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Polar WebLink

Polar WebLinkTM is a software used to transfer information from Polar Products to the, the online training diary, for further analysis and storage.You can transfer data via SonicLink or IR communication.

Polar WebLink is compatible with the following Polar Products:
Polar AXN500, Polar AXN700, Polar CS200, Polar CS300, Polar CS400, Polar CS600, Polar F6, Polar F11, Polar F55,Polar RS200, Polar RS400, Polar RS800, Polar S410, Polar S510, Polar S520, Polar S610, Polar S610i, Polar S625X, Polar S710, Polar S710i, Polar S720i, Polar S725, Polar S725X, Polar S810, Polar S810i.

(From Polar website [in 2007-Apr-21])

2.4.x Polar WebLink