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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop software is a popular professional-quality bitmap image editor that handles Graphics editing package. Supports layers, alpha channels and much more. Photoshop is similar yet still different from Gimp.

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CC 2018 (19.0)
Lexware Buchhalter Kind of the standard, cheap accounting software in Germany for small to medium companies. 2012 (17.0)
Lexware Financial/Business Office Pro "Lexware Business Office Pro" is a German business applications package consisting of
  • Buchhalter (accountancy)
  • Warenwirtschaft (stock)
  • Lohn und Gehalt (wages and salaries)
  • Anlagenverwaltung (assets management)
  • Fehlzeiten (people's days off, sick times etc.)
  • Reisekosten (travel expenses)
"Lexware Financial Office Pro" is a slightly reduced package without
  • Fehlzeiten
  • Reisekosten
2012 (12.0)