Applications Affected by Bug #27963

Application Name Description version Downloads
Anomaly 2 This is the "official" second sequel of the game franchise and continues the battle against alien and intelligent machines. To (possibly, I haven't played so far) goal the alien machines the player is requested to finish new missions which includes VR training, transmitting scientific data of a project called "Shockwave" and withstanding ambushes and tactical resource management. Steam Steam store page where the game can be purchased
Anomaly: Warzone Earth This is the first game from indie Polish developer 11 Bit Studios. Released on April the 8th, 2011, it's a very unique RTS, with a new approach to the tower defense genre. Here, you are NOT the defending team, but the intruder one instead (the studio have described this as "reversed tower defense game" or "tower offense game"). Set in a futuristic environment with outstanding light and smoke effects, Anomaly is a very refreshing and funny gaming experience that puts you in the role of the commander of the human forces that try to contain an alien invader.
Shadowrun Returns

This is the Kickstarter funded Shadowrun Returns RPG

The game puts you into the classic Shadowrun setting of 2054. The world has is controlled by Megacorporations that use disposable assets:

the Shadowrunners --> you!

1 - Initial Release Steam Available via Steam