Applications Affected by Bug #27525

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ActiveWorlds 3D-Browser

AW is a great 3D-Chat client, that loads Objects (RWX format) and a "map" from a server and renders a 3D environment (which has a really good graphics engine!) where oneselves can visit places or meet other people and chat with them. It is also possible to build your own house there.

There are many other 3D content providers who also use the AW client software. e.g. City4ALL (free citizenship!), Dreamland Park, CyberNetWorlds, NightShift ... Each of them offers a couple of "worlds" (like "channels" in 2d chats).

AW supports OpenGL, DirectX, and software rendering.

Activeworlds 5.1 Activeworlds
Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Duty: Black Ops is a first person shooter developed by Treyarch, released in November 2010 with gameplay focused on Modern Warfare. Steam