Applications Affected by Bug #34978

Application Name Description version Downloads
Magic: The Gathering Online

Magic: The Gathering Online (MTGO) or Magic Online is a direct video game adaptation of Magic: The Gathering, utilizing the concept of a virtual economy in order to preserve the collectible aspect of the card game.

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Mechwarrior Online Mechwarrior Online is a reboot of the Mechwarrior that focuses on tactics and multiplayer strategy.  The beta is set before the Clan Invasion and is set in the Inner Sphere.  The games uses the Cryengine3.

TurboTax is an American tax preparation software.­­

WARN­ING: the latest versions add DRM (Digital Rights Management) to the software, which is even said to mess with your hard disk­'s first sectors! (sector 33, to be exact) Given this information, decide on your own whether to use it or not... [030216] Oh, and alternative packages are: TaxCut, TaxAct.