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Little Big Adventure 2: Twinsen's Odyssey Twinsen returns to face his greatest challenge ever. When strange aliens arive from a neighboring planet, Twinsen uncovers a plot to obliterate his homeworld.

Type: Adventure game
Release Year: 1997
Platform: PC (Win & Dos)
Graphics: 3D (Outside), 2D (Inside, w/3D charaters and enviroment)
Playing time: 3~ Days
Violence: Ok
System Requriements:

Windows OS / Ms-Dos 6.22
4x CD Drive
35Mb of uncompressed HDD space
256-color SVGA graphics card with 640x480 res.
100% Compatible Soundblaster 16bit soundcard
Pentium© Prossesor
16Mb of Ram

And an imagination that will run wild.