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BattleForge The Gods have disappeared and the old sun has died, letting a vile twilight engulf the world of Nyn. In exchange for all treasures the mortals possessed, the evil giants agreed to forge a new sun and hurl it into the sky. But the deal was betrayed, the treasure stolen and now the mortals flee the wrath of the giants. Under the light of a new sun the mortals stumble into a world changed and twisted by an age of twilight. The long journey home has become a conquest of survival. You are a Skylord. Once a mortal hero, you long ago gained immortality and became a counsellor to the Gods. For generations you have lived with them in their majestic fortress floating in the skies over the magical world of Nyn. The fortress of the Gods was named the Forge of Creation for it grants the ability to bring the world's legends to life; use this ability to help guide the fates of the mortals on the surface below. Conjure up wonders of old, bring about storms and wildfires or wonderful blessings and mystical healings. At your word, legendary creatures spring to life, heroes, monstrosities, dragons and spirits are shaped of pure elemental power to do your bidding. Monumental structures and mighty fortresses of old rise from the earth wherever you desire. Until now the Gods held you back, centuries passed while the Forge slumbered. But now, the Gods have gone and you are needed. In this Age of Twilight, it is time for the Skylords to seize the power of the Forge. Some will use it to help the mortals of Nyn, others to do battle among themselves. The Forge of Creation has become the BattleForge. 1.2 #285875 Retail Branch Official Homepage (