday December 20th 2012, 10:42
Team Fortress 2 has now been ported to Linux, available in the Steam for Linux beta.

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1.5.18 - Trading works! Kinda...
by sloan on Sunday December 2nd 2012, 18:25
Subject says it all. With 1.5.18 the overlay works. I haven't tested it too greatly but it seems to lock the entire system up sometimes when you try to trade with someone.

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Launches with black screen
by Carl Moore on Wednesday November 14th 2012, 12:14
Hi guys,

Past few weeks I've been having an issue with TF2 launching with just a black screen. Killing hl2.exe knocks out the whole graphics driver and I have to reboot

Running it in console shows it looping this error

fixme:d3d:context_check_fbo_status FBO status GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_DRAW_BUFFER (0x8cdb)
fixme:d3d:context_check_fbo_status Location SFLAG_INRB_MULTISAMPLE (0x200000).
fixme:d3d:context_check_fbo_status Color attachment 0: (0x17a950) WINED3DFMT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM 1366x768 4 samples.
fixme:d3d:context_check_fbo_status Depth attachment: (0x17aaa8) WINED3DFMT_D24_UNORM_S8_UINT 1366x768 4 samples.
fixme:d3d:context_check_fbo_status FBO status GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_DRAW_BUFFER (0x8cdb)
fixme:d3d:context_check_fbo_status Location SFLAG_INRB_MULTISAMPLE (0x200000).
fixme:d3d:context_check_fbo_status Color attachment 0: (0x17a950) WINED3DFMT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM 1366x768 4 samples.
fixme:d3d:context_check_fbo_status Depth attachment: (0x17aaa8) WINED3DFMT_D24_UNORM_S8_UINT 1366x768 4 samples.
err:d3d_draw:drawStridedFast >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION (0x506) from glDrawElementsBaseVertex @ ../../../wine/dlls/wined3d/drawprim.c / 48

Any ideas. All other games (including other source games) run fine. TF2 has been reinstalled from scratch, all files are verified, tried registry tweaks.

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Missing Text
by Echo on Wednesday August 22nd 2012, 13:15
If you ever run into an issue with missing text or lighting showing up through walls (was occurring with me in Counterstrike: GO) I found that disabling Multicore Rendering and Aero Extensions resolves this issue.

Arch Linux x64
i7 920
GTX 560ti
Wine 1.5.11

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by Collin on Friday August 17th 2012, 19:23
I experience random crashes out of
complete nowhere in TF2, it happens frequently to occasionally, it also crashes
my keyboard, but I can hear voices from TeamSpeak while I'm playing, so my PC
doesn't completely crash, just the keyboard and TF2. I'd have to restart the
whole PC though.

Debian Sid, 2gb ram, core 2 quad 2.4ghz, 1tb hdd.

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  • RE: by alex on Sunday August 19th 2012, 3:32
    • RE: by Collin on Sunday August 19th 2012, 3:55
      • RE: by Stuart on Sunday September 9th 2012, 15:17
  • RE: by pizzadude on Tuesday September 11th 2012, 18:52
  • RE: I think this is solved by Stuart on Friday September 14th 2012, 6:01
Flashing screen
by Mack on Saturday August 11th 2012, 22:52
I'm getting constant screen flashes. It includes maps, character models, pretty much everything.
Any recommendations on how to fix it would be very much appreciated.

Ubuntu 10.04
i7 920
GTX 560
8gb ram
Wine 1.2.2

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When trying to craft the "Black Box" TF2 crashes
by Collin on Saturday August 4th 2012, 10:00
If you just move your mouse over the "Fabricate Black Box" in the crafting section of TF2, you'll crash to your desktop. Can anyone else confirm this?

Debian Sid x64, 2GB RAM, Q6600 Core 2 Quad, Wine 1.5.10

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Game crashes upon entering either a server/offline play
by andrew on Friday July 20th 2012, 3:43
Im running the latest version of WINE on my computer, and i am pretty sure that the game has installed correctly. However, whenever i try to enter a server, after the initial loading screen it crashes and comes up with the message "failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer". Does anyone else get this problem/know how to solve it?

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wine 1.5.9 more tf2 slowdowns
by caleb dutton on Wednesday July 18th 2012, 12:51
from wine1.5.8 to wine1.5.9, there is a great slowdown to the game, from around 40fps to around 10fps, ill post a log soon in bugs

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by Yuri Shishenko on Thursday June 28th 2012, 2:45
To skip intro video need to add -novid parameter instead -nointro.

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dark screen on launch
by alex on Wednesday June 27th 2012, 22:47
After today's patch (#300, June 27th, 2012 aka pyromania meet the pyro update) I experience a black screen after the valve logo. The background music plays, buttons are clickable, although I cannot see it due to a black screen. I am able to exit the game by clicking on the lower left corner where the "quit" button is. Is anyone else experiencing this after the patch?

AMD catalyst 12.04
Wine 1.5.7

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Random Freezes and Hangs with looping sound fix
by dale on Saturday June 23rd 2012, 0:10
Okay I'm posting this in hopes it helps someone else. After recent steam and wine updates I suddenly started getting random freezes and hangs with repeating sound usually within ten minutes of game play super annoying. A search of the internet revealed this old link from 2007 which I tried and wholaa! It was fixed played over three hours with no freeze or hangs. I typed regedit in terminal and followed instructions I did have to create a PagePoolSize in registry since it was non existent for my wine config and then I input the value for the 384MB per link instructions and now all is well. Hope this works for you!

My System:
Linux Mint 13
Wine Version 1.5.2
Kernel 3.5 rc-3

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Can't move
by J V on Saturday May 26th 2012, 14:09
When starting the "Dustbowl" tutorial for the soldier it says to press spacebar to continue - all well and good except spacebar doesn't do anything. In fact I can't get any response from the keyboard and I can only move by shooting a nearby wall with the rocket launcher!

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Nvrm XID crashes with Wine > 1.3.18
by Frozen Fox on Friday May 11th 2012, 13:41
While on the subject of issues with the game, it will occasionally hang on me for any wine version newer than 1.3.18 that I have tried and the nvidia drivers will leave errors in the console as follows below.

With 1.3.18, I've played for months with zero crashes, but I can't play one day with newer stuff without it hanging every hour or two. It seems to be possible sometimes to work around this via CTRL+ALT+F1 then back to CTRL+ALT+F7, but only half the time or so. I usually just force kill it. I have tried MANY Nvidia driver versions and Xorg server versions and kernels etc and found no change in behavior. I would report a bug, but TF2 hangs in Windows 7 in an identical fashion in about the same amount of time and always has (hence why I played it on Wine).

Accordingly, I suspect that it may be an issue caused by my video card being defective in some minor way that code in newer releases of wine (which are more similar to Windows than 1.3.18 I guess) somehow triggers. I have no idea though. Anyway, the messages:

[68556.257904] NVRM: Xid (0000:01:00): 13, 0001 00000000 00005097 00000100 0fffea00 00000100
[68581.200077] NVRM: Xid (0000:01:00): 8, Channel 00000001
[68583.200048] NVRM: os_schedule: Attempted to yield the CPU while in atomic or interrupt context

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Remapping mouse tilts to middle click
by Frozen Fox on Friday May 11th 2012, 13:32
I had trouble in many first person shooters (but epsecially TF2) where sometimes the sensitivity of the middle mouse button to tilting would cause Wine to press "Mouse4" or "Mouse5" (the side mouse buttons) when I wanted to click the middle mouse button instead. I have middle mouse and the side mouse buttons all bound to different weapons, so I would occasionally have the incorrect weapon switch.

This is apparently because mouse tilt operations are supposedly complicated and hackish in other OSes, so it would be difficult for wine to implement; thus, they just the map mouse tilts to Mouse4 and Mouse5 respectively. That is my impression from the discussion, anyway. Take it with a grain of salt.

Either way, see some thread on the matter:

Well, I made a patch to work around this by remapping both of the mouse tilts to middle click. I suspect someone out there may find a use for this too. Note that I don't pretend to have any idea what I'm doing or what this patch really means other than tinkering in the source code and hoping something works with some vague idea of what it seems to be doing, so YMMV and be warned. That said, this patch has worked exactly as I wanted it to for a very long time with no downsides I have found. All I needed to do was edit dlls/winex11.drv/mouse.c and the mousevent stuff.

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To anybody that has TF2 Beta
by Collin on Tuesday April 17th 2012, 12:21
Did you notice whenever you start the game, you won't be able to see it unless you put in -nod3d9ex?

It's strange, because only DOTA 2 and TF2 Beta are the only source games that I'm having trouble with getting to launch without the -nod3d9ex. All other source games including just TF2, work like a charm.

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Whenever you drop into water, the game freezes for a couple of seconds
by Collin on Tuesday April 10th 2012, 15:38
This happens in all source games and possibly goldsrc games as well.

Wine 1.5.1
NVIDIA Drivers 295.33 9800GT 1gb

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Problem with ALT key
by Philipp Lorenz on Thursday April 5th 2012, 5:23
I usually use the virtual desktop for playing Team Fortress 2.
If i press ALT+TAB so switch e.g. to my terminal and then switch back to the game by pressing ALT+TAB again, the alt key is pressed forever until I press the key again.
The problem is, if you try moving around with the mouse while holding the ALT key, you will walk around with the mouse instead of moving the camera view.
Using wine 1.4 on OpenSuSE 12.1 x86.

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mouse fixed to bottom
by mauro on Monday March 19th 2012, 14:48
Are you having the same problem? mouse always looking down? seems like a regression to an old mouse bug...

also like in the old bug virtual desktop solve the problem.

wine 1.5.0

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Error in HowTo Instructions
by Corollax on Sunday March 18th 2012, 11:14
The instructions suggest disabling the DLL gameoverlayrender. This is incorrect and should read as gameoverlayrenderer. I was unable to get the game to consistently play until correcting this.

Hopefully, you can revise the instructions to include this, but I can't edit it with normal user permissions.

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FPS drops after map change
by kyle preston on Thursday January 26th 2012, 0:15
FPS drops to 1-3 after map change. Team Fortress 2 needs to be restarted to regain playability.

GLSL disabled in registry
Wine 1.3.37
Launch options: -heapsize 2097152 -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -console -novid -noipx -nojoy -window
AMD Phenom(tm) II P860 Triple-Core Processor
Mobility Radeon HD 4200 (ati 11.12 x86_64)

Any known fixes for this?

