Applications Affected by Bug #3543

Application Name Description version Downloads
Fury3 3D Action/Fighter/Flight game ported from Terminal Velocity, but made to run in Windows. You fly around on missions-usually to destroy specific targets, shooting swarms of aircraft and random ground targets on your way.

The worlds are reasonably large and pretty good for 1995. There are a few worlds where you go underground in tunnels with your ship for a nice change. The added feature to fly above the clouds, between mountains, and underground keeps the game interesting.
Full Release
Sim Tower Sim Tower is a high-rise simulator from the people who made Sim City.
Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? The player goes on many missions around the USA, using clues given by locals of certain cities, to successfully gain enough information to release a warrant on a suspect, and to then capture them at the final destination. 1.0