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Command Prompt (Windows)­­ - c­md.exe is the command line interpreter on  Windows NT-based operating systems (including latest Windows and Windows Server).

It is the analog of COMMAND.COM in MS-DOS and Windows 9x systems, or of the Unix shells (bash, ksh, zsh, ...) used on Unix-like systems.
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See a command-line reference.

Some Notes:

  • This articles are about the original cmd.exe/conhost.exe which comes with Windows and resides inside C:\Windows\System32.
  • On wine-systems only cmd.exe is as a compatible built-in available. If the is needed it automaticly starts DOSbox.

The Practical Extraction and Reporting Language

Perl was and is developed on Unix, of course, but there have been a couple of Win32 ports. One is compiled using Cygwin (appdb entry); the other is provided by ActiveState and compiled using Visual C++. Total perl compatibility might make it easier to run or port hybrid applications that include a Win32 binary componenent and a perl component.

ActivePerl 5.10.x