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Easy Fix for Pulseaudio TF2 no audio
by pizzadude on Monday December 26th 2011, 21:12
I created a fix for people who use Pulseaudio and don't want to get rid of it but still want to play TF2 and other steam games with sound.
The files are "PulseOn" and "PulseOff". You can check the source if you want. Basically what they do is they turn pulseaudio on and off with a chmod -x and chmod +x command. It is more effective than doing killall pulseaudio because pulseaudio re-opens as soon as you've started the game.
But sometimes when turning it on and off you will lose sound so if that happens, just log out and log back in. (from my experience)
Works for me in Ubuntu 11.10 .

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by urfaust on Tuesday December 13th 2011, 18:13
Currently, I am running the latest version of Wine and Steam on Ubuntu 11.10. TF2 has been successfully installed and will open up to the main screen. Here, I am then able to choose a server and load into it... However, before it fully loads in, the whole game crashes and I am left with this error: failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer. I suspect that this may be because I am not able to download the ati/amd proprietary FGLRX graphics driver (post-release updates) (at least not without getting a "/var/log/jockey.log" error).

I don't know... I would love to know how to fix this, but I can't really find the answers anywhere. I read somewhere in the comments about editing the user.reg (which I have no idea how to do in Ubuntu 11.10). Still, any and all help would be greatly and desperately appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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RE: New bug since last update
by Hid on Tuesday November 29th 2011, 20:33
The reply button wasn't working for me so adding a new post.

Regarding the comment made by "Adam [:hobophobe]", what he says is correct, although he had a typo. The actual command line switch should read: -nod3d9ex not the -nod3dex he said.

Using -nod3d9ex does work around this bug for me, so I can confirm that it works.

Hope this helps someone.

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New bug since last update
by birdy on Tuesday November 29th 2011, 19:03
There is a big issue since the last model. Changelog :

Source Engine Changes (TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM)
-Dramatically improved the dynamic model loading system's memory usage, performance, and stability
-Reduced memory usage on systems running Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
-Improved alt-tab handling under Windows Vista and Windows

As result, you get a black screen, strange model glow grey in a black map... It's just unplayable. I tried to enable GLSL but with no result.

I think the problem will appear at least on all nVidia cards. A report from an ATI card user would be great.

Core 2 Quad @ 3,4Ghz
nVidia GeForce GTX 275
Wine 1.3.32

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To those with recent transparency issues
by Frozen Fox on Saturday November 12th 2011, 10:01
If anyone has noticed a recent issue with transparent stuff like water or the spy cloak being extremely bright, you might want to keep an eye on this thread I posted on the nvidia linux driver forums. It seems to be caused by nvidia drivers after (but not including) version 280.13.

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Bad Performance
by mhdevel on Tuesday November 1st 2011, 4:33
I want to buy either a new cpu or a new graphics card hoping for better performance while playing tf2.

Actually, i have a Core2Duo E8400 2x3GHz and a GF 8600GTS 256MB. Also available is a GF 9600GT 512MB. - The game runs a bit better with the newer graphics card, but not that much.

a simple "top" while playing in virtual Desktop tells me 130%CPU on HL2.exe (multicore rendering), with roundabout 20% idle time. - this number is valid for both available cards.

I play on lowest settings with a small resolution (1024x768).

What is your cpu type/graphics card/cpu usage while playing? I simply want to avoid a wrong purchase.

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Game Crash After Checking Mic Settings?
by Josh on Friday October 28th 2011, 7:33
Since about the time that the Manniversary update came out, I've not been able to use voice chat in TF2.

If I test my mic settings before joining a server, the echo test works fine, but TF2 crashes, outputting the following before having a page fault:

"Assertion 'b' failed at pulsecore/memblock.c:451, function pa_memblock_acquire(). Aborting."

If I join a server before testing mic settings, the game behaves as though I have no audio input device selected (can't talk and the mic test immediately ends after clicking the test button).

I think I upgraded to 1.3.29 around the same time. Has anybody else seen similar behaviour?

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Random crash during a game fix
by Fabian on Saturday October 22nd 2011, 10:34
If your game crashes after approximately 10 minutes of gameplay.

Connect to a server, then after playing for about 5 minutes, disconnect and connect again, and try to choose a server that changes the stage after some time.

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Bad performance
by Sergey on Saturday October 15th 2011, 1:30
Hello. With windows i was able to run Team Fortress 2 on highest settings without lags, and with wine it runs with amazing amount of lags on lowest settings. As i see from test result, TF2 is just as playable as on Windows, but my configuration is similar and i cant play it without lags. What can i do?

My config is:
Nvidia Geforce GTx460 2048MB
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz

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Ingame Steam overlay?
by Philipp Lorenz on Friday October 7th 2011, 12:53
I'm not quite sure why, but it seems that I am nearly the only one who has got the overlay working without any bugs?

I can use the browser, get notified about messages or achievements - tomorrow I will try out buying items from the Mann Co. Store.

However, one of my friends just doesn't get it working, although I didn't set any special option in Wine.

Anyone else having a working ingame overlay? What is the reason for a working one?

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by sinatosk on Sunday September 11th 2011, 5:54
thanks for this... made a massive improvement for me aswell

and this is with settings

Model detail: High
Texture detail: Very High
Shader detail: High
Water detail: Reflect all
Shadow detail: High
Color Correction: Enabled
Antiliasing mode: 4x MSAA
Filtering mode: Anisotropic 16X
Wait for vertical sync: Disabled
Motion Blur: Enabled
Multicore Rendering: Disabled ( I have this enabled in windows )
High Dynamic Range: Full

and my hardware and software directx level both say "DirectX v9.0+"

so everything for me is the same settings except Multicore rendering on

Archlinux 64bit
wine 1.3.28
AMD Phenom II X4 955
Nvidia GeForce GTX 260

resolution 1440x900 in window mode ( have to run it in window mode because I have dual monitor setup and there are fullscreen issues with every game I've tried when running in fullscreen with dual monitor enabled. In windows I normally use 1680x1050 in fullscreen )

I will try Starcraft II and RIFT later with this settings

thanks again. I didn't know about the "taskset" command :)

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  • RE: by sinatosk on Sunday September 11th 2011, 6:10
multicore framerate issues?
by Brandon Tomlinson on Friday August 26th 2011, 8:14
So i've been playing starcraft 2, and there is an issue where if I don't set it's core affinity, the framerate is awful. I was messing around and decided to try it in tf2... and low and behold it does some great things!

in another terminal --while tf2 is already running-- do:
taskset -p 1 `pidof hl2.exe`

I'm getting a nice framerate boost.

I'm using an amd phenom II 965

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Graphics screwed
by choch on Thursday August 25th 2011, 5:56
Tried running tf2 on a fresh Xubuntu 11.04 (64-bit) install and have got some pretty bad texture corruption (?). Pic:

This is with a raedon HD 5850 graphics card, with the latest amd drivers. If I try to click to create a practice server, it does the loading and actually causes X to crash, dumping me to the login screen.

Has anyone else had these issues with amd graphics cards?

wine --version:

display: :0.0 screen: 0
OpenGL vendor string: ATI Technologies Inc.
OpenGL renderer string: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
OpenGL version string: 4.1.11005 Compatibility Profile Context

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Game doesn't even start
by Calinou on Sunday August 21st 2011, 7:46
I'm updating Ubuntu to 11.04, as it is probably a graphic driver issue.

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Game doesn't even start
by Calinou on Sunday August 21st 2011, 3:07
Wine version: 1.3.26 (latest)
Running TF2 from command line using:
WINEDEBUG=-all wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam/steam.exe -applaunch 440 -nointro
Video card: Nvidia 9600M
Video driver: 195.36.24 (closed-source driver, probably)

Game doesn't even start, no error message when launched in a terminal. Game is installed using Steam, steam executable has the execution permission.

It took me 55 hours to download the game including breaks, I don't want to lose 55 hours of hard work.

Thanks in advance for helping me.

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Player textures don't always load
by Drakmor on Monday August 8th 2011, 12:23
Hi, I recently installed TF2 and it runs smoothly except for one hitch. About 50% of the time, the character models appear solid white with no textures. They'll usually appear after they get shot once or twice, but it certainly makes it a pain to tell who's on which team! I've tried it on all different settings, but nothing seems to make a difference. Any ideas? Thanks!

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by boombata on Saturday July 30th 2011, 1:46
i'm playing windowed mode with an equal resolution than my screen as a work around

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TF2 outright fails to launch, HL2 and Portal work fine
by Max Eliaser on Sunday July 24th 2011, 2:17
I see hl2.exe momentarily in the process list, then it disappears.

This is with Wine 1.3.24 from the Ubuntu Lucid PPA, however I've been trying to run TF2 on and off since I bought the Orange Box in January of this year, so this bug must have existed in older versions of Wine as well.

I'm running 32-bit Linux Mint. Here is my lshw output:

Things I have tried:
* Setting -novid, -nointro, -console, and/or -dxlevel 80, 81, 90, or 95
* Setting hl2.exe to Windows 98 compatibility mode (I've reverted this, Portal and HL2 work without it)
* Redownloading TF2 altogether
* Using a copy of the hl2.exe from Portal instead
* Disabling gameoverlayrender in winecfg (this was not needed in order to get Portal and HL2 working)

Once again, I'd like to point out that HL2 and Portal both work just fine with -novid -nointro -console -dxlevel 81. And Portal at least seems to work with some minor stuttering without ANY OF THOSE TWEAKS OR OPTIONS AT ALL. (HL2 also reaches the main menu without any options, but I haven't tried playing it like that.)

Left4Dead is currently downloading, when it finishes I will test that as well.

Here is a log of me trying the various games by manually launching the hl2.exe executables. HL2 and Portal both worked, but TF2 didn't even open a window.

Does anyone know any more tests I can do?

-Max E.

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Vsync framerate issues
by Carl Moore on Monday July 18th 2011, 4:43
Since upgrading to 1.3.23, leaving Vsync enabled seems to cap my FPS at 10, leaving the game totally unplayable. Without, it gets a more respectable 40 or 50, but the screen tears all over the place. Can anyone confirm?

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Game runs, but crashes when joining server.
by Aaron Seider on Tuesday July 12th 2011, 22:53
I can get into the game just fine, but it always hangs and freezes when I get to "Getting Server Info" (or something of that nature) while trying to join a server. Let me know if I need to provide more info.

