Applications Affected by Bug #18755

Application Name Description version Downloads
Street Wars: Constructor Underground This game is an abandon ware now and can be downloaded for free from the mirror located in the Version (Version 1 bellow).

Street Wars: Constructor Underworld (Known as Mob Rule in the US) is a new version of the game Constructor. Both these games where made by Acclaim Entertainment, which ended in 2004 due to Bankruptcy.

  • Strategy game, you buy land, build houses, rent them to families (families complain about some thing, which you have to solve..)
  • You fight with your opponents using gangsters and special creatures which you train after building their houses.
  • It offers isometric view with simple but cute graphics in 800 x 600 px, 16 bit.
1 Street Wars (mediafire mirror: faster)
Street Wars (old-cans mirror: slow)