Applications Affected by Bug #3023

Application Name Description version Downloads
Orcad General electronics simulation software. 10.x
Orcad General electronics simulation software. 16.x
Orcad General electronics simulation software. 9.x
PSpice PSpice is the de facto standard for analog and mixed-signal simulation. Engineers rely on PSpice for accurate and robust analysis of their designs. Universities use PSpice as part of their electrical engineering curricula. Semiconductor vendors around the world provide PSpice models for their devices. Numerous books have been published on PSpice that span 10 languages! PSpice includes a powerful and robust simulation engine and works with Orcad Capture, Concept HDL, or PSpice schematics in an integrated environment where engineers create designs, set up and run simulations, and analyze simulation results. 9.1 (student ver)
Worms Armageddon Small pink worms with an insane weapon arsenal battle it out on various 2D landscapes. Turn-based strategy game.