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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto started as a DOS game where you ran around various cities, shooting other citizens, stealing cars, running people over, escaping from the police, oh and doing some missions too. Vice City comes a long way from the aerial-view original, with its now 3rd-person 3D engine being used with the previous game Grand Theft Auto 3. The engine and graphics have some minor improvements over GTA3.

As for the gameplay in GTA:VC, one might be excused in thinking it's the same as in the original GTA. Yes, you can do all the same things, but the 3D perspective alone makes a big difference. If you're naughty enough, you can get the FBI or even the Army after you. There is a variety of weapons to be found - you can only pick up one of each class, eg you can't have both a baseball bat and a golf club. There's also a lot to be done in Vice City that's not related to your standard missions, which now have solid storyline than GTA ever did.

You are Tommy Vercetti. You've been in prison for 15 years and the Mafia wants you to head down to Vice City, Florida to start on the business there and make a mark. During the introduction you look at Tommy taking part at a drug deal which fails and he nearly gets killed. Now you come in and have to take revenge on the guys who stole your money and your drugs. And you musn't forget your Mafia clan...