Applications Affected by Bug #24489

Application Name Description version Downloads
EAC - Exact Audio Copy

Exact Audio Copy, or often simply EAC, is a well known Digital Audio Extractor (CD Ripper) for Windows. It has tons of features, the primary ones are:

  • CDROM read/write offset aware
  • External audio encoder support
  • Built in CD-Burning (from files as well as CUE sheets)
  • Secure mode (an accurate way to rip CDs)
  • CD Player
  • CDROM drive feature detection
  • CD-TEXT support
  • ID3 tag editor
  • CDDB aware
  • lots more; see the homepage.

1.3 Download mirror page
pSX Emulator

Emulator for the Playstation game console. 100% self-contained, no plugins, only thing you need is a BIOS image and some Playstation CDs.

Note: Requires d3d9_26.dll to work.

1.13 Official pSX emulator site