Applications Affected by Bug #34534

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Peer-to-peer communication software with the capability to make and receive audio and video calls to other Skype clients (for free) and land lines for low cost.  Additionally it supports instant messaging, chat rooms, audio & video conferencing, file transfers, text (SMS) messaging and voicemail.

In the second week of August 2014 Microsoft finally disabled logins from old versions of Skype. In order to use the Windows version of Skype you have to run version 6.14 or higher.

Beginning March 1, 2016, users running older versions of Skype for Windows desktop (7.16 and below) will no longer be able to sign in. Please don't try to use old versions of Skype for testing past this date.

Submitted test data from old Skype versions will be dismissed.

5.0.x Skype for Windows 5.0 beta