Applications Affected by Bug #22038

Application Name Description version Downloads
Art of Murder 3: Cards of Destiny Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny is a classic single player crime-solving action-adventure. Players must collect and analyze pieces of evidence strewn throughout the various crime scenes found within the game. Because the killer considers your pursuit of him a game he will try to communicate with you through these bits of evidence. You must try to decode the meaning of the messages that he sends, follow his trail, gather all possible evidence and make sense of it all. Remember, even though you have the support of the whole FBI, it’s your wits that matter here most. In addition to evidence left by the killer, players can also gather information from the gameplay area as well as from NPC (non player characters). Evidence, as well as in-game items can be stored and recalled from the game's easily accessible inventory system.

The German title is Die Kunst des Mordens 3: Karten des Schicksals
1.0 German demo
Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer This is the second installment of the Art of Murder adventure game with Nicole Bonnet (see This time she is investigating murders where strange figurines are left behind. 1.0
Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual (a.k.a. The Testament of Sin) Point-and-click adventure with prerendered animated background and 3D player character. Fixed resolution to 1024x768. You play the role of Sylvia Leroux, archeologists, who investigates a dark secret from biblical times. 1.0