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Kablooey! From the developers of Spirits of Metropolis and Sandbox of God comes an entirely new game.

"Inspired by the Sandbox of God, Kablooey! gives you the task of completing twenty-four objectives around a city, all within a few minutes. Should you combine those doughnuts with the police car to make the cops happy? Or maybe use the cops to pick up the robber downtown? Or perhaps even combine the police and a stray dog for a new K-9 unit the city has been wanting? It's all up to you, and you better hurry, because the clock is ticking... and the President is on his way."
1.1 Official Download Link
Spirits of Metropolis Spirits of Metropolis is a unique puzzle game by independent game developer Vertigo Games which intends to breath new life into the tired match-3 gem game. The game boasts over 120 levels, 10 game play modes, a level editor, and colour blind options. 1.05