Applications Affected by Bug #3248

Application Name Description version Downloads

ezlinkNG is a great software that permit users to submit contents like video, mp3 and picture to a large number of players like KISS players, or SYABAS based player. It could reencode video when your player didn't recognize it.


Lightweight Java IDE.

Closed-source, shareware.

Note that this program does not include a Java development kit, which must be installed separately. In theory it could be made to call the Linux native JRE, but that would require some outside scripting because it uses complete DOS-style paths as arguments when invoking javac.

Native Java alternatives:

  • netbeans -- Can be downloaded along with the Sun JDK; more features (including a drag-and-drop GUI builder), better Java parsing, requires a lot of memory to run without swapping.
  • eclipse -- Similar advantages to Netbeans (but also requires a lot of memory). Lots of plugins. Also edits C++, Python and Ruby code. 
  • JBuilder -- Commercial (although the "Foundation" version is a free download).  Note that the JBuilder appdb entry is for an obsolete version.