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system mouse cursor visible, flickering?
by John on Tuesday July 12th 2011, 17:50
Recently I've started having this issue where the system mouse cursor is visible in-game, moving around and flickering when playing.

I thought it might be related to something a different steam application installed, so I set up Steam/TF2 in a clean wine prefix, with no luck (1.3.23 or 1.3.24).

Is anyone else seeing this? It doesn't affect gameplay, but it's quite annoying.

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Weird stuff!
by Pepy on Monday July 11th 2011, 9:13
Ok, bros I'm running on the following config:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz
4GB Ram
Nvidia 9800 GT 512MB (drivers installed from the additional drivers menu)
Kubuntu 11.04 (x86_64)
Wine 1.3.23

I have the latest (I think) Wine, I've set the hl2.exe settings to Windows 98, I've even added the DirectX files, Visual C++ 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 through winetricks and things still don't work out as they should. I've installed Steam exactly through the method on the Steam page here at WineHQ (with allfonts, corefonts, gecko, tahoma, etc.) and I'm starting TF2 through the method given here:

WINEDEBUG=-all wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam/steam.exe -applaunch 440 -nointro

and I also add -dxlevel 81 to the startup settings. Still, TF2 doesn't run very good. Average framerate is about 20 on the absolute lowest settings (multicore rendering enabled, mat_picmip 2; r_rootlod 2; cl_forcepreload 1 and everything low and vsync off from the Video Settings Advanded options). Only at a killcam I get fps above 40-50 even 60. I tried running it with the -gl startup command to be in OpenGL mode but that doesn't work either. Neither does the -32bit command. What should I do? I've seen people with Dual Core processors, less ram and worse video cards than mine and still they get a very good experience. Is there a way to fix this?

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stutter sound/lag?
by Psychogenik on Wednesday June 29th 2011, 15:20
I'm using latest wine and did alot of the fixing configs for TF2 everything works flawless but even on low settings and good fps the screen and sound ingame keeps stuttering as if i'm lagging but i'm not.
How do I fix this? It's what WoW did for me untill I changed the settings for OpenGL and it runs perfect now.

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So, i can play as well as expected, but models don't render
by not.aname on Tuesday June 28th 2011, 22:14
Players, and objects like the sentry gun don't show up at all. this is me, healing someone who I can't see. This makes it difficult to play.
Using a stock intel onboard graphics. Anyone able to explain this?

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Mouse problems
by Emilio Moretti on Saturday June 25th 2011, 8:13
To anyone having problems with the mouse randomly moving:

The bug has been fixed and should be working on wine >= 1.3.23

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No server listings after latest update
by kja999 on Saturday June 25th 2011, 1:24

Is anyone else having this ?

After the latest release (not its gone free), I don't get any server refresh and so no servers are listed.
The screen remain on refreshing forever....


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Team Fortress 2 crashes...
by Steffen on Friday June 24th 2011, 14:40
...when I try to start the tutorial or after the game finished loading a singe player match.

Log of what happens when starting the tutorial (WINDEBUG=-all wine ./steam.exe -applaunch 440) ->

oh and when I click the button, the click sound repeats a few times and the game is locked up, after a few seconds the game crashes (visible) and I'm back to steam

I'm running the whole thing in a virtual window with a size of 1280*1024, I'm on an Ubuntu 10.10 with an AMD HD5870 graphiccard and newest fglrx driver. Other 3D games (Heroes of Newerth, UrbanTerror) are running fine.

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Game stutters on loading sounds
by Jazz on Friday June 10th 2011, 3:43
Everything works fine, but every time the game is (presumably) loading sounds (e.g. first time I connect to a server), it hangs/stutters for a moment. It's not a problem unless camera dives underwater, which causes game to hang for a second or two. After some time spent diving/swimming this effect disappears.

Anyone had similar problem? Is there any option to precache sounds?

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TF2 Serious Mouse Glitching.
by Carl Moore on Saturday June 4th 2011, 17:27
So, since TF2's most recent update, the viewpoint jumps to the bottom of the screen, and the character is left looking at the floor every few seconds in-game, making it unplayable, and reducing the rating to Garbage for the time being.

Wish Valve would stop screwing with the game, it seems with every new update, performance diminishes (not even just on Wine, but through Windows for me too)

Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?

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Lag With 1.3.20 and/or Gnome 3
by Josh on Friday May 27th 2011, 18:21
I upgraded two desktops to Fedora 15 last night, and now TF2 seems to lag/stutter on both machines.

I haven't tested much yet, but Left 4 Dead (another Source game) seems to run fine as does Shatter (another 3D game under Wine) and Neverball (native 3D game).

Has anybody seen similar behaviour with either Wine 1.3.20 or Gnome 3?

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by sinatosk on Tuesday May 17th 2011, 8:08
forgot to mention.

I'm using Archlinux 2010.05 64bit

kernel version
video Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 driver version 270.41.06

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doesn't pickup on mouse movement
by sinatosk on Tuesday May 17th 2011, 8:05
I can walk forward, backward, left, right, left click and right click but when I move my mouse... nothing happens... it's been awhile since I tried out TF2 on wine so I don't know which version happened with...

- I've tried a clean ".wine" folder
- I've tried a different distro of Linux ( from Ubuntu to Archlinux )

and I get the same results...

any suggestions? anyone else experience this?


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Wierd graphics glitch on source
by David on Tuesday May 17th 2011, 5:33
Can anyone explain this
Don't know how to explain it so I took a screen shot. The main menu loads but the picture and text is unreadable.
Anyone got any ideas? It runs fine on my windows partition.
My graphics card is ATI HD 5670.

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by choch on Monday May 16th 2011, 4:42
Has anyone been able to get replays to render out properly?
I've been getting the quicktime not found message, even after installing with winetricks.

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by mauro on Sunday May 15th 2011, 16:46
same problem here
wine-1.3.20 32 bit on 32 bit system, arch linux with kde.

on console there aren't similar problem. this occurred or from last version of wine, never happened before.

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hatless update
by choch on Friday April 15th 2011, 6:29
Anyone else getting a crash when running the latest hatless update (15th april 2011)?

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by Collin on Sunday April 3rd 2011, 20:17
I've noticed that whenever I join a server and a couple of seconds after a wine error occurs, prompting you to shut the game down, yet it survives after closing the prompt (when moving to another desktop), a minor inconvenience, but is there a fix for it? Wine 1.3.16

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Binaries vs Source
by Collin on Friday April 1st 2011, 22:59
Are there any distinct differences when using a binary and a source? Because the only difference is that using a Binary allows source based games to play, while compiling from source crashes the games upon startup. (As in, hl2/left4dead2.exe appears in the system monitor for a second or 2 and then disappears with nothing happening)

Is this a bug or do I have to keep wine patchless? (I patched wine so I could play Monday Night Combat properly once I get it)

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Mouse auto movement
by Mark S on Saturday March 5th 2011, 17:42
Hello all,

In TF2, the mouse automatically moves towards the ground, rendering the game unplayable. This happened in the previous version of WINE, but it was fixable by restarting X. Now, I am unable to resolve this quandry with the latest WINE update. Checking 'reverse mouse' in the Team Fortress 2 options moves my mouse slowly upwards, which does not help in the slightest. Enabling 'Raw input' for the mouse prevents me from looking up, down, left, or right, but I can still fire my weapon.

Any ideas?


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by Brian on Monday February 28th 2011, 9:46
I get that Team Fortress 2 is crashing for me after a certain amount of time. I saw on another thread, the Steam thread that disabling Steam community in-game would help resolve crashing but so far it has not. Instead the game hard locks my computer forcing me to hit the reset button. The amount of play I get before it crashes is roughly 10 or 11 minutes.

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Unreadable fonts in Server List
by Collin on Monday February 7th 2011, 17:53
In TF2 and possibly Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, the server list shows up as unreadable fonts. Tahoma as well as the fonts that are needed are installed.

Note that I installed Steam via Winetricks.

"sh winetricks steam"

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Textures rendering into each other
by Roger F. on Wednesday February 2nd 2011, 13:15
Whenever I play TF2 on my laptop, I get atrocious fps (but this is probably due to my Radeon Xpress 200M card). More importantly, my textures aren't rendering right and, as a consequence, everything within ~2 meters of me (in-game) looks like a jagged mess.
I know I didn't do a good job explaining, but I did take a screenshot.

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gameinfo.txt error
by Raffaele on Wednesday February 2nd 2011, 7:54
When I try to launch TF2 it gives me "gameinfo.txt not found". I've tried to created a blank gameinfo.txt but it doesn't work however... How can I resolve? :(

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TF2 not starting at all
by WindPower on Wednesday January 26th 2011, 13:47
TF2 doesn't start at all for me since 1.3.10.
Console output:
Launching with arguments -novid -w 1280 -h 720
Vanilla Wine (+WinePulse)

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I have to say.
by Collin on Thursday January 13th 2011, 17:15
After removing then reinstalling Wine after upgrading/downgrading to Wine 1.2.2 to 1.3.11 to do a few tests and reinstalling every single neccessity for Steam/Games to function properly, causes Source games to crash upon startup.

Is this a bug?

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Claidheamh Mòr Problems?
by Dan on Friday December 24th 2010, 17:20
Anyone else getting a client crash when attempting to view details of the Claidheamh Mòr weapon? From the looks of the command line output, it has to do with fonts:

fixme:font:WineEngRemoveFontResourceEx (L"c:\\program files\\steam\\steamapps\\[username]\\team fortress 2\\tf\\resource\\tf2build.ttf", 10, (nil)): stub
fixme:font:WineEngRemoveFontResourceEx (L"c:\\program files\\steam\\steamapps\\[username]\\team fortress 2\\hl2\\resource\\halflife2.ttf", 10, (nil)): stub
fixme:font:WineEngRemoveFontResourceEx (L"c:\\program files\\steam\\steamapps\\[username]\\team fortress 2\\hl2\\resource\\halflife2.ttf", 10, (nil)): stub
fixme:font:WineEngRemoveFontResourceEx (L"c:\\program files\\steam\\steamapps\\[username]\\team fortress 2\\tf\\resource\\tf2professor.ttf", 10, (nil)): stub

To reproduce: Go to the weapons catalog, flip to the page with this weapon (it's a sword with two curved things coming out of the blade) and click it or hover over it.

