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Amazing Adventures Around The World

Set out on a worldwide journey to find the most expensive gem ever known!

Explore majestic sights, find hidden objects, and discover clues that lead you to the World Diamond. But it won't be easy: as things get puzzling you'll need to stay sharp.  Can you put all the pieces together? Download page
Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb Find the Lost Tomb of Egypt! The Museum needs you, a world adventurer, to search for hidden objects and outwit clever puzzle traps on your quest for a long-forgotten tomb! Search the splendors of Egypt, collect precious scarabs, and unlock the tomb's treasures on your path to adventure.
AstroPop Deluxe Blast off to unearthly arcade puzzle action and an awesome storyline! Grab, group, and blast bricks to clear a path through hyperspace. Unlock 4 different characters as you search for the elusive Quadrillium! 1.1 AstroPop Deluxe 1.1
Bejeweled 2 Deluxe With four unique and entrancing ways to play, explosive new game pieces and awe-inspiring planetary backdrops, Bejeweled 2 is more wildly addictive than ever before! 1.0 & 1.1 Download
Bejeweled Deluxe Switch gems to get three types in a row to make them disappear. 1.87 Bejeweled Deluxe
Bejeweled Twist Bejeweled Twist is the Latest version of Bejeweled and it brings brand new gameplay elements never seen before in the series

A must for all Bejeweled fans and I know there are alot of you out there ;)
1.0 Download
Big Kahuna Reef Explore the deep blue in this exciting matching game. Match three or more sea creatures on the board to set them free. As exotic fish swim through an amazing underwater setting, you'll discover new sea life and even build your own tropical aquarium. 1.2 Download
Bookworm Adventures Spell words to kill baddies and save Cassandra 1.0 Download
Bookworm Adventures: Volume 2

The vocabularious sequel to the hit PopCap word game!

Stop the presses! The walls of fiction are collapsing as characters run wild through the Great Library, and only Lex the Bookworm can save the world from certain doom! Build words and battle monsters to survive three storybooks with 10 chapters each. Trade barbs, banter and body blows with over 130 foes, and earn help from fighting friends along the way!

The better the word, the badder the damage — so power up with over 20 treasures, including all-new Rainbow Tiles. Work wordy wonders in all four game modes and flex your lexicon in six mini-games. It's a role-playing word game you can't set down!

BookWorm Deluxe Words! Words! Words! This classic vocabulary challenge really knows how to spell f-u-n. Link letters and build words to feed Lex, the insatiable bookworm. But watch out for burning red tiles... they'll send your library up in flames! 1.13 Bookworm Deluxe
Cake Mania Keep Jill from getting shutout by the new MegaMart in this fast-click baking frenzy. Her grandparents' shop is on thin ice, but Jill is aiming to save the day. Help her make cakes tasty and customers happy, and earn enough money to upgrade the kitchen and keep the bakery open. Get to baking! 1.0 Download
Cosmic Bugs Some creepy critters are trying to take over your space station, so you'll have to save the day in this out-of-this-world adventure! Clear the bugs from your path as you repair the space station to advance to the next challenging level. It's easy to learn and light-years of fun! 1.05 Download
Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue Join Flo as she helps four restaurants defeat the greedy tycoon, Mr. Big, in this smash hit sequel! Seat customers, take orders, serve drinks, deliver food and collect tips. Expert scores earn you great decor upgrades. New characters, challenges, power-ups and a surprise restaurant are all on the menu! PopCap Games Game main webpage
Dynomite Deluxe It's prehistoric egg-blasting fun! Use your slingshot to match three or more dino eggs of the same color... and watch them explode! Can you blast all the eggs before Mama Brontosaurus tramples your game? 2.71 Download
Escape Rosecliff Island An unexpected storm has left you shipwrecked on a mysterious private island, and you'll need to find hidden objects and solve puzzles to escape! Seek and find 2,100 cleverly concealed objects in 25 intriguing locations, play five different types of mini-game puzzles, and collect the clues that will lead you to safety.

