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Earthworm Jim

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce You Mr. Earthworm Jim - the bravest living earthworm on (in) the Earth. Anyone who knows a little bit about this superbody wearing hero will agree with me indeed when I say only superlatives about him.
This game is one of the greatest (and a well known, I believe) 2D arcade games that could have ever get into our PCs (or game consoles). You will see many crazy looking worlds and enemies in this game and what really surprised me was that You do not only run forward or up and shoot at anything what moves but You can find here some really funny quests and You will gain some kind of "3D view" for a while when You will be riding Your little spaceship. The next important thing in this game are weapons (especially the whip which actually is not a real whip... Your body wips by Yourself...errr... It is needed to be seen to understand well). In fact...why to write everything here? Try it and see... (if somebody finds a way how to get it working under Wine)