Applications Affected by Bug #21840

Application Name Description version Downloads
Architecte 3D HD Expert CAD 2010 Home design software with floor plans, custom materials and colors, and 3D renderings of home designs. 2010
Postal 3 Choose a path of good or bad: side with the local police or the eco-terrorists and blast your way through several missions as you walk a day in the Postal Dude's shoes in his new hometown of Catharsis. Steam Version
Tell me more

TellMeMore is an application used to learn some languages, there are several version,

    * English / Novice level
    * English / Advanced level
    * Spanish
    * Spanish (Latino American)
    * German
    * French
    * Italian
    * Dutch

Interactive software for learning language. It has 3 or 4 installs cds.­­

8 version 163 several demo versions