You'll need a sharp eye to play through three game modes in this mesmerizing hidden-object adventure. Will you find your way back home? Download
Family Feud All the fun of the hit TV game show... right on your computer! Guess the top answers over 2,000 survey questions to beat the average score, or go head-to-head with a friend or an entire family. Pass, Play, Steal and Strike for hours of fun. With fabulous art, music and commentary from the game's host, the survey says: Let's play! 1.0 Download
Feeding Frenzy It's survival of the biggest in this action-packed deep-sea challenge. Eat your way to the top of the food chain and encounter deadly predators. And keep an eye out for power-ups, mermaids, and bonus stages as you try to defeat the Shark King! 5.7.x Download
Feeding Frenzy 2 Deluxe Eat other fish before they eat you. 1.0 Download
Hammer Heads Deluxe Can you keep the garden gnome population under control? Bash gnomes as quickly as you can while keeping an eye out for special gnomes, prizes and power-ups. It's a smashing good time! 1.1 Download
Heavy Weapon Deluxe It's shoot-'em-up arcade action at its best! Use an incredible assortment of heavy artillery to blast away enemy tanks and planes, and fight your way to victory. What are you waiting for? Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get into the action! 1.0 Download
Iggle Pop Deluxe Can you rescue the cuddly Iggles from the evil Zoogs? Move your Iggle friends to their color-coded destinations and pop them out of their bubble prisons. And listen to Doc Iggle... he's got all the tips and tricks you'll need to set the Iggles free! 1.x Download
Insaniquarium Deluxe Feed fish, nurture pets, and fight aliens in this sim-like strategy game. 1.1 Download
Mystery PI: New York Fortune A fun-loving New York billionaire has hidden his will somewhere in New York City! You are the world famous Mystery P.I. and the family has hired you to track down the will. But here's the catch: you only have 17 hours to do it!

Seek and find over 2,100 cleverly concealed objects in 25 amazing locations like Times Square, Central Park, Coney Island, the Brooklyn Bridge and more. Solve puzzles to collect clues that lead to the will. Find it in time, and you’ll earn a $25 million payday! Download
Mystery PI: The Lottery Ticket Help Grandma Rose retrieve her winning $488 million lottery ticket in this richly entertaining mystery! Retrace Grandma's steps and uncover clues by finding hidden objects and solving tricky puzzles. Earn big points for accuracy and climb up the P.I. ranks. Do you have what it takes to solve the case? Download
Peggle Deluxe Ready, aim... bounce! Clear the orange pegs from 55 fanciful levels as 10 whimsical teachers guide you toward Peggle greatness. Wield mystifying Magic Powers, rack up huge bonus points and make shots you'll smile about for weeks. Amidst all this fevered action, only one question remains: Can you become a Peggle Master? 1.0.1 Download
Peggle Nights The sun has set at the Peggle Institute, but the bouncy delight has just begun! Join the Peggle Masters on a dreamtime adventure of alter egos and peg-tastic action. Stay up late to aim, shoot and clear orange pegs from over 60 levels, and bask in Extreme Fever glory. Then, take on 60 Challenges for even more rebounding joy! 1.0 Download
Platypus Fly the famed Platypus fighter through a fantastic claymation world to save the peaceful people of Mungola from the Collosatropolians. Collect power-ups and bonus stars to get a boost, or team up for a cooperative battle. Every level of this gorgeous arcade challenge bursts with original fun! 1.0 Download
Rocket Mania Deluxe

A puzzle and strategy game where the goal is to connect burning matches to rockets and align the fuses to get as many rockets to light with one match. Highly addicting and a great timewaster.

1.01 Download
Typer Shark Deluxe

Sink your teeth into this action-packed educational adventure. Hungry sharks and piranhas are on the hunt as you SCUBA dive around them. Type words fast to zap the predators... before they turn you into lunch!

1.02 Download
Zuma Deluxe

Unearth the ancient secrets of Zuma! Survive the hidden jungle temples... shoot magical balls to clear a deadly chain... avoid dangerous traps... and do it all before the chain reaches the golden skull. Be quick, or you'll be history in this action-packed challenge.

1.0 Download
Zuma's Revenge Zuma's revenge is a fun, simple, tounge-in-cheek and rather addicting windows single-player game with a pacific islander theme. gameplay consists basically of a string of coloured marbles that advance towards a certain point to which, if it arrives, the player loses the game. this can be avoided by shooting additional marbles from a central marble-launcher and, by so doing, forming strings of three or more consecutive same-colour marbles, which at that point they are destroyed. The player wins by destroying the entire incoming string. Lots of levels. 1.x Download