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Entropia Universe

T­his real cash economy MMORPG was originally known as Project Entropia, but when the pioneering project to establish a toehold colony in robotic enemy space was completed, the project evolved into a universe. Current universe locations consist of a planet (Calypso) with two continents (Eudoria and Amethera), a satellite space station (the Crystal Palace) and a privately-owned asteroid resort (Club Neverdie). Club Neverdie currently holds the world record for most valuable virtual property (Guiness Book of World Records).

The game is free to download and has no monthly fee. Players can deposit money ($1 = 10 Project Entropia Dollars) to buy gear and ammunition or they can attempt to bootstrap themselves into economic solvency by collecting raw materials such as fruit and "Vibrant Sweat" and working as traders. The primary professions are hunting, mining, and crafting. PvP is in designated areas only. The developer, MindArk, takes its income from the increase in entropy ("decay") of weapons and tools as they are used.

The other well-known real cash economy virtual world is Second Life. EU differs in being much more game-centric, with user-designed content playing a supporting, rather than principle, role.

VU (version updates) with new content are released on a regular, but erratic, basis. The major VU 9.0 was released on Oct 2007.

Notable future plans for EU include the transition to the CRYENGINE graphical and gaming engine in 2008 and the opening of new planets, including an agreed-upon collaborative, large-scale integration of China.

Many useful player operated resources are available online. In particular, the Entropia Forum and Entropedia wiki are useful.

Standalone Offline installers for Entropia Universe can be found here

11.x Planet Calypso Webpage (Free download)