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Update 2010/12/22 breaks game
by PLL on Tuesday December 21st 2010, 23:17
TeamFortress2 and CounterStrike:Source crash after the intro video with no error.

Apparently it's failing some hardware checks.

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Creating sound caches -> crash
by Guilo on Monday November 29th 2010, 17:18
Hi !

With wine 1.3.8 and latest TF2 verified OK. It's the first time I launch the game and after loading the main screen, it starts creating sound caches. When it has finished for one file it crashes. If I reopen it creates cache for the next sound. And crashes,...

Oh and -nointro doesn't seem to work anymore...

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TF2 won't launch as of 11/22
by Reed on Monday November 22nd 2010, 0:14
When I launch it from within Steam or with "steam.exe -applaunch 440" the "Launching Team Fortress 2" box shows, then exits with nothing happening. This happens on a fresh prefix (steam folder copied over). My TF2 files successfully verified.

Console output

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by Anton on Friday November 12th 2010, 13:27
It looks like TF2 hangs up during connection to any server or opernning Settings. It starts after last TF2 update

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  • RE: by Anton on Friday November 12th 2010, 13:52
    • RE: by Dmitry Zhurikhin on Saturday November 20th 2010, 8:37
Workaround: Lights bleeding through walls
by Frozen Fox on Thursday November 4th 2010, 6:54
One of the reviewers posted this information in his "Does not work" section, but it wasn't mentioned anywhere down here so I personally never noticed it or figured out how to fix it on my own. To save some others the trouble and time, let me repeat it:

"Multicore rendering still glitches out the lights and doesn't help performance."

If you see lights/coronas/lensflare effects or whatever bleeding through walls, especially in maps like koth_nucleus, try turning off multi-core rendering. I didn't notice any performance difference on or off, ftr.

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Invisible models
by Reading Rainbow on Friday October 29th 2010, 16:16
Wine version 1.2.1, Ubuntu 10.10.

Most models are completely invisible in DX80 and DX81. This includes all player models which is obviously a massive issue. Turning on cheats and using the command mat_softwareskin 1 fixes the problem, however, since this is a cheat it will not be saved when connecting to a public server.

Any models that do display have a strange blue, green and red pattern on all of them.

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Major framerate boost & FPS stability increase
by Robbie on Friday October 1st 2010, 22:01
I just found that -disabling- AMD Cool'n'Quiet solved all my framerate issues. Yesterday, I was getting around 30-40fps, dropping into the teens during action-packed sequences(performance got signifigantly worse after last TF2 update).
I noticed that my CPU wasn't staying at its full 3.2ghz speed during gameplay - Conky showed it dropping to 800mhz occasionally!

After disabling Cool'N'Quiet, I'm getting ~40-60fps with DX8.1 and all setting maxed(full-size window at 1920X1080 res, 4x AA), increasing to ~80fps with DX8.0 - If I lock the maxfps to 60(120hz monitor), I get -consistent-, if not perfect performance, something I could never get before.

You should be able to turn it off in the bios, OR, you should be able to do it on the fly with this command(run as root - sudo wouldn't work for me):
echo 'performance' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor
and to re-enable it:
echo 'ondemand' > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

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Enabling antialiasing - WINE Registry Hack
by Dan on Tuesday September 14th 2010, 16:46
I mentioned in my AppDB review that Antialiasing wasn't available for TF2. After some searching, it looks like there's a way to enable some form of antialiasing hack for WINE, which then exposes it to TF2, allowing it to be used.

If you add the registry key "Multisampling" (value "true") to the WINE registry at HKCU/Software/Wine/Direct3d/, you'll see x2 and x4 MSAA options in TF2. It does what it's supposed to, because everything here looks a lot less pixelated that way.

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Sound Problems - Workaround!(?)
by Matthäus Janiczek on Monday September 6th 2010, 15:34
i've just realized, that if you loose sound while playing you can restore it.
Simply open the audio Options (while playing) an change from "headphones" to "2 Speakers" or the other way round and then click "apply".
For me it restores the sound.

Can anybody test and confirm it?

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Wine 1.3.0
by Jack Diaz on Saturday July 31st 2010, 1:36
Anyone else having rendering issues with the new Wine 1.3.0? both TF2 and L4D2 (haven't tested the rest of my Source games) are rendering upside down. On TF2 reflection/light is upside down and in L4D2 it's the same with the actual character and weapons I'm holding though the HUD isn't affected on both games.

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anti frame lag
by mauro on Friday July 30th 2010, 12:21
i've set TF2.exe to be executed as win98, on emulated desktop...
nothing else and now the lag appear but just for 2 or 3 seconds.

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Unexpected slowness
by Nick Lawson on Thursday July 22nd 2010, 23:44
Using the +showbudget command in the console indicates some interesting performance issues under wine.

* On a busy scene, in a paused demo playback (so that nothing is changing on screen), the framerate fluctuates between ~30fps and ~45 fps in blocks of about 1 second, like a square wave. Very odd.

* For some reason, the gui is eating up more time than world rendering. 10-15ms sometimes for me. Now, turning on +showbudget (remove with -showbudget) makes the VGUI increase slightly becuase its rendered with the VGUI, but this is seriously drastic, easily 15ms or more per frame (which is worth like 30 fps on its own).

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OpenGL Mode works since last Update
by Christian Stake on Friday July 16th 2010, 7:42
Try it! It works know under "Windows"

Remove -dxlevel XYZ and add -gl ! The Bug that makes TF2 Unplayable isnt there anymore!

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by Ben on Thursday July 15th 2010, 14:07
Can't get in game as of yesterday. Steam downloaded an update for TF2, and now I'll try to connect to a server, and game exits out right before game would start. Happens when trying practice as well.

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  • RE: by Demo on Thursday July 15th 2010, 21:31
    • RE: by Ben on Friday July 16th 2010, 5:06
Bug Report
by Immanuel Ortego on Friday July 9th 2010, 11:28
I submitted a bug report for it.

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Engineer Update
by Immanuel Ortego on Thursday July 8th 2010, 20:37
Anybody here having success with the Engineer update?

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by Kenneth on Sunday July 4th 2010, 23:57
I also am having this issue in 1.2-rc5 Gentoo x86.

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Any keyboard input will crash game
by Rothen on Wednesday June 23rd 2010, 22:55
I have exhausted all possibilities, and I cannot seem to find out why the game crashes whenever I press something on the keyboard. It runs fine, even can join servers and play, but once I try to move, or press any key whatsoever, it crashes. Is this a widespread problem?

AMD 5000+
9800 GTX+
Arch Linux x86_64
Wine version: 1.2rc4 (package bin32-wine-suse)

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Sound quits when opening menu
by Vistro on Friday June 18th 2010, 15:18
I have no clue how this game got a gold rating. Sound works just fine until you open your Options or Server windows. Then it quits out entirely and never comes back. Sound never plays at all to begin with when launching directly into a server from Steam. Newest WINE BETA (rc3). WINE WILL NOT be an alternate to Windows until it supports Source games in their entirety for all users.

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no font etc
by papryk on Monday June 14th 2010, 13:34
hello. im first time using wine. i installed newest version 1.2-rc3. steam and cs16 works fine but in tf2 i dont see font, some textures etc. i running it from steam by command "-novid -windowed -dxlevel 80 -w 1024 -h 768 +cl_showfps 1"


fps configs gives nothing. i dont installed any software beside steam, cs16, tf2 on wine virtual disk.

ubuntu 10.04 + kde4, eah4850 512mb, 4gb ram, intel core 2 quad

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Audio-related crash?
by Dan on Wednesday May 19th 2010, 21:35
Recently when I've been playing TF2 (as well as a few other Source-based games), at some point during play (usually not too long in, maybe 10 minutes or so?) the audio will cut out and the game will crash about a minute afterwards. Has anyone else had this problem? I thought I heard somewhere that it might be a Pulseaudio related problem (10.04 here).

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by San on Friday May 7th 2010, 7:38
In order to do allow alt-tab you can start the game windowed but without borders. Add this line to the startup parameters in steam.

-sw -noborder -novid

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End of round
by SiegeMachine on Tuesday April 6th 2010, 0:27
I've seen lots of things about scoreboard and I haven't found a definitive solution yet other than press tab first when I get into a match and then its set for the rest of the round, but at the end match when the server changes maps it crashes right when the scoreboard is usually displayed (everyone gets frozen and scoreboard comes up) It just hangs and closes and I can't find any way to fix this yet. Didn't use to happen before.

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Mouse focus and synergy
by Edward on Monday April 5th 2010, 20:55
It seems, since I'm using synergy-plus, the mouse is able to escape when I'm moving it very quickly, and jump over to another computer - usually when I am in the middle of a firefight. This is no good at all, and usually ends up with me dying.

I've tried applying the patch to use XInput2, and even when I enable all the tracing for x11drv, I don't see XGrabPointer ever being called. Am I confused in what XGrabPointer does?

Would it maybe be a good idea to change the timeout between mouse warps to 5 instead of 10?

Any thoughts on how to fix this problem, anyway?

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Gameplay video
by Jake ward on Monday March 22nd 2010, 10:47

Shows that game works fine even at the end of the match, Plus shows you can press tab during game

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by choch on Friday March 19th 2010, 11:03
Got tf2 working pretty well using 1.1.40 (on centos 5, built from src), but i keep getting crashes with messages like this:

err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 3484 bytes in thread 005d eip 30160ff8 esp 00240594 stack 0x240000-0x241000-0x340000
err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 3484 bytes in thread 0063 eip 30160ff8 esp 00240594 stack 0x240000-0x241000-0x340000

It can work great for ~1hr or so then will crash with this after being in game for 2-3mins.

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by James on Monday March 8th 2010, 13:35
This just in, the source engine is getting openGL support in April!!

HOPEFULLY this will make this game easier to run in wine.

(I'm still hoping for a native linux client but I'm not holding my breath for it..)

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Gold rating ? ? ?
by MoKraD on Saturday February 20th 2010, 4:18

How can you put a gold rating for TF2 while TF2 suffers on a terrible bug when pushing on tab key and crash a the end of the round ?
I play on TF2 with wine since more than 2 years (350 h on linux) and It's the first time that the situation is so critical.
Like I think and as explain Jeff Cook on if test summary (rejected by Vitamin), the TF2 rating must be "Bronze, but borderline garbage, since it crashes when one does something basic like check score or play until the end of the round."

