Applications Affected by Bug #25352

Application Name Description version Downloads
Death to Spies A stealth action/3rd person shooter game, taking place in WWII. You are a member of the Soviet counter-intelligence service and execute dangerous operations in German territory. 1.0
Death to Spies: Moment of Truth A sequel to Death to Spies. 1.0 Demo version (920 MB)
Emergency 3: Mission Life Great simulation of rescue & emergency squads. Doctors, fire fighters and policemen under your command save lives of disasters victims. Organize their work to prevent rescue operation from turning into chaos. 1.0
Guilty Gear Isuka Guilty Gear Isuka(ギルティギア 鶍Giruti Gia Isuka) is a game in the Guilty Gear series. Unlike previous games of the series, Isuka allows for fights with up to four players, and is exclusively programmed for use in tournament play. It is the first Guilty Gear game to include A.B.A. One version of the game was released in North America, distributed by Sega, as well as Europe, distributed by ZOO Publishing.

Source | Wikipedia: Guilty Gear Isuka
1.1 (DotEmu installer)
Guilty Gear XX #Reload very neat, dynamic, fast, 2d fighting game. 1.0