Applications Affected by Bug #11179

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Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family Tree is genealogy/family history software program for recording your family history, ­your ancestors and the past.

There are a couple of Linux alternatives:

  • Gramps (Debian package) - XML-based, written in Python. Good data-model (reads all of GEDCOM 5.5).
  • GeneWeb (Debian package) - Written in OCaml, with CGI interface. Simpler data-mode, but handles 400k-name families without trouble.


7.0 Legacy 7.0 free "Standard Edition" download

One of the best GBA and NDS emulators out there, it's also the smallest one. Just 115Kbytes and you're ready to play! Does NOT requires DirectX, and it's coded in hand-tuned x86 assembler, so it's heavily optimized to run fast even on older machines. It supports savestates, backup RAM, cable link, and even connection with the real console. Now with *partial* NDS support! It is now one of the best DS emulators around, with an accurate 2D core and a 3D core that's becoming more accurate and fast all the time.

NOTE: There are several versions: the free with NO debugger, the "shareware" for hobby coders ($15), and the Professional edition, with a powerful debugger and lots of development enhancements ($1500 for a site licence!)