Applications Affected by Bug #15935

Application Name Description version Downloads
Carbide.c++ Carbide.c++ is one of the development IDEs (based on Eclipse) to support developing C/C++ applications for Nokia smartphones. From the Nokia site:

Carbide.c++ v1.2, the development tool for C++ for Symbian OS and Open C developers.

Carbide.c++ is a powerful family of mobile development tools built on the Eclipse framework. Family members include:

* Carbide.c++ OEM Edition for device creation users
* Carbide.c++ Professional Edition for developers working with pre-production devices
* Carbide.c++ Developer Edition for application development on production phones
* Carbide.c++ Express, available as a no-cost download to introduce developers to mobile experience

All four products are included in the installer. The user will select their specific Carbide product at installation.

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Eclipse is an open source IDE for Java and other languages. It's based on SWT, and very extensible with plug-ins.

Eclipse is the basis of commercial applications like WSAD and RAD from IBM.

notes+reasons for testing:

  1. There's a version for Linux (and many other OS').
  2. Java is widespread, and much OSS is based on Java. So there is much free software to test Wine.
  3. SWT makes native calls to the API of the OS .
  4. Some Java apps use JNI to call native APIs, also Win32 APIs. These apps are not easily portable.

3.3 Eclipse Europa Release 3.3.0