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No servers show up?
by SiegeMachine on Saturday February 6th 2010, 22:04
I think this might be beyond a wine bug but for some reason the in game server list has nothing and I have no filters set, I used winetricks to install 'allfonts'. The game ran just like it used to all I did was get rid of my old prefix because it was getting messy and buggy but now no matter what, refreshing or anything I can't see games in the server list under internet tab though I can see some under friends and history tab. I can use the steam server browser OUT of TF2 but in TF2, nothing shows up, and if I click its not like there's no text, its just empty period it seems.

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wineserver leeching cpu used by hl2.exe
by Johny Doofus on Saturday February 6th 2010, 11:33
team fortress runs smoothly on my comp in middle/high settings, with a nice framerate. Suddenly, the framerate drops to unbearable levels and it'll only go back to normal if i restart the game.

After using the system monitor to find out what's going on, i found that, while team fortress 2 is running fine, the %CPU used by hl2.exe is around 50. Then, when the framerate drops, i find wineserver using around 30/40% CPU while hl2.exe won't be higher than 10%.

i'm using wine 1.1.7 and i tried reinstalling the game multiple times. I'm a total linux newb, but i'll use my google fu if need be.

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working under wine 1.1.38
by Daniel on Saturday February 6th 2010, 7:28
People, you may want to give this game another go under the latest wine. Seems to work properly in directx9 mode now.

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Water and DX 8.1
by SiegeMachine on Sunday January 24th 2010, 22:23
Is there a way to change how the water shows in the game? I'm finding it hard to see through the water with the direct X version set down to 8.1 I can't find people under the water unless I'm directly under the water myself.

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Game freezes, after Achievement is Achieved.
by Foone on Monday December 21st 2009, 14:00
Game it self works out great, had to adjust config's big time to get maximum FPS out.

But the thing that concerns me is that every time I achieve something, the whole game freezes.
And starts to loop sounds in 3second intervals and then it crashes.

I have no idea of the cause, google didn't return anything. Not even for windows. And I have steam in-game community disabled.

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Big time TF2 crashes.
by Mike Talanca on Friday December 18th 2009, 16:46
So TF2 ran fine about a year ago when I used to play it all the time. This is my first time in over a year playing it. Now I can't even go past 640x480 resolution or it freezes on me. This seems like a horrible regression. I'm having huge problems with EVERY source game, actually, but TF2 is the worst. Here's a pastebin of the output when I try to change resolutions:

Can I get any help on this?

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Speed regression since Wine 1.1.31
by Nicolas Picard on Monday October 12th 2009, 20:01
Hi everybody,

Did someonelse observe TF2 slowing down issue since Wine 1.1.31. Everything works fine except that game was working better before I upgraded.

Sys: Ubuntu 9.04 64 bits + Wine 1.1.31 + Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4GHz + 8GB RAM + Geforce 9600GT SC 512MB (Nividia 190.36) .

If not, I guess I will need to tweak again that game.

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by Matt Callaghan on Thursday October 8th 2009, 21:54
I found this link very helpful if you're running into corrupt *.wav files during load. Also this helps with performance in WINE.

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Update broke TF2?
by Aaron VerDow on Monday August 17th 2009, 20:02
I've played TF2 on Linux since Wine 1.1.13 and it's worked fine. Right now I'm running Wine 1.1.26 compiled from source from it's source directory with TF2 in its own wine prefix. I think the update today (the one to fix the rocket jump) broke TF2 because now any time I try to launch the game it crashes before the menus come up. I see the loading screen, like it's going to work, then the whole thing just quits and Steam News pops up. Here is some terminal output:

err:ntlm:SECUR32_initNTLMSP ntlm_auth was not found or is outdated. Make sure that ntlm_auth >= 3.0.25 is in your path.
err:ntlm:SECUR32_initNTLMSP Usually, you can find it in the winbind package of your distribution.
fixme:ntdll:NtQuerySystemInformation info_class SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION

This fixme chunk repeats about 20-30 times:
fixme:dbghelp_dwarf:dwarf2_parse_variable Unsupported form for const value srgb_cmp (a)
fixme:dbghelp_dwarf:dwarf2_parse_variable Unsupported form for const value srgb_mul_low (a)
fixme:dbghelp_dwarf:dwarf2_parse_variable Unsupported form for const value srgb_pow (a)
fixme:dbghelp_dwarf:dwarf2_parse_variable Unsupported form for const value srgb_mul_high (a)
fixme:dbghelp_dwarf:dwarf2_parse_variable Unsupported form for const value srgb_sub_high (a)

Then this is the point where the game exits:
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0xbf6e34 "?" wait timed out in thread 001f, blocked by 0020, retrying (60 sec)
fixme:avifile:AVIFileExit (): stub!
utlmemory.h (322) : Assertion Failed: IsIdxValid(i)
fixme:dbghelp:MiniDumpWriteDump NIY MiniDumpWithDataSegs

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TF2 broken in August 17th Patch
by Dan on Monday August 17th 2009, 20:00
Here we go again, just like the June 8th patch, TF2 is now once again crashing right at the tail end of the initial loading sequence (after the intro movie). The terminal output doesn't look like the stuff spit out when I was troubleshooting the June 8th patch bug, so it is probably an entirely new issue.

The output was so long I wasn't able to get it all, but here's part of it:

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Locks up after 5 min of playing ---> Does it honestly work without any issues for some?
by Esko Mörkö on Tuesday August 11th 2009, 11:56
Fedora 10 x86_64
Radeon 4850
Catalyst 9.7
wine 1.1.27git(11.8.09)

Team Fortress 2 is in it's own prefix like advised. In game community function is disabled. Settings are defaults ---> lowest

Makes no differece with or without emulated virtual desktop

In regedit on .wine-tf2 prefix at the self made as as advised "Direct3D" part
UseGLSL = disabled
VideoMemorySize = 512
OffScreenRenderingMode = fbo

Team Fortress 2 started with "-dxlevel 80 -windowed (easier to close when it hangs up ---> no need to switch to other vt and kill the process from the console) width 1024 height 768". No matter what dxlevel or how high the settings are it always hangs up after that ~5 mins and hl2 process must be killed or even sometimes computer stops responding and it must be rebooted.

Neither Kwin's desktop effects or Compiz are in use.

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Team Fortress 2 slow performance compared to other source games like HL2EP2
by Esko Mörkö on Thursday July 30th 2009, 6:27
Performance is quite horrible in team fortress 2 (5-20 fps) compared to Half-Life 2 Episode 2 (30-60fps). When everything is set to highest possible and runnign in dx9 mode (Can't enable AA). Half-Life 2 Episode 2 runs perfectly without any artifacts, but team fortress 2 seems to have some oddities like waters flickering and odd reflections.

Also it's curious that team fortress 2's performance doesn't change at all even if I set to lowest possible and to dx80.

Shouldn't tf2 be more easier for gfx card than hl2ep2?

Fedora 10 x86-64
Catalyst 9.7
Radeon 4850

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My suggestion:
by blattengel on Monday July 27th 2009, 18:54
Use this command to start from CLI:
wine "/path_to_steam/Steam/steam.exe" -applaunch 440

Follow this guys suggestion (use if no keyboard focus, and for performance increase:

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by Marshall Conover on Wednesday July 22nd 2009, 23:19
In winecfg, Change hl2.exe from running under XP to vista or windows 2008. Works on my box using 1.1.24

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by Daniel Devine on Sunday July 19th 2009, 17:16
This would be a regression in the texture mapping?

I will check this as soon as I can. Are you two using NVIDIA or ATi?

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  • RE: by WindPower on Sunday July 19th 2009, 17:24
    • RE: by Daniel Devine on Sunday July 19th 2009, 17:32
Wine 1.1.26 regression?
by WindPower on Sunday July 19th 2009, 10:21
Since Wine 1.1.26, I see black everywhere in Source games, TF2 included. For instance, when playing as spy, his hands turn black when the cloak is engaged. Water is black as well. For Left 4 Dead, the whole game is black, I can only see the HUD and player silhouettes.

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Inflated gold ratings *again*?
by Sam Skipsey on Tuesday July 14th 2009, 10:45
"Text and HUD not visible in DX9 mode" (which is the default mode) doesn't rate a gold rating for this game ;)

At best, it is silver (game works excellently for "normal" use). This is especially the case because many people still seem to have sound problems in Ubuntu, which adds to the list of issues the game has.

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by Jack Diaz on Friday July 10th 2009, 11:38
TF2 is all glitchy when I play in any server, exactly the same when you 're disconnecting from a server you're moving foward but getting pushed back. I'm using dxlevel81 after attempting to use dxlevel90 but the game was to slow and the models were all distorted and stretched out. I've disabled Pixel Shared but I need to keep it enabled or I get an error message saying that I need at least Pixel Shared 1.1.
My PC specs are :
CPU : AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.6 Mhz
Ram : 2 gigs
Graphics : ATI Radeon HD 3200

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Fps drop !
by birdy on Monday June 15th 2009, 7:58
I changed my video card for a Nvidia 9600 GT, and I have terrible FPS :( With ALSA I get about 10-25 fps, with OSS (but w/o sound because it doesn't work) I get something like 80 - 150 fps ^^ I suppose I have a probleme with sound or something like that ? :(

1) I removed PulseAudio
2) I use ALSA in gnome
3) I have the nvidia drivers v180 (ubuntu depot)
4) I tried with aoss, it's same.
5) Tried many registry key GLSL, etc etc :)

Core 2 Duo 1,8Ghz @ 3Ghz
Nvidia 9600 GT 512 Mo
2Go DDR2
Realtek ALC888 (integrated sound chipset on MSI P45 NEO3 FR (ICH10R chipset))

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by Brad Glaser on Monday June 15th 2009, 3:06
Does anyone know how to launch team fortress 2 from the terminal so I can observe the output. At the moment I can launch it but only local games. Trying to connect to a server yeilds a steam client related error: "STEAM validation rejected".

I'm launching it via: "~/wine-git/wine "/home/brad/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/shakaiszulu/team fortress 2/hl2.exe" -game tf -steam -windowed -novid -dxlevel 81 -w 1440 -h 900"

PS I already have steam running when I launch it. :D

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by John on Thursday June 11th 2009, 21:12
I see the services.exe now that you mention it, but I've never set winecfg to WinVista, not even in the past; I've always ran as WinXP or Win98 is some cases. I wonder just what the hell this 'service checking' is all about.

