Applications Affected by Bug #29301

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Master of Orion 3

Master of Orion 3 is a space based, turn-based strategy game in which you assume the biggest role ever. You become the controlling force behind an entire galactic civilization. All your skills must be applied to craft your civilization's glorious chapter in the annals of time and space for you to claim the rightful title of "Master of Orion".

You can expect nicer graphics than his predecessors Master of Orion and Master of Orion 2, and also multiplayer mode.

The game was tested using many wine versions (debian packaged). It installs and runs fine. For more information click on your MOO3 version below.

Important note: This game is a macromanagement type of game, trying to micromanage your planets individually is a guaranteed way to accumulate endless frustrations. If you try to do it, you will constantly fight the game mechanisms and quickly start hating the game. If you want to control every single aspects of the game, MOO3 is probably not your cup of tea.