Applications Affected by Bug #16572

Application Name Description version Downloads
Intercon Accessible FormNet A visual or verbal form-completion application.  Used by the US Government's General Services Administration (GSA) and other organizations to facilitate form processing and reduce paperwork.  Most (if not all) forms to be filed with the GSA are downloadable as '.xpx' or '.xpw' files and able to be completed with Intercon's Accessible FormNet.  The application consists of two parts: 1) VisualFill; and 2) VerbalFill.  The first application is the default application (and the one tested here).  If the application is started with 'JWSwitch' and 'detects that a visually impaired employee is using a screen reader', then VerbalFill is started.
VisualFill 3.0.3 ( The GAO instruction and download registeration page