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Crysis Crysis is a science fiction first-person shooter video game developed by German video game developer Crytek and pu­blished by Electronic Arts, and is the first game of a planned trilogy. It was released on November 13, 2007 in North America, November 15 in Australia, November 16 in Europe, November 23 in New Zealand, and November 29 in Japan. Well-received by critics, sales were initially slow as early NPD figures were taken as a sign that the game had flopped. However, during Electronic Arts' Q3 2008 Earnings Conference Call, it was stated that Crysis had sold over one million copies worldwide in the fiscal quarter and that the game continues to exceed sales expectations.

Crysis is based in a fictional future where an ancient alien spacecraft has been discovered beneath the Earth on an island near the coast of China. The single-player campaign has the player assume the role of United States Delta Force operator Jake Dunn, referred to in-game by his call sign, Nomad. Nomad is armed with various futuristic weapons and equipment, most notably a "Nano Muscle Suit" which, according to Crytek senior game designer Bernd Diemer, was inspired by the United States' Future Force Warrior 2020 program. In Crysis, the player fights both North Korean and extraterrestrial enemies, in four different locations: a tropical island jungle, inside an "Ice Sphere" (consisting of the same jungle, but frozen), the alien ship itself (with a zero-gravity area) and a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. Crysis uses Microsoft's new API, Direct3D 10 (DirectX 10) for graphics rendering, and includes the same editor that was used by Crytek to create the game.
Crysis 1.x
mingw MinGW is a port of GCC compilers collection to windows32 (also providing them with minimal GNU environment to run in) 5.1.x MinGW Installation Managing Tool (32bit)
The Saga of Ryzom

Saga of Ryzom (SoR) is a MMORPG set in a semi-fantasy/technical "living" world.

You play as one of 4 races: Fyros - the desert peopole, Matis - the forest dwellers, Zorai - blue peopole of the jungle and Tryker - the small ones from the lakelands.
Two other NPC races are also present: The Karvan - technology centered space traveler and the Kami - the mysterious magical beeings. Both the Karavan and the Kamis claim to be the true guardians of the planet, both come to the aid of homins as long as they obey their rules, both are secretive about their origins and perhaps even their true intentions. For centuries now, they have followed different paths, observing one another without confrontation.

The game is class less and skill based. It contains an inovative actions system where player can compose their own spells and fighting actions by combining predefined "stanzas". NPC's and mobs move around and interact with each other, for eaxmple carnivoures will attack and feed on herbivours. Different types of PvP combat coexist in Ryzom, and - since not everyone likes PvP - you can choose whether or not to get involved. If you are looking to engage in player combat, the game offers various possibilities: Duels, GvG (Guild vs. Guild), FvF (Fraction vs. Fraction) and full PvP. Ryzom also offers a extensive foraging and crafting system, high quality and enchanted items are only provided by player crafters.
Ryzom is also known for its friendly community and responsive CSR team. It is developed on the GPL'ed NeL engine made by Nevrax.

It also contains the R2 (Ryzom Ring) client, a scenario editor that allows players to create their own scenario instances and have other players participate in them.

The game has been sold to the german game company GameForge. GameForge sold the game to SpiderWeb (FR). Winch Gate Property Limited bought the game from SpiderWeb.

The game now has a native linux client.

FV 1.9.1
Tomb Raider Anniversary This Game brings you back to root. Itś a remake of the original Tomb Raider featuring Lara Croft games, whitch was released in the year 1996. But it is not a remake like new textures or engine and so on. The game is completely modified. The Level design rembers you to Tomb Raider 1, but it is different. Lara can more moves than in Tomb Raider 1 and she have to use it to complete the game. Tomb Raider 1 in a new feeling. 1.0
Tomb Raider: Underworld Tomb Raider: Underworld 1.0