Applications Affected by Bug #16325

Application Name Description version Downloads
AndreaMosaic With AndreaMosaic you can create your own photographic mosaics made with your own images. A photo mosaic is a mosaic where every tile is a photograph and not just a simple colored piece. Some sample mosaics.
3.32 AndreaMosaic Download Link
Fetion (飞信)IM Client Fetion is a popular Chinese IM client supported by China Mobile. It supports chat, SMS services, PC calling, picture sharing, file transfer and other services. It is currently the 3rd most popular IM client in Mainland China. January 2012 Fetion PC client download page
QQ (oicq) An instant messaging client, like ICQ, MSN. But this one is the most popular instant messaging client in P.R.China. 2009 English version download page