Applications Affected by Bug #11702

Application Name Description version Downloads
The Longest Journey An excellent adventure game with superb atmosphere and great story. Help art student April Ryan cope with her dreams as they start soaking through into reality... Build 161
Total Annihilation

A great real-time strategy game, in 3d and using physics, that runs great, even on a netbook.

Total Annihilation was one of the first 3d real-time strategy games.  It has massive maps, compared to Starcraft for example, the units really are 3d, rather than isometric projections, which were common at the time.  There are aircraft, artillery, long-range naval weapons, super weapons, nuclear missiles, anti-nuke, ...

Even today, Total Annihilation stands out, and doesn't look dated graphically.  The music is awesome, played by a real symphony orchestra, and composed especially for the game.

There are two expansions: Core Contingency, and Battle Tactics.

Total Annihilation on Wine runs fluidly, and feels like it is running natively.

It runs just great on a netbook, even one of the old ones with a 800x480 screen, with the music, and without needing a cd player.

Total Annihilation + Core Contingency + Battle Tactics + 3.1 Patch