Applications Affected by Bug #28094

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Password Safe A good password manager makes high security easy. Easy to log into scores of web sites, confident that your accounts and identity won't be compromised. Easy because you only need to know the master password. You don't ever need to know - or even see - any of your other passwords.

Password Safe does this and more by:

* Promoting the use of strong passwords generated according to rules you choose

* Encouraging the use of a unique password for each site

* Protecting the password database with the best encryption available

* Making it easy to access passwords without onlookers seeing them

Add to the above the convenience of easily sharing the same encrypted password database between operating systems and you have a very compelling reason for using Windows software under Wine.

Bruce Schneier at Counterpane Labs created the original Password Safe, built on his famous Blowfish encryption algorithm. Later, he turned the project over to the open source community, where it continues to be actively developed by Rony Shapiro at SourceForge. Rony added the even stronger Twofish encryption, along with many other improvements, to the landmark series 3.xx of Password Safe.

This is simply the best Open Source password manager available - period. And it's easy.