Applications Affected by Bug #18861

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Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos

Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos (American title), or Edge of Chaos: Independence War 2 (European title), is a sequel to the space combat simulator video game Independence War (also known as I-War in Europe).

Developed by Particle Systems Ltd - the developers of the first game - and published by Infogrames, the game was released in 2001.

Retail CD - F14.6

Set few decades in the future, Motorhead has a distinct sci-fi feel from the start-up video to the wierd cityscapes in the game. Combined with great visual effects like lens flares, colored lighting and chromed cars, the visual aspect of this game has been finely tuned.

Demo Game Zone Download
Panzer General 3D Assault 3d accelerated version of the classic hex-based turn-based wargame. Demo Demo download ( no progress is shown for the web-based downloader, but it does work)