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Hellgate: London It's 2038, and London lies in ruins...

From Flagship Studios, creators of the award-winning Diablo series and the fathers of the action role playing genre, comes HellGate: London, the next benchmark in the evolution of the RPG genre.

Combining the depth of traditional RPGs with the frenetic, visceral feel of first-person shooters, HellGate: London offers infinite replayability with dynamically created levels, monsters, items and events that gives each player their own unique hack-and-slash experience.

A post-apocalyptic London has been overrun by hordes of terrifying demons, leaving the city desolate and scorched by hellfire. Those who were unlucky enough to survive now gather in the only sanctuary left, the Underground, banding together in order to gain a foothold against the minions of darkness and ultimately save the bloodline of humanity.

It is no surprise that these sole survivors come from three of society's most elite factions, each of whom are masters of a robust number of skills and weapons essential to demon-thrashing.

Taken from the official site:
Single player 1.2
TeamSpeak ­­­TeamSpeak is software which enables people to speak with one another over the Internet. TeamSpeak consists of both client and server software. The server acts as a host to multiple client connections, capable of handling literally thousands of simultaneous users. This results in an Internet based conferencing solution that works in a variety of applications such as team mates speaking with one another while playing their favorite online game, facilitating in­ter-office communication among co-workers, or simply for personal communication with friends and family.­

Kamevoice ( a MS-SW-GameVoice device driver for Linux )

TeamSpeak3 (TS3) Future Site for the App download.