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TF2 broken in June 8 patch
by John on Thursday June 11th 2009, 10:48
The other night I got the most recent patch from Steam, and now TF2 is completely broken and un-playable :(

For whatever reason, I can log in Steam just fine, but now whenever I launch TF2 either the game will immediately crash to desktop after the intro movies are done (when it gets to the loading/menu screen) or it will get to the main menu screen and stay in "Loading..." mode (the bottom right hand corner says saying its loading).

The fix's I've tried are:
-Tweaked dxlevel's
-Uninstalled the game
-Reinstalled in it's own WINEPREFIX

None of these worked. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have a solution?

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by Justin on Monday June 1st 2009, 1:55
It would seem so, yes. I'm even able to play at 1680x1050, and have yet to crash.

I want to know why, though.

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by Michael Speth on Friday May 29th 2009, 14:33
I canceled my Cedega account about a year ago. Sucks.
Anyways, I also installed TF2 via OnePlay and that didn't help either.

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Unable to launch Game
by Michael Speth on Wednesday May 27th 2009, 11:08
I am using wine-1.1.22 on Gentoo.

I can launch HL2 Ep1 no problem from either from Steam or from the command line.

However, I cannot launch TF2 nor Portal from either within Steam or from command line. I get a dialog that says its launching, and then nothing happens.

There is also no error output on the command line.

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DirectX 9 mode Offscreen rendering error
by Alex Lee on Tuesday May 26th 2009, 11:25
Running under DirectX 9 suffers from lack of offscreen rendering. e.g. the main menu background is black, in-game tab menu does not display, item previews missing.

Setting OffscreenRenderingMode to fbo crashes the game on launch, after the Source logo. This might have to do with running compiz at the same time.

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by John on Monday May 25th 2009, 2:36
Like a few other people, I've been having a very hard time keeping the game running lately. Game usually crashes within 5 or 10 minutes. Sometimes I can play for hours without no problems, but I usually have to restart the game 10 times before that kind of luck comes in. This feels like a regression stemming from 1.21

Has anyone had any luck in fixing this?

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Error after spy/sniper update
by Eivind Ervik on Friday May 22nd 2009, 10:58
I get this:
CAudioSourceMemWave: (vo\scout_dominationsct02.wav)
GetDataPointer() failed,

bug maybe?

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Mic working with ALSA and WINE 1.1.21
by Dan on Sunday May 10th 2009, 7:20
After upgrading wine to 1.1.21, I attempted to use the microphone functions of TF2, and it actually worked!

For the best results, turn up the sampling in winecfg to 48000 hertz, because I had some people complain that my voice wasn't coming through clearly when I had it set to the default 44100 hertz sample rate.

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Nvidia Driver?
by Daniel Devine on Wednesday May 6th 2009, 1:39
I have noticed bad performance with some of the nVidia drivers lately. 185.18.04 and newer seemed to fix the (rather dramatic) FPS drop.

Historically Ubuntu has had issues like this as well to do with Xorg, so it might be worth dropping into IRC and asking #ubuntu

I have found the Ubuntu nvidia packages iffy, don't be scared to install the official nvidia drivers.

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Terrible FPS
by Jordan on Saturday May 2nd 2009, 13:42
The fps I'm getting while running this game under wine are awful. I've got an opty 165 and an 8800gt. I can run this game at 100+ in dx81 in windows, yet I can only get about 30 and below under wine. I'm running wine version 1.1.2 and 180 nvidia drivers that came with ubuntu 9.04. Any ideas as to why I'm getting such awful FPS? I've heard of people running TF2 flawlessly so I'm rather curious.

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by Dan on Monday April 27th 2009, 12:05
Don't show up on the list.... ?

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Engine Error *FIX*
by Ken on Monday April 13th 2009, 4:18
When you get this error:

CAudioSourceMemWave (*\*.wav):
GetDataPointer() failed.

Go to your voice options and unclick the 'boost microphone'
go to servers and connect. Your in-game sound should work. You will have to do this everytime you start TF2, for some odd reason this option does not save. In fact, if your try to edit out the microphone settings in the config.cfg it will not fix the problem. Unchecking that box before starting a game seems to work if you join a server; it does not work if you try to start your own server. It's an extremely temperamental bug but this works well and you don't have to remove pulse audio to do it.

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TF2 Overheating
by Chris Bauer on Monday April 6th 2009, 1:11
Around the time I updated to wine 1.1.18, the AGP and CPU sectors of my box began overheating after about 15 minutes of play.

It seems strange to me that Wine may be the culprit, but I can't figure out anything else that changed since the overheating began.

I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 on an AMD dual core CPU with nVidia video card. If anyone has any suggestions or tests I could try I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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Freezes after playing for 10 mins or so *SOLVED*
by Ken on Wednesday March 25th 2009, 3:26
Okay. Not sure if this is the exact same issue some of the "freezes randomly" people are having, but I am sure it is relevant to someone.

Set your textures to the lowest possible and work your way up until you can play stable for long periods of time. I have a GTX 295 and it still crashes after 20 mins on 'VERY HIGH' but I play tested for 3 hours straight on 'LOW' and for about 45 minutes on 'MEDIUM'. I believe this is a texture caching issue, and I'm sure those of you with older cards might be having issues even on 'low'. Maybe there is another registry entry that would be beneficial. Any ideas?

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Recommended fix
by Ben "Diskmaster" Lierman on Saturday March 21st 2009, 21:10
In order to load certain maps, the registry entry for VideoRamSize needs to match the installed video card. Otherwise TF2 (and other source based mods) can't lock the vertex buffer.

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Multithreading support
by Jan Kaláb on Sunday March 1st 2009, 7:35

Just scroll down on this page and there are some console commands which let TF2 take advantage of your multicore CPU, just add them to your autoexec.cfg. It gave me about 70 % more fps, so I recommend using it! :)

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Game crashes after a few minutes
by Bernd St on Tuesday February 24th 2009, 11:11

is there anyone who can play TF2 more than 1 hour without crashes? i own a radeon 2900 graphics card and i think it´s broken because of the fglrx bug (

does anybody know how this fix it or a workaround that works ?

the option - Option "UseFastTLS" "2" - doesnt work for me. (aticonfig writes "UseFastTLS" "Off" )



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Voice Chat
by Howie Jordan on Sunday February 15th 2009, 9:40
I'm currently using 1.1.14, and cannot get voice chat to work, but I've noticed some people mentioning that it works for them.
Anyone know what I should do to get it to work?
i.e. Probably use a different version?

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Increasing Performance
by Daniel Devine on Saturday February 14th 2009, 21:48
I found that I could double my FPS by using "+mat_hdr_level 0" in the Steam TF2 launch options.
This make DX9 performance good!

I also turned off GLSL in the Wine registry for extra performance. To disable GLSL use the following key in "wine regedit".

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Direct3D\UseGLSL -> "disabled"

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Engine Error
by Jake on Thursday February 12th 2009, 14:13
Whenever I try to join a server the game crashes with the following error.

CAudioSourceMemWave (*\*.wav):
GetDataPointer() failed.

It is a different file every time but the game still crashes. All my other source games (Orange Box) work perfectly at max settings.

Please help.

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Audio fix
by Chris Bauer on Tuesday February 3rd 2009, 21:04
My audio problems seem to be caused by bug 15559.

Running "padsp winecfg" and selecting "oss" in the audio tab, then running steam with "padsp steam.exe" fixes the audio problem. The downside is it causes choppiness and slowdowns.

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Full system lockup
by Urukann on Thursday November 6th 2008, 13:50
Hi guys !
I'm playing TF on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex with Wine 1.1.7.
After a few minutes playing, my game basically freeze. My mouse still responds but i can't close wine desktop, can't open a console, switch to a terminal, kill the process. I have to reboot manually my computer.

That's... annoying.

In my console log i have some errors which looks strange :

err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {4590f811-1d3a-11d0-891f-00aa004b2e24} not registered
err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {4590f811-1d3a-11d0-891f-00aa004b2e24} could be created for context 0x1

err:d3d:getColorBits Unsupported format: WINED3DFMT_A16B16G16R16F

err:d3d:CheckTextureCapability Unhandled format=unrecognized

fixme:ntdll:NtQuerysystemInformation info_class SYSTEM PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION

The last one (beginning with fixme) appears a HUGE amount of times, filling up my terminal. This one looks strangest of all I think, and I wonder if the terminal becoming full isn't crashing my computer like an infinite loop or something...

Thanks for your help !

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server list font rendering
by azath on Saturday November 1st 2008, 11:19
In the server list my fonts are just barely readable and look ugly. The game plays well right now, but this makes it annoying to browse servers.

tahoma.ttf is in ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts but doesn't seem to be helping. Is there anything else to check?

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DirectX 9 works now!
by Arkadiusz Piekarz on Wednesday October 8th 2008, 16:09
Great news!

I don't know whether it's the newest Wine from git (wine-1.1.5-579-g19d18f0) or the newest Nvidia drivers (177.80), but thanks to one of them Team Fortress 2 now works correctly in DirectX 9 mode! The menu is displayed correctly, the HUD is finally drawn, there's no black screen with deathcam.

Of course the performance is still worse than on WinXP, but that's a totally different matter. We can play now TF2 with better graphics :-)

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Keyboard unresponsive to game
by matt on Thursday October 2nd 2008, 22:47
So I have Ubuntu 8.04 with wine 1.1.5. After installing the latest driver (8-9-x86) for my x1950 series ATI card, and using the available registry tweaks in direct3D I have been able to boot the game and join internet servers in DX9 with a great frame rate all settings maxed! =)
My problem lies in the fact that my keyboard (A PS2 Logitech multimedia) fails to function with the game once it is loaded. I am able however to attempt to alt-tab to another window but that results in the system locking up.
I am relatively new to Ubuntu and have very limited technical knowledge on system specifics so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Medic crash
by Rcxdude on Wednesday September 24th 2008, 15:38
Everything seems to work fine ingame, except for crashes whenever the name of a medic on the same team would appear (A somewhat irritating bug, especially at the start of a game). No error is given in console output except for:

fixme:dbghelp:dump_system_info fill in CPU vendorID and feature set
fixme:shdocvw:OleInPlaceObject_InPlaceDeactivate (0xf9d1d80)
fixme:shdocvw:OleInPlaceObject_UIDeactivate (0xf9d1d80)
fixme:shdocvw:OleObject_Close (0xf9d1d80)->(1)

Anyone else experiencing this or have any idea what could cause this? I'm using NVIDIA drivers 172.14.12 and wine git

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Registry work around
by Eric Carter on Thursday September 11th 2008, 2:35
There's another work around for this issue:

Registry is in use by another process ...

