Applications Affected by Bug #13892

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Battlezone II: Combat Commander

Battlezone 2 is the 1999 sequel to Battlezone, a First-Person RTS game, in which the player assumes the role of either a wingman or a commander. The goal is often, in a typical RTS manner, to capture resources, advance in the tech tree, and eventually destroy the enemy base. As the wingman, he may run missions in the field, either to attack the enemies resources, intercept enemy forces, or defend his allies and resource points. As the commander, the player is responsible for building a base and providing his wingmen with orders as well as the technology and resources to carry those orders out. Battlezone 2 is the last game in this particular series.

There are three major versions of this game that enjoy widespread use. They are 1.10 (often the default unpatched version of the game), 1.2 (a popular version) and 1.3 (a version which has been under development for a number of years -- with the latest public beta being named Tech Alpha 5). Each patch contains several gameplay characteristics that are unique to that version of the game.

1.3x 1.3 Patch