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Jewels of the Oracle

Only one legacy remains of the civilization known throughout the Fertile Crescent before the Sumarians. People of extraordinary intellect, their pursuits were of the mind instead of conquering and fighting. They built a secret complex to train and practice their skills of logic and reason. Using technologies and ancient magic long since forgotten, they constructed devices of incredible ingenuity. Those who entered the domain of the Oracle and resolved all the tasks set before them went on to greatness. Those who failed ... were lost forever. This structure, lost to the archeological record, has been sought for millennia but never found ... until now.

Discover hidden chambers exquisitely rendered in stunning photo-realistic 3-D.

Indulge yourself in a 3-D animated world surrounded by seductive music, captivating sounds and oracular voices.

Test your skills of logic and reason with interactive and intricate puzzles.

Unlock the fascinating secrets of an ancient and long forgotten civilization.

This game is also known as "Oracle no Houseki".