Make sure to completely shut down and/or kill any hl2.exe process, and shut down and/or kill any steam.exe process. Try restarting Team Fortress 2 again. You may have to reboot your entire computer.

Try making an empty file called shortcuts.dat in your steam folder. Then exit steam. Running steam again after this seems to allow you to play TF2.

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Full System Freeze
by Andrew on Saturday September 6th 2008, 22:53
Is anyone else getting full system lockups after playing for about 15 minutes? It happens consistantly to me, and is obviously not to my satisfaction. :)

I'm using Archlinux and the fglrx ati drivers. I tried the open source drivers but only get a black screen when the game starts with them.

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Self-compiled Wine 1.1.4 amd64 fails to launch
by Charles Huber on Saturday September 6th 2008, 22:24
If you're getting things like this:

err:seh:raise_exception Unhandled exception code c0000005 flags 0 addr 0x7ee14460

and TF2 (or CS:S or Half-Life) doesn't start, try disabling the File:Settings:In-Game:Enable Steam Community In-Game option.

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by Andrew Chase on Wednesday September 3rd 2008, 0:11
This should not be platinum, the shader effects do not work, or is that not a goal with wine?

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  • RE: by Ken Tang on Wednesday September 3rd 2008, 0:37
    • RE: by Andrew Chase on Wednesday September 3rd 2008, 20:55
    • RE: by Sam Skipsey on Saturday September 6th 2008, 14:16
      • RE: by Ken Tang on Saturday September 6th 2008, 14:28
        • RE: by Sam Skipsey on Saturday September 6th 2008, 15:09
          • RE: by Ken Tang on Saturday September 6th 2008, 15:13
            • RE: by Ken Tang on Saturday September 6th 2008, 15:30
              • RE: by Sam Skipsey on Saturday September 6th 2008, 15:33
                • RE: by Ken Tang on Saturday September 6th 2008, 16:41
Maintainer's YMMV messages
by Jeff Cook on Saturday August 30th 2008, 22:09
I don't know what the deal is with the maintainer, but it seems every time someone reports slowness or problems he adds "This seems isolated to this user ...". I've seen four or five reports of poor performance on here so far, each one with the addendum "This problem seems isolated to this user". It may not be common, but I don't know if I'd really call that many reports "isolated". There is a real problem with performance on some machines and it should be investigated.

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Mouse drift?
by James on Thursday August 21st 2008, 2:24
Whenever I try to play this game in windowed mode, I get mouse drift every time - my character will slowly look towards the upper left corner of the screen.

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More stable version of wine for tf2?
by Andrew on Wednesday August 20th 2008, 16:23
I get random sound cut outs every 10 minutes or so of play and random hard locks after about half an hour.

Can anyone recommend a better version of wine to play this on, because the performance otherwise is awesome. Otherwise I'll just wait until newer versions of wine.

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need specifics
by Ramy on Tuesday August 19th 2008, 4:46
using Wine 1.1.2 running steam in windows XP mode on Ubuntu Hardy
i type this command:
wine C:/Program\ Files/Steam/Steam.exe -dxlevel 81

then i have to wait a bit for my game list to load correctly. this takes a minute or 2. starting TF2 is fine. i get valve splash and then i get a menu for TF2. but the background is black. not sure if it's supposed to be that way.

when listing servers, fonts do not render. when playing, HUD does not render. there are no other problems.

someone said dxlevel 81 was supposed to fix the HUD no?
there must be something i am doing wrong when punching in the command through the terminal. my command must be wrong or something.

important to note: i can not start TF2 straight from the desktop icon created. it gives an engine error and can not start tf2.

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Sound cuts out randomly?
by Daniel Metzger on Friday August 15th 2008, 0:23
Using WINE 1.1.2 here. The sound cuts out randomly. Rebooting TF2 fixes it, even though Steam doesn't need to be rebooted. Any clue?

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Laptop performance = desktop performance?
by James on Saturday August 9th 2008, 18:09
I have installed TF2 for the first time on my Gentoo amd64 laptop.

Strangely enough, the performance of this game is virtually identical on both my laptop and desktop~!

1.4ghz C2D, 2gb ram, 8400m GS
2ghz athlon64x2, 2gb ram, 8800gt

*scratches head*

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Performance Issues
by James on Tuesday August 5th 2008, 23:02
Has anyone had any problems with this game becoming *extremely* demanding in recent wine versions? Right now, with 1.1.2, it is virtually unplayable for me.

I'm running it with Gentoo amd64 linux, with a 2ghz dual core Athlon64 and a 8800gt. I will be upgrading to around 3.2ghz with a new processor soon, so I'll see if that improves performance any.

For now though, I have to stick to windows with this.

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Latest Team Fortress 2 Issues/Guidelines
by Godlkwrth on Sunday August 3rd 2008, 10:30
Using WINE 1.1.2 + NVIDIA 173.14.12 + Kubuntu 8.04.1 i386 I get fairly good results w/ the July 29th update of Team Fortress 2. This system has a 512MB 8600GT w/ the following settings in user.reg


Using -dxlevel 90 sometimes works but usually results in an entirely black screen. When -dxlevel 90 does works the graphics are impressive but the HUD fails to render. With -dxlevel 81 the settings can be closed to maxed out in the Video option pane and the HUD will render. I was able to trigger a bug in the nvidia driver I believe by maxing out my settings, however I believe this is unrelated to WINE. There is an issue that still exists however which I think can be fixed. Whenever water is approached on ctf_2fort there's a small "reflection" in the lower left-hand corner. I believe this occurs w/ HDR enabled (but I'm not sure). I'll try to post a pic to demonstrate.

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TF2 in DX 9 mode with ati card?
by arman on Saturday July 26th 2008, 16:35
hello all
i was just wondering if anyone knew of a way that i could play tf2 using wine under ubuntu 8.04 with my ati radeon 3850 gfx card? currently i am forced to play using the -dxlevel 81 option


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Black screen
by Andrew on Tuesday July 22nd 2008, 15:25
After the valve logo when using dxlevel 81 or 90 (default) I get no video. The screen is black. The sound plays, I can blindly click things, but there is just no display. Using dxlevel 70 I get display of the loading screen that is usually black, but it crashes immediately after.

I'm using the catalyst (fglrx) driver and Suse's 64 bit wine binary. I seem to recall having this problem before with CSS, but I don't remember how I fixed it.

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by Jeff Cook on Sunday July 20th 2008, 19:12
Forgot to mention, this occurs with 1.1.1 as well as the latest git.

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Image corruption and game failure
by Jeff Cook on Sunday July 20th 2008, 19:11
With -dxlevel 80 or 81, the game will present a badly corrupt screen that stays up for a few seconds and then game will error out with "Failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer".

Image is at , log is at

-dxlevel 90 also stays on screen for a few seconds and it looks perfect ... but before you can do anything, the game crashes and claims that I must have Pixel Shader 1.1 support, which I do. I'm using 173.14.09 and a GeForce 7900GTO.

Any help on the issue is appreciated. Thanks everyone. : )

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legit bug report finally filed
by John-Michael Fischer on Wednesday July 9th 2008, 23:13
please comment attach your own logs

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TF2 not running smooth
by zepita on Wednesday July 9th 2008, 22:21
Hello people,

This is the first time I try to run a game with wine. Steam client installation went almost flawlessly and I have downloaded the game as well.

The game starts normally, sound is perfect but I'm having some problems with the video.

1. The game does not run very smooth (about 15-20 fps) and there's no performance increase by lowering the details / resolution.
2. The HUD it is not displayed neither the crosshair, but the cursor works fine.
3. Antialiasing cannot be enabled.

I have tried wine 1.0 and nvidia drivers version 169.12 with similar problems (black squares in the HUD)

I hope someone can point me in the right direction to solve this problem.


Intel E2180, 2gb ram, geforce 8800GS.
Ubuntu 8.04 32-bits (fresh install)
Kernel 2.6.24-16-generic
Wine 1.1.0
Nivida driver version: 173.14.05

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RE: crashing after clicking on
by Driadan on Saturday June 28th 2008, 5:39
try changing the steam language to english, I had the same problem and it resolved by doing this.

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update on black bars
by chris on Monday June 23rd 2008, 15:27
I switched from the 8800gs 384M card back to my 7950gt card

and i no longer have black bars in TF2 and portal now loads.

I dont know if its a bug with the 8800 or what but figured i let ya know

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Perhaps a fix?
by Gavin on Thursday June 19th 2008, 14:13
I'm not sure if it was luck or not, but deleting everything in .wine/drive_c/windows/tmp seemed to stop the freezing. I also set my regedit Direct3d settings to:

AllowMultiSampling: disabled
OffScreenRenderingMode: backbuffer
PixelShaderMode: enabled
UseGLSL: enabled
VideoMemorySize: 256000 (this is the vram of my card)

Not sure if that helps. It also might just be due to me restarting more frequently.

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Confirmation of slowup
by Gavin on Saturday June 14th 2008, 13:22
I just want to confirm that the problems that the appdb manager is having are exactly the same here.

Sometimes restarting or reinstalling wine (not deleting the .wine folder) fixes this for the first time, but then it doesn't work the second time.

In my opinion the older version of wine that comes with ubuntu seemed to work well, though it might just be because it's technically a "reinstall". I think after a while it too got slow.

Also getting errors here: "no permissions to run tf" ... and then I have to go to the games list and start it through there for it to work.

One last thing: The registry doesn't seem to have any items to enable glsl and stuff anymore. I wanted to tweak it to test, but couldn't find the same folder that I had found before. Anyone know about this?

