Applications Affected by Bug #12723

Application Name Description version Downloads
LEGO Football Mania From the original website:

In Football Mania, play football the way you want. Customize the craziest mini-figure football teams and challenge awesome opposition. Use amazing power-ups in hilarious matches across action-packed, themed LEGO environments. It's an adventure that takes you from the Arctic to the Wild West to Mars. If only real-life football was this much fun!.
Lego Island Xtreme Stunts From the original website

If performing dare-devil stunts is your idea of relaxing on a Sunday afternoon then you're going to love Island Xtreme Stunts. Whether its performing a high-flying sky-boarding rescue sequence, getting radical with a skateboard and a half-pipe, or simply riding the waves as you chase the Brickster on your super jet-ski, all your adrenaline-based urges will be satisfied with Island Xtreme Stunts.