Applications Affected by Bug #33761

Application Name Description version Downloads
Touhou Bunkacho ~ Double Spoiler ダブルスポイラー ~ 東方文花帖 (romanized: Daburu Supoirā ~ Touhou Bunkachou) is a danmaku vertical-scrolling photography game which is a sequel to Touhou Bunkachou ~ Shoot the Bullet. Because it takes place after TH12.3 (Touhou Hisoutensoku), it is labeled TH12.5. 1.0
Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism It is the eleventh official game of the Touhou series. 1.00a
Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith Mountain of Faith (東方風神録, romanized Touhou Fuujinroku, meaning Wind God Chronicles) is the tenth official game of the Touhou series. 1.00
Touhou Sangessei ~ Great Fairy Wars Touhou Sangessei ~ Great Fairy Wars is a vertical danmaku freezing game and is the 12.8th game in the series. It is a continuation of a story in Strange and Bright Nature Deity and is the only danmaku game by ZUN where he did not draw the portraits himself.

Like the main-series games, Fairy Wars contains full stages each home to their own specific midboss and boss. However, Cirno is the only playable character, and there are only three stages during a playthrough instead of six. On the other hand, though, there are six different "routes" the player may choose to take, depending on which order they choose to play the three stages in. There is also a seventh extra route which must be unlocked before being playable.
Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object Undefined Fantastic Object (東方星蓮船, romanized Touhou Seirensen, meaning Star-Lotus Ship) is the upcoming twelfth official game of the Touhou series. 1.00b Moriya Shrine
Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires Ten Desires (東方神霊廟 Touhou Shinreibyou) is 13th game in the series of Touhou games. 1.00c