Applications Affected by Bug #23173

Application Name Description version Downloads
Assault Tech 1 ­AT1 is a 'mech game in development. With the help of the MechWarrior community, their staff members continue to make AT1 better and better. Under the guidance of AT1's founder Sake906, AT1 has the potential to become one of the best 'mech games yet. The current goal is to recreate the MechWarrior 2 series - Refusal War, Ghost Bear's Legacy and Mercenaries. BT: 2.3.x Mektek
Stranded II Stranded is a 3D survival game. Stranded on a remote island, you must find water and food to survive. Create buildings to improve your life, and learn the skills you need to thrive.

Version number is displayed in the lower-right corner of the menu screen.
1.0.0.x Download Stranded II