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A native version of DVDFab is also available for MacOS. A version of DVDFab was developed natively for Linux for a short period of time... But this has subsequently been discontinued, due to a poor sales record.

DVDFab provides users with a suite of utilities:

  • copy DVD
  • back up Blu-ray
  • rip Blu-ray
  • convert Blu-ray to DVD
  • convert 2D to 3D
  • rip Blu-ray 3D
  • create your own DVDs and Blu-ray's
  • convert videos to other different formats
  • ... etc.

Also known as:

  • DVDFab Platinum
  • DVDFab Qt

DVDFab Logo

Journey to the Center of the Earth! (地底へドンドン!) A puzzle-oriented platform game built using Enterbrain's Action Game Maker in which the goal is to collect 40 treasures within a vast game map, using only the character's jumping ability and bombs to proceed.

"In response to a government request, the main character, the 'professor', challenges ruins wrapped in mystery! Within the interior of vast ruins that lead to the underground, what does the professor see? The mysterious curtain rises on the adventure!"
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