Applications Affected by Bug #14476

Application Name Description version Downloads
Grlevelx Grlevelx is a suite comprised of Grlevel2, Grlevel3 and GR2analyst they are a very complete suite of Meteorology tools, a very sophisticated radar and weather report analysis v1.31 Gibson Range

WeatherScope is a freely available (for eduacational and non-commercial use), OpenGL-based, weather data viewer from the Oklahoma C­limatological Survey.

According to the 14 January 2002 paper here ( WeatherScope, accesses data archives via HTTP, integrates different georeferenced data sets (e.g., regional mesonetworks, surface observations, satellite and radar data, and images), and offers extensible and flexible support for a host of data file formats.

Most of the data available through the program is available free of charge, with no account needed.

1.8.0 Windows 6.5 MB, Macintosh 9.4 mb