Applications Affected by Bug #23591

Application Name Description version Downloads
EditPad Pro

General purpose text editor. This is the paid-for version of EditPad Lite. Pretty decent editor for programmers or for editing configuration files, HTML. Syntax highlighting and other editing features are, to some extent, customizable for each file type.

A distinguishing feature for a programmer is File Navigator. It creates a list of funcions and classes from the source file. The list is used to navigate through the code. Fully customizable, although C, java, xml, html and many more schemas are included.

Other features:

  • hexadecimal editing
  • large file support
  • conversion between different text encoding
  • configurable external tools
  • macros
  • ftp client sessions 
  • syntax highlighting
  • projects
  • cr-lf conversions
  • conversions of reserved characters to/from html/xml entities
  • file comparing
  • search and replace with regexps
  • clip collections
  • tested on wine by the author
6.6.4 evaluation version, but you can get EditPad Lite for free