Applications Affected by Bug #16967

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VFDS virtual figure drawing studio - female VFDS is a virtual studio that allows you to pose your model by loading your preferred poses. Choose different visualizing option that can help you visualize and understand how the human form is build especially from complicated foreshortening and perspective angles. You will never need to pay for expensive figure drawing classes or hiring models that often complains being cold nor those that goes for long toilet breaks ever again. :o).

The installer includes a female model with 30 poses,user can set lightsource, see the model from different angles and poses. The application is free to use as much as you want,but the demo has a pop up message once in a few minutes for a couple of seconds,which is tolerable enough.

there are other versions of this application: with male model,with hand model (reference for drawing hands) - i believe that they share the same engine.
1.01 download from cnet