Applications Affected by Bug #13220

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Baldur's Gate II

This epic sequel to the role-playing game of the year will immerse you in a world of intrigue, adventure and fierce combat where your ability to discern the difference between these sides -- with the assistance of steel and spell -- determines your fate. Set in the Forgotten Realms.

Shadows of Amn
Outcast Outcast is an action-adventure developed by Appeal, released in 1999 by publisher Infogrames. In 2007 the U.S. government successfully sends a probe to an alien world in a parallel universe. The probe starts transmitting video images of the world back to Earth. Then, just minutes into the mission, an alien life form discovers the probe and damages it, causing an unforseen backlash of energy to create a black hole threatening Earth. Cutter Slade, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, is given the job of escorting three scientists on a mission to this alien world to recover the probe and close the black hole. Arriving in this alien world, Cutter is separated from the other scientists and is hailed by the natives as their messiah. (This text is lecensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License See also the Wikipedia entry for Outcast English 1.2
Secret Files: Tunguska Secret Files: Tunguska recreates a mystery and dares you to solve it, in a new point-and-click adventure. In July of 1908, the Siberian region of Tunguska saw an inferno that turned everything into debris and ashes. The entire land was devastated in a matter of seconds; the blast's impact was felt thousands of kilometers away from the source. This phenomenon remains unexplained to this day. With its unique mysterious setting, spectacular graphics, and innovative puzzles, The Secrets Files: Tunguska sets the stage for intrigue, drama, and a deep conspiracy to uncover. Nina is torn from her day-to-day routine when she discovers that her father has disappeared without a trace. As the police seem reluctant to help her, Nina sets off to look for clues relating to her father's whereabouts. She joins efforts with Max Gruber, a young colleague of her father who impulsively offers to help the attractive young lady. 1.03
System Shock 2

System Shock 2 is a scary hybrid of an RPG and a first-person shooter.

Note: Natively available for Linux.