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by John-Michael Fischer on Saturday June 7th 2008, 20:38
still no dice here :( after the rc4 install

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  • RE: by John-Michael Fischer on Saturday June 14th 2008, 16:24
    • RE: by Brandon on Sunday June 15th 2008, 2:45
      • RE: by John-Michael Fischer on Sunday June 15th 2008, 8:29
        • RE: by Shawn Vega on Saturday June 21st 2008, 22:37
TF2 Horrid Performance
by John-Michael Fischer on Thursday June 5th 2008, 21:48
Running Gentoo AMD 64 Nvidia 6600GTS

TF2 used to run like a miracle at 1600x1200 reasonable detail.
As of Wine 1.0 RC3 and NVIDIA Driver 173.14.05 it barely runs on any detail setting and chops like a BEAR.

Thoughts? This game has run so well for so long this is obviously a regression.

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Random Freeze
by Jimmy Liang on Monday June 2nd 2008, 21:29
I believe this was brought up for an earlier version of wine but I can play the game (at an okay fps) for the first 5-10 minutes but then it would freeze randomly and lock all my inputs so that i can't exit out of the app. The only thing left is the looping of the last second of sound played. If I hit the power button, it would hum a bit, then stop the looping sound, then power off, as if everything was going normally.

Using wine 1.0 rc3
Dell Inspiron 6400
Kubuntu 8.04

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1.0-rc3 will not run TF2
by Stu on Sunday June 1st 2008, 16:02
It seems that rc3 won't load TF2 past the starting menu, which is strange because every other steam game i have runs perfectly all the way through (I wouldn't know about HL2, but almost there...)

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Crashes, speed
by Damian Teodorowicz on Wednesday May 21st 2008, 4:59
When I run TF2 via desktop/menu link it's always hanging after Valve/Source logo. There is no problem if I run it from Steam.

The game is really slow, even with dxlevel 81 and everything set to the lowest graphic detail settings the framerates are terrible (about 25fps with no action and players around, 5-10 and heavy stuttering during intense fights). My computer can handle medium/high settings when running in Windows, it's a GeForce 7600GS which handles Linux ports of modern games just fine (Quake Wars for example).

The best speed results I get are when I run game with dxlevel 90 and disabled GLSL in Wine registry. TF2 seems to be confused about DX version it runs though (varying between 8 and 9 when displaying hardware level).

Wine 1.0-rc1
Ubuntu 8.04

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Fix for "registry is in use..."
by king.vash on Sunday May 18th 2008, 13:55
Fix for "registry is in use..."

this has been working really well on Ubuntu 8.04
end pulseaudio
end wineserver
end winedevices.exe

tf2 sound no start.

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All Source Games dont work with .61+
by Daniel Augustin on Saturday May 17th 2008, 2:27

I play a lot of Source games, but with .61 and rc1 they dont work at all. Everything is fine with .60, but with .61 and rc1 the games crash after the "preparing to play..." thing. This happens with all Games (TF2, HL2, ...). Anyone else got this problem?

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graphica regression in wine-61
by Vyacheslav Goltser on Friday May 9th 2008, 20:48
in 61 when you get killed and the camera zooms to your killer, in wine 61 the screen becomes black (HUD can is still seen though) in 60 everything is displayed as it should be.

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by Milan Troller on Wednesday May 7th 2008, 13:36
Which is strange. I can play G-mod with barely any crashes.

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RE: Team fortress crashes afrter few seconds of in-game.
by Milan Troller on Tuesday May 6th 2008, 23:20
Two more things:
NVIDIA Driver Version:100.14.19

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Team fortress crashes afrter few seconds of in-game.
by Milan Troller on Tuesday May 6th 2008, 23:14
Well, I can open team fortress in Steam, it loads. goes to menu and connects to server. Once i actually get to the game itself (spawn) game always crashes after few seconds (2-6s) with debug. I does this in both DX levels 90 and 81. I have glsl and other this stuff enabled.

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by Geoff on Tuesday May 6th 2008, 20:43
Ubuntu 8.04 -32 bit up to date
wine 0.9.61
3.0 Ghz Core2Duo
2 GB DDR2800
NVIDIA Geforce9600GT (NVIDIA 171.06.01 Driver)


I can start the game and pick a server and all good and fine, but once it gets to sending client information the game crashes with a "Failed to Lock index buffer in CMeshDX8::LockIndexBuffer"

I'm using -dxlevel 81 ( I've tried -dxlevel 80, no change)
I've tried changing settings like vertex shaders and pixel shaders none of which helped.

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  • RE: by Brandon on Tuesday May 13th 2008, 23:12
    • RE: by Geoff on Tuesday May 13th 2008, 23:32
      • RE: by Brandon on Tuesday May 13th 2008, 23:54
        • RE: by Geoff on Wednesday May 14th 2008, 10:31
    • RE: by Andy on Monday May 4th 2009, 2:46
RE: Team Fortress does not work anymore WINE 0.9.61
by Geoff on Tuesday May 6th 2008, 14:42
I have the same video card and same driver and same wine version, but I have a different problem....

I can start the game and pick a server and all good and fine, but once it gets to sending client information the game crashes with a "Failed to Lock index buffer in CMeshDX8::LockIndexBuffer"


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RE: Team Fortress does not work anymore WINE 0.9.61
by MoKraD on Monday May 5th 2008, 14:23
Same problem for me with wine 0.9.61.
ubuntu 32 bits
WINE 0.9.61
nVidia GeForce 9800GT 256Mb, nvidia-drivers-169.12

I don't have a console output. But i remember the problem on my system was xrandr 1280*1024 @60 .... then black screen and no TF2 (intro videos works)

Right now, i return to wine 0.9.60

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Black boxes where HUD is supposed to be
by Stu on Monday May 5th 2008, 0:53
I know someone had this problem before because I read it, but I have no idea where, or indeed how they solved the problem. But anyway, the title pretty much says it, instead of the HUD there are a load of black boxes. The game is still playable but not knowing how much ammo, health etc. you have makes it a bit challenging...

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more issues
by king.vash on Sunday May 4th 2008, 5:29
steam community page doesn't work
microphone works but everyone complains that i sound scratchy (in the voice options tab I sound okay, but it might get distorted after that)
microphone boost is forced enabled

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Detail settings
by nunu on Sunday May 4th 2008, 3:57
I use UBUNTU 8.04 / NVIDIA Driver 169.12 / PLay Onlinux 2.7
Wine 0.9.61
PC : Core2 Duo + NVIDIA 8800 GTS512

I can play TF2 without problems, but detail level is locked to recommended. I can't use High texture etc....

I try with dx81 or dx9, with wine 0.9.58 .59 .60 .61 and i have still the problem.

Any idea ?

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No Sound
by Mark Knapcik on Saturday May 3rd 2008, 20:27
I can't seem to get the sound to work in TF2. I'm running Fedora 8 x86_64 with on board nVidia sound and wine 0.9.61.

I get this error from wine:

err:dscapture:widDsCreate DirectSoundCapture flag not set
This sound card's driver does not support direct access
The (slower) DirectSound HEL mode will be used instead.

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Can't read server listing
by Murph on Friday May 2nd 2008, 1:20
The server listing has a terrible font issue or something and I can't read it.

Also, no background on the main menu..

I get a lot of "fixme:font:WineEngRemoveFontResourceEx :stub", maybe that's it.

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RE: Unplayable now
by Acid on Friday April 25th 2008, 7:17
Forgot to mention: Nvidia Drivers = 169.12

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Only one more error before dx9 playable?
by Gavin on Thursday April 24th 2008, 22:22
The thing that shows over and over again is:

fixme:ntdll:NtQuerySystemInformation info_class SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION

Other than that, there are no errors.

Would this be a simple fix?? I would very much like dx9! :)

(The game looks fine in dx9 mode, just really slow. I have a feeling it's this fixme that does it)

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always has to download server stuff
by JP Powers on Sunday April 13th 2008, 3:20
I dunno if this is a wine/linux problem, server problem, or a me problem, but every time I connect to a server I have to download stuff. Even if it's the same server and it's just switching between the same 2 maps (aka: I already have the maps) I STILL have to download the same stuff, over and over. I assumed it was a permissions problem at first, went into the steam folder and chmod -R 777 * in the tf2 folder just to see if it did anything, and so far no avail. Ultimately I don't know if it's downloading to some place I can't think of and there's some permission problem, the servers I play on are all forcing me to redownload things for some reason, or if it's a common problem. It could also be common nature in TF2, I never played it until recently and thru wine so I could just be an uber nub with an uber slow internet connection?

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TF2 with ATI Radeon X1650 Pro
by Taras Vilkov on Saturday April 5th 2008, 8:03
Game crashes after intro video.
WINE 0.9.59
Gentoo 2.6.23 amd64
ATI Radeon X1650 Pro 256Mb
Video Driver - fglrx 8.47

Errors -
fixme:d3d:debug_d3dformat Unrecognized 826889281 (as fourcc: ATI1) WINED3DFORMAT!
err:d3d:CheckTextureCapability Unhandled format=unrecognized
fixme:avifile:AVIFileExit (): stub!

Steam still runs fine.

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Keyboard focus?
by Sam Skipsey on Sunday March 23rd 2008, 7:21
I've just noticed that, after upgrading to Wine 0.9.57, I seem to have problems gaining keyboard focus in fullscreen.
It used to be that one could alt-tab out of TF2, and then be "pulled back in" with proper keyboard focus (with windows set to "managed", I believe). Now, regardless of my window management settings in winecfg, this doesn't seem to do anything to my keyboard focus.

At the moment, I'm reduced to using virtual desktop to get the keyboard to work (which, incidentally, seems to have problems retaining the mouse within the desktop when moving it rapidly).

Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me?

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Add this to top Note
by Dave on Friday March 7th 2008, 11:11
I wasn't able to launch tf2, or any other SteamApp for the longest time, until I disabled the Steam In-game overlay. Could this be added to the Note at the top of this page so others don't run into the same problem. I now realize that this is on the Half-Life 2 page, but I hadn't ever looked there.

In Steam -> File -> Settings -> In-game disable "Steam Community In-Game"

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Solution to Registry
by Steven on Monday March 3rd 2008, 18:18
In my case, the following fixes worked:

To fix the "registry in use" error:

in console, I typed: chattr -R +S .../Steam/steamapps/

Then, to fix the "This game has a minimum directx 8 requirement":

I went into winecfg and Allowed Pixel Shader

To fix the problem after that, which was that I was given a black menu screen:

In winecfg, I allowed set vertex shader support to hardware.

Everything is functional, now. Hope this helps.

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