Applications Affected by Bug #10918

Application Name Description version Downloads
CubeCafe PCEditor

The Relook PCEditor is an application to change several settings of the DGStation satellite-receivers.
The main-function is to sort the channel-list.

Supported receivers:

CubeCaFe 400s (aka. Relook 400s and AB-COM IPBox 400/420), CubeCaFe 200s (aka. Mutant 200s), CubeCaFe 250s (aka. Mutant 200s), CubeCaFe Prime (AB-COM IPBox 250 Prime)

Developed to version 1.0 by DGStation (the producer of the sat-receivers) and released as open-source.
Untill then JonDoe take over further development (closed-source).

Look at the forum for more informations.

1.2.xx v1.2.49 from the PCEditor website