Applications Affected by Bug #35270

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Sakura Strasse(さくらシュトラッセ)

Visual novel for 18+  

Scinario: NYAON

Illustration: Kusukusu(くすくす)

Music: Hideki Higuchi(樋口秀樹), BURTON

1.0 Trial version

The SlingPlayer software works hand-in-hand with the hardware in the Slingbox to allow you to watch and control your TV on your computer. SlingRemote in SlingPlayer gives you full control over virtually any A/V device, from changing channels and viewing recorded content to fast-forwarding or setting up a season pass. So while your TV and Slingbox sit at home, you can be out and about with SlingPlayer.

NOTE:  Slingplayer has a native Mac OS X version available.

1.5 EU
1.5 US
1.5.1 EU